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100 Days Until Midterm Elections

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Well, here we are, 100 days away from the critical midterm elections. Of course there are so many prognostications out there, one can become rather confused. Isn’t it really humorous to have watched the progressive socialist left predict so much doom and gloom, yet the opposite has occurred?

Let’s go back to the first 100 days of President Trump: yes, they were rocky, but hey, one day you’re a private citizen, next you’re the President of the United States. Talk about a steep learning curve.

One of the factoids you hear from all the pundits is that most presidents who have a majority in the House and Senate lose in their first midterm election. Let’s start from there, because there is a really glaring difference when you consider Bill Clinton, in 1994, and Barack Obama in 2010. In both of those cases, Clinton and Obama had solid majorities on Capitol Hill. Barack Obama had a super-majority, I mean the GOP had to ask Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to use the bathroom. In both of these cases, Clinton and Obama made a horrible mistake: they undertook a policy agenda that ushered in their demise, namely health care. In neither case was the focus on the economy. Heck, Obama started out with the Keynesian-themed stimulus package. Yep, nearly $1T of government spending for “shovel ready” jobs.

Bill Clinton gave his first State of the Union Address showing a card that would give a universal health care to all Americans — heard that lately? Remember Hillary Clinton even got an office in the White House as she was placed in charge of the endeavor. I ain’t a big fan of the presidency being a family business. Well, Bill Clinton started off down the yellow brick road of government-centered health care. On the other hand, Newt Gingrich and the GOP developed the “Contract with America.” Clinton’s plan failed, miserably, and he got taken to the woodshed in his 1994 first midterm election, losing both House and Senate. How interesting to later hear the same Bill Clinton come back to deliver a State of the Union Address and make the assertion, “the era of big government is over.” Yep, he learned, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and Clinton’s mantra became “it’s the economy, stupid.” Yes, we had massive reductions in government spending, along with common sense tax reform, such as a reduction in capital gains taxes, and we saw a growing surplus.

The clear difference between Clinton and Obama, after massive first midterm loses, is that Clinton pivoted, and Obama dug in. Barack Obama also went after health care, and his folly, Obamacare — which is, ironically, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — continues to be everything but that. Patients are not protected, as many have lost access, and it certainly has not been affordable since we have seen a 13% increase in premiums since its passing. But, what did Obama do/ Well, he unleashed the power of the federal government’s most feared agency, the IRS, against his grassroots political opposition. Obama also had a willing and complicit liberal progressive media that did his bidding, spinning his failures. Yes, Obama won reelection, but he lost the House, the Senate, governorships, and state legislatures. The power of his persona worked for his electoral success, but for no one else.

So, here we are now less than 100 days from President Donald Trump’s first midterm election. And, to borrow James Carville’s maxim, “it’s the economy, stupid,” that is what it all comes down to. President Trump does not have a major policy faux pas. The economy is churning. Our foreign policy is respected. Our military is being revitalized, and you have not heard a blip regarding any Islamic terrorism in America, and ISIS’s territorial integrity has been decimated. Steel mills and coal plants are reopening, the oil and gas industry is roaring back since we no longer have onerous leftist regulatory policies choking them.

Americans are back to work, food stamp rolls are down, fewer are in poverty, and unemployment at record levels. I know, the Democrats rallying cry is #resistance. Well, good luck with that stupidity. I mean, the Democrats changed their campaign slogan — most didn’t know they had one, other than #resistance — to “For the People.” I have to ask: which people?

The Democrats have said they are going to repeal the tax cuts that have given us a 4.1% 2Q GDP growth — say what? The Democrats want to raise taxes, and give out free money called a universal basic income — that’s stuck on stupid. The Democrats want more sanctuary cities and states, and open borders for illegal immigrants, including criminal illegal immigrants and gangs — huh? Yep, “Abolish ICE” so we can just have illegal immigrants running around rampant all over the United States — brilliant! The Democrats, oops, I mean Democratic Socialists, want health care for all. No worries, that is just a $34T price tag at a time when we have over $20T in debt — really?

The Democratic Socialists of 2018 are running on all the polices that caused Barack Obama to have a 2010 midterm meltdown. Click To Tweet

Okay, let me just put it to you in a very simple manner: the Democratic Socialists of 2018 are running on all the polices that caused Barack Obama to have a 2010 midterm meltdown. Now, that is what Albert Einstein would call the pure definition of insanity.

If you want the best reason to #WalkAway from the Democratic Socialists, well, think of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House . . . again. “Mad Max” Waters as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee . . . again. Think about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a House Subcommittee Chairman — now that’s scary!

My prediction is, yes, the GOP will lose some seats in the House of Representatives, but there will be no “blue wave.” The GOP will gain seats in the US Senate. What will happen to the GOP will be an internecine fight for leadership between progressive Republicans masquerading as “moderates,” and true constitutional conservatives. My belief is that the constitutional conservatives will win the day — including a close race for House Speaker.

Bottom line: we need courageous leadership for the GOP who will continue the polices of “Making America great Again.” As for the Democratic Socialists, #resistance and “Impeach 45” ain’t a winning strategy.

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