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Alinsky, Trump, and an Anonymous Coup

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What a week to be in Washington, DC, the epicenter of abject chaos and nonsense, courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood, progressive, socialists. However, we that hold a degree of rational behavior and common sense may see all of this as tomfoolery, but that is not the case. I often tell folks there are certain books that they need to read, one of them is Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” If you read that seminal book of strategy and tactics, then your next book needs to be Chicago socialist Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Master Sun Tzu admonishes the successful commander to know himself, and know the enemy. When you read Alinsky’s book, you then know the strategy of the political opposition, the progressive socialist left, and it all makes total sense.

There are three of Alinsky’s “rules” that are completely applicable to what we are witnessing with the Trump administration, especially the antics — make that tactics — of this week.

Rule #10 – The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

Rule #11 – If you push a negative hard enough, and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

Rule #13 – Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

To date, I have not seen a single GOP strategist, member of the RNC, or even someone in the Trump administration — including the president himself — making reference to this strategy, and the anecdotal proof in the tactics being employed. If we do not comprehend the opposition’s strategy, their battle plan, we are ill-equipped to meet — and combat — the ideological agenda of the left. Additionally, we cannot follow some gentlemen’s rules of order when they are following the rules for radicals. It’s time to get our hands dirty, and fight back. What has been confounding for the left is that President Trump is fighting back. Sadly, it appears he is not surrounded, and supported, by fighters. Where is Paul Ryan?

The Democrat [Socialist] party has no message, nothing it can offer the American people. Hilariously, their slogan is “for the people.” But, it has been President Trump’s economic policies that have greatly benefited the American people, beyond comprehension, in just 18 months. His restoration of American exceptionalism, and strength, in our national security, military, and foreign policy cannot be debated. And interestingly enough, the recently released “anonymous” op-ed piece in the NY Times by a “senior Trump administration official” admitted such.

Therefore, true to Alinsky’s mantra, this is not about policy, this is about the person who has become the target, and the target must be frozen into paralysis, personalized in every manner for egregious assault, and polarized so that it can be isolated. This is why Mad Max Waters called for verbally, and physically attacking any member of the Trump administration –and her Alinsky-esque orders were followed. This is why Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, in the most demonic looking manner, demonized Judge Brett Kavanaugh for being nominated by President Trump. This is why the Democrat [Socialist] party has made President Trump their target for the midterm elections, again, since they have no viable policies to offer.

True to Alinsky’s mantra they have created a persona that must be hated, and so their delusional acolytes do so. You can talk about blowing up the White House. You can say things such as “f–k Trump” at a televised awards program. You can have plays that depict the Caesar-like stabbing of Donald Trump. You can depict beheading and shooting the President, Donald Trump, because the strategies of Alinsky are being employed successfully, and no one calls the left out on this with a counter message that evidences their tyrannical, and diabolical, nature.

Don’t think it’s coincidence that Bob Woodward released his book this week, and some anonymous character pens an op-ed to the NY Times. It is all about keeping up the pressure, and it will only intensify as we draw closer to the midterm elections. It is necessary to validate the reason why the progressive socialist left needs to win the House of Representatives — “Impeach the evil 45.” There is a reason why this op-ed comes out this week, early in September, to set the conditions, and create the atmosphere, that being part of the “resistance” within the White House is noble, honorable, and necessary. For me, this person is a coward, at the least, a traitor at best. They should identify themselves.

If they do not identify themselves — something the American people should demand, since we are paying them — this can only be interpreted as a silent coup against a duly elected American president. An American president whose only crime is that he won. He won, and defeated the establishment political machines of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushs. What we have happening in our Constitutional Republic is a quiet revolt, by the elite class, comprised of the upper echelons of the political, academic, entertainment, cultural, religious, media world who believe they should “lord” it over us. This assembled group of patrician members of the new American politburo will stop at nothing to destroy one man, President Donald Trump. Since November of 2016 there has been a steady, constant, pressure placed upon this administration, unduly so. Do I agree with the personality quirks of President Trump? No, but that is not a reason to impeach someone, certainly not to plan, and execute, a coup d’etat, an American first!

That assertion is not hyperbole, either. It is actually a correct assessment of what is happening. When you have individuals within a presidential administration who are leaking, and providing, information about the President of the United States for no other reason than they do not like the person, we have a problem. There have been no unconstitutional actions, unlike Barack Obama. There have been no sexual abuse of underage interns, like with Bill Clinton in the oval office. Nope, President Trump has committed the ultimate sin, and offense: he beat the left. And, unlike George W. Bush, he is not going to sit back and take their lashings.

It’s obvious that there are either Obama holdovers, or anti-President Trump individuals in some key positions of trust in the White House. They need to be found out, and removed from their positions. What they are doing is not noble or honorable. Imagine if someone left over from the Bush Administration did this to Barack Obama, leaking out the truth about Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives, or the truth about Benghazi. The progressive socialist left would have declared that person as a racist, traitor, and despicable. My, my, how their hypocrisy shows brightly.

Saul Alinsky was from Chicago. I do not consider it a coincidence that it  is where Barack Obama is from, also. I also do not think it a coincidence that the resistance movement is an extension of ol’ Barry Soetoro’s Obama for America choom gang.

A simple question: do you really want the disciples of Alinsky to be victorious, and successful, in November of 2018? If they are, then we only have ourselves to blame for what will follow: the left resuming the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

No way in hell it happens on the watch of the Old School Patriots!

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