Photo of Allen West at the gun range in an article on the Old School Patriot.

About My New Handgun . . .

In Second Amendment by Allen West

Howdy, folks! I got home last night from an awesome trip to Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. I know many of you are heading out for the opening weekend of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. I will see it tomorrow.

However, thanks to the great Patriots at Kahr Firearms — Justin Moon, Jodi Deporter, and John Howard — I am the proud owner of a new Desert Eagle L5 .44 Magnum handgun. It arrived at Crossfire Defense Academy while I was in Michigan. Doggone John Wick ain’t got nothing on this Old School Patriot! Folks this ain’t no handgun, it’s a smooth hand cannon. Oh yeah, it’s a semi-automatic. Y’all progressive socialists, like Kamala Harris, Michael Bloomberg, and Spartacus Booker . . . Molon Labe!

Thanks for all the great comments and tips on social media, as I seek to improve my handgun shooting skills. I do peruse the comments from y’all, and your words of encouragement and support are deeply humbling.

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100 rounds at 10 yards with my new Kahr Firearms Desert Eagle L5 .44 Magnum. Got the feel of it and shot better. This here handgun is sweet!

Photo of Allen West with a handgun in an article on the Old School Patriot website.


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