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Actions Have Consequences . . . Except for the Left

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Well, they did it again, the last-minute smear tactics of another Supreme Court nominee. Yes, I am talking about the Democrat [Socialist] party, and their antics regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I find it interesting that the women who came forth accusing Bill Clinton were not to be believed. Or the woman who has come forth against Keith Ellison is not to be believed. However, these unscrupulous allegations from 36 years ago which have never been presented before, and were obviously known back in the summer, are supposed to be believed. As a matter of fact, what happened to those women who were accusing Alabama Judge Roy Moore? Seems it all faded into irrelevance once Moore lost the Senate race to Democrat Doug Jones.

What this represents is the continuing bad behavior of the left, which has gone unchecked for too many years. If there is any reason why people are not enthusiastic about the GOP it is because they never bring the hammer down on the left. It appears there are never, ever, any consequences for the Democrat [Socialist] party, and their corrupt, disgusting, and despicable antics.

Why is it that during the whole episode discussing Hillary Clinton’s private and unsecured email server everyone within her sphere of influence, closest allies — like Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin — were given immunity? Of course when it comes to LTG Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort, they got crushed. Heck, they were the victims of law enforcement raids on their homes, just like with President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who had his law office raided. Why are these Gestapo-esque tactics leveraged against Republicans, and conservatives, like the IRS targeting scandal, yet nothing ever happens, no consequences?

We know that the same folks involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation — where she gets off free — were part of the Mueller “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax investigation. How the heck does that happen? Peter Strzok, the mad texter, who thinks Trump supporters stink, was the one who altered the allegations against Hillary Clinton from “gross negligence” to “careless.” He is the same fella who was also part of the Mueller investigation team. Why is it that nothing has happened to him, Lisa Paige, Andrew McCable, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, along with James Comey?

How is it that Susan Rice, and Ben Rhodes, can create a false narrative around the Islamic jihadist attack in Benghazi, and face no repercussions? Matter of fact, how blatantly, utterly, disgusting to have Barack Obama refer to those 13 hours when he abandoned Americans to die, and lied about it, as a conspiracy theory? But, what ever happens to these people?

And, consider the latest, as reported by Breitbart News:

“Richard Goldberg, the Republican political operative who helped coordinate opposition to the Iran deal on Capitol Hill, claimed Saturday evening that former Obama administration officials were trying to devise ways to help Europe evade sanctions on Iran. 

Goldberg was reacting to former Secretary of State John Kerry’s admission last week that he had been meeting with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif in an effort to persuade Iran to stick with the now-defunct Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump withdrew from in May.

Though Kerry’s successor, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, blasted his freelance diplomacy as “beyond inappropriate,” and others have suggested he had violated the Logan Act — the same archaic legislation once used as a pretext to spy on incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — Kerry’s allies from the Obama administration rallied to his defense.

In response, Goldberg tweeted that he had heard from his sources in Europe that Obama alumni were advising European governments about how to evade new U.S. sanctions against Iran: ‘I have been told by banking officials in Europe that former senior Obama officials worked with European officials to design sanctions evasion schemes. This effort was likely closely coordinated with the Islamic Republic. Hard to imagine Kerry didn’t discuss these efforts as well.’

The new sanctions, which go into full effect in November, effectively force European banking institutions to choose between doing business with Iran and doing business with the U.S.  Earlier in 2018, Kerry was reported to have met with Iranian officials to work together on stopping President Trump from withdrawing from the nuclear deal. In 2016, while still in office, Kerry encouraged European banks to do business with Iran, ostensibly to shore up the Iran deal.”

C’mon, John Kerry, and others, are guilty of providing material support, and comfort, to a declared enemy of the United States of America. How could any US Secretary of State be considered patriotic, and loyal to their nation, by propping up the financial situation of the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

As well, having private citizens, not part of any official government position, meeting with, negotiating, and offering advice to same the country, Iran, is in clear violation of the Logan Act. Just so you know, here is what the Logan Act states:

“The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.”

John Kerry has admitted that he has met with the Iranians to undermine US foreign policy. So, what is Jeff Sessions waiting for? John Kerry, or any other former Obama administration officials, are not authorized to negotiate with foreign governments, like Iran, who has a dispute with the United States . . . pretty self-explanatory. Once again, it is a Pavlovian experiment: we keep accepting, and allowing, the aberrant behavior of the progressive, socialist left with no consequences. Why?

Here we have Republicans indicating zero intestinal fortitude when it comes to this 36-year-old allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with some already caving. If the GOP folds, and extends this nomination hearing, they will only provide the Democrat [Socialist] party a platform. It will only serve to demoralize the Republican base, and make the left more enthusiastic.

I say strike back, bring charges immediately against John Kerry, and any other person who has been meeting with the Iranians, who are unauthorized persons. At some point in time, there have to be consequences for the left, and the GOP has to stop being bullied. Oh, by the way, this is nothing new about John Kerry, who sat with the North Vietnamese in Paris, while still an officer in the US Navy.

Damn, y’all, at some point in time, GOP, fight back against these hooligans. If you cannot, then get outta the way so the American people can elect folks who will.

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