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The American Left Has Run Out of Ideas

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The title of this missive says it all, and it is the seminal point to ponder heading into this midterm election cycle. Let’s face it, and be honest, the progressive socialist left in America is out of ideas.

For eight years we lumbered along with the failed policies of Barry Soetoro. Our economy lagged, our foreign policy was weak. Our national security was decimated, and our poverty rolls exploded. But, we had plenty of the politics of racial, and financial, division…what gain was that for our Nation? Now, the response from the left will be all about feeling good, emotions, but our Republic was flailing.

Regardless, the left in America felt entitled to win the White House in 2016, even with a horribly flawed candidate. They lost, and the result has been nothing but rage, anger, and delusion.

The progressive socialists of America have decided that since they have nothing to offer America, all that’s left is to threaten, coerce, and intimidate opponents into submission.

Now some would say that health care is an issue, and we hear the left talk about pre-existing conditions. The simple policy response is high-risk pools for individuals in that classification. We can also expand the use of health savings accounts, and allow certain income levels to claim their health insurance on their taxes. However, forcing the entire United States of America into a government-run health care system intended for those at or below the poverty level, Medicaid, is absurd. Even worse is punishing our seniors by forcing the entire nation into Medicare. You think the quality and availability of service are bad now . . . ?

In a time of incredible economic growth, the Democrat [Socialist] party wants to return to the politics of wealth redistribution, higher taxes, and massive regulation. Yes, it is the definition of insanity, to continue to do the same thing, and expect different results. Perhaps the result the left wants is exactly what we got: more economic dependency. Why would anyone want to support the mob that rejects the rule of law, our sovereignty, and openly assails our law enforcement officers, while demanding open borders? The left wants criminal illegal immigrants free to roam in sanctuary states and cities . . . while they seek to disarm law-abiding, legal gun owning Americans.

We can expect the left to go back to the same ol’ tired “war on women” mantra. Funny, let’s see how many times this week we’ll hear the names Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, or Julie Swetnick? It always amazes me that after the event passes, you never hear from the women who tried to undermine conservative men — a la Herman Cain, and Judge Roy Moore. But one thing is for certain, the left still has not acknowledged the assault against Karen Monahan, alleged to have been perpetrated by Rep. Keith Ellison. The left’s deranged conclusion is that they define what is important to women, and if you disagree you hate women. It’s a worn out tactic.

So, honestly, all y’all progressive socialists, what have you to offer America? You have no policy vision that is consistent with the principles, and values, of our Constitutional Republic. We do not want to be on the same road to perdition as Venezuela. Yep, that socialism thing just works so very well huh? Well, it does for the elites, but not for all . . . and I thought you wanted an economy that works for all?

The left in America has nothing to offer America. They have this weak slogan, “For the People.” What people? Dang sure ain’t for the American people.

Here’s the deal: all the left has for America are more of their insidious failed ideas. If you do not embrace and accept their ideas, then they have threats, intimidation, coercion, and violence ready for you. The left has nothing to give America other than calls to #Resist. Resist what? Resist a thriving, booming economy? Resist our exploding oil and natural gas industry, along with our manufacturing base restoration? Resist and allow ISIS, Iran, and the global Islamic jihad to be part of our regular lives? Give more millions of dollars to Iran, show more flexibility to Russia, be more strategically patient with North Korea, and be China’s punk boy?

The left cannot govern, they are only capable of ruling . . . the last fella who tried that here was King George III. We did not take too kindly to that then, and will not now. The left can only give us a Mobocracy, and they are already ranting about a populist democracy, a tyranny of the majority that will be based upon the large population urban centers, and states, which they control.

The leftists in America lost in 2016, but instead of them asking themselves why they lost, they have become rabid, and tripled down in their anger for having lost. They fail to recognize that they were rejected for their lack of principled ideals. So, they are now indoctrinating a new generation of street protesters to demand what they want. And what they want, is not what the greater majority of Americans want, seek, or desire. We do not want a nation based upon equality of outcomes, determined by an elitist few. We want a nation based upon equality of opportunity where each individual is free, and has the liberty to choose a path for themselves.

The progressive socialist left in America, and all across the world, have nothing to offer. I think Sir Winston Churchill stated it best, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Now, who would willingly vote for that? Only those who are stuck on stupid. Since no one with a functioning brain would choose such foolishness, the only recourse is to intimidate, lie, deceive, coerce, and threaten someone into doing so. Hmm, maybe that is why the progressive socialist left does not like the whole Second Amendment thing: it is much easier to threaten and intimidate unarmed subjects, as opposed to armed citizens.