A photo of CNS News contributor LTC Allen West.

LTC Allen West’s ongoing clarion call regarding the dire constitutional crisis in Virginia is the topic of this week’s CNS News op-ed:

“There is a situation brewing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a place that our first, third, and fifth Presidents called home. Virginia is also the home of the authors of our Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

In a previous CNSNews op-ed, I shared some quotes from those Founding Fathers of Virginia on the topic of the Second Amendment.

However, it appears that in today’s Virginia, the Democrat (socialist) leaders there are taking their cues not from Washington, Jefferson, Madison, or Patrick Henry, but instead from those aforementioned brutal, socialist, fascist, communist dictators who were responsible for the deaths of millions in their quest for totalitarian control, power, tyranny.”

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