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Alaska Trip: Leftist Policies Destroying the Capital

In Culture, Economics, Front Page by Allen West

Greetings, everyone, from Alaska, the great beautiful frontier of America. As you read this, we are nearing Glacier Bay. Angela and I had a fabulous time in Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, yesterday, and we learned so very much; we are still trying to grasp it all.

The local GOP group was so very kind in personally being our tour guides. Ours was a fine conservative local businessman, who owns two lumber and home supply stores, Bruce Abel. His kindness was exceptional, and being a native son of Juneau, he provided a real look into this scenic area.

We visited Mendenhall Glacier, and folks, it is breathtaking. Since the weather was cloudy and raining — temperatures in the mid-50s — we were not able to see far and beyond to the greater heights of the glacier. We went over past Auke Bay, and visited the Shrine of St. Therese, truly a very spiritual place. It was built by a priest who had a vision of a church on a small island. From 1938 to today, it still stands. Our hearts went out when we saw the memorial to those lives lost to abortion — and yes, even in Juneau, there is a Planned Parenthood clinic. Margaret Sanger’s vision of death to our unborn children reaches even to this beautiful piece of America.

Angela and I learned about the peculiar life cycle of salmon, and we visited a hatchery. What a sight to see! We saw countless streams where the salmon were flowing, and we also saw several who reached their life terminus, post spawning. And yes, we dined on the most delicious grilled salmon at the Salmon Bake, here in Juneau. We definitely do plan on returning with Aubrey and Austen.

But I must also share the down side of this spectacular place.

Yes, our unemployment rate is dropping in the United States as a whole, but Alaska is suffering with an unemployment rate that is a tad over 7%. Along with that disturbing statistic, comes the accompanying issues: a rise in drug use, and abuse. I was told that even here, one can find a homeless problem. Ya gotta be one tough hombre to be homeless in Alaska! What was truly amazing to me is the fact that Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is ground-locked. Yes, that is correct; there is no way to drive out of Juneau, Alaska. That issue was resolved, except for a governor who seeks to appease the radical environmentalist left. All signs were a go for there to be a road constructed from Juneau to Skagway, but it was vetoed by the governor. The only way to depart Juneau is by water, or air, and a new road project could bring increased jobs, and economic growth, expansion, to this beautiful area established by Mssrs. Juneau and Roberts, for whom the prevailing mountains above this city are named.

It just seems that it never fails: wherever there are leftist policies, there is despair, despondency, and dependency. Just a road, yes, a road, that could mean all the difference to this place, Juneau, that, between May and September, receives over one million cruise visitors — there were four ships in port here yesterday. Just a road, nothing more, and it would hardly mean the destruction of the wildlife that thrives here, but there are lives that are being destroyed, human lives. Sadly, since the Governor vetoed the original measure, it means that the standing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is possibly no longer valid — and we know that EISs are just part of government extortion, and are drawn out far too long.

As we drove about, and walked the area, I just thought back to the type of hearty, gritty men and women settled this area. They would be pleased at what Juneau has become, but they would not cower to any lobbying group preventing the construction of one road. Which begs the question: does the left truly care about anything, or anyone, other than their ideological agenda?

Oh yeah, I will be enjoying Salmon and Halibut in December in Dallas for the Christmas holiday. I ordered it for delivery.

For more pictures of the trip — and others will be added along the way — keep checking our Instagram feed.