Screenshot of Allen West on the Tactical Rifleman Show at NRAAM19.

About that NRA Board Vote . . .

In Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

Okay, since there are stupid people online who make assertions about something they know nothing about, let me enlighten you.

The new slate of officers for the National Rifle Association was decided upon, and nominated by, the NRA Board of Directors nominating committee.

There were no nominations from the floor when these names were put forth. With no opposing nominations, the vote was done by acclamation, not roll call vote. This is similar to passing a piece of legislation by voice vote.

Now, for you chuckleheads, I did not vote for our Board to go into Executive session. That was reported.

Here is the deal: there were some 2 million ballots issued for this past Board election, for which I was a candidate. There were less than 150K ballots returned. So, all of you brave people complaining about me via the invisible mechanism of social media, did you vote? Did you participate? Or, are you just a couch warrior that ain’t got the balls to say something to my face?

Now, please, have a nice evening, and know that God loves you. I can choose whether I do or not.

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