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In his weekly CNS News op-ed, LTC West asserts that there are a few parallels between socialism, and this time of year called March Madness.

“Yes, it is that very special time of the year, and this morning many of you began your office bracket pool contests. Last evening, we learned who the 68 teams that will enter the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, which will begin this week. There is nothing more America than what we have affectionately come to call ‘March Madness.’ It’s the men’s and women’s college basketball tournament season. Two games that are uniquely American are baseball, and the game started by Dr. James Naismith – basketball. They are two games now played all over the world, but nothing can compare with the World Series, aka “October Classic,” and this hallowed time we love, follow, and cherish, ‘March Madness.

But, “What does March Madness have to do with socialism?” you may ask. Well, everything.”

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