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No Borders, No Wall, No USA at All

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Greetings from Glacier Bay, and now Sitka, Alaska!. We are now heading back south, and our next stop is Ketchikan, as we make our way back down the Alaskan panhandle through the inner passage. Seeing the glaciers is just majestic, and Alaska continues to amaze me with its natural beauty, and expanse.

What also amazes me is the fact that we have violent, hooded, and masked protesters in America that have not been designated as a domestic terrorist organization.

The progressive, socialist, leftist media has declared them to be “anti-hate” crusaders. We know them as Antifa. These misguided children must come to a realization that they are on the wrong side of US history. Their most recent antics, from this past weekend, which I saw reported, are unacceptable. What is unconscionable — yet telling — is that even the leftist media would not report Antifa’s violence against their own news crew! I suppose the leftist media will go to no end to protect these little SA-like “brown shirts” marauding, and threatening folks on our streets.

Again, I must offer a bit of a warning: at some point, someone, one of them, is going to get hurt, and, of course, they will cast blame elsewhere.

What is unconscionable -- yet telling -- is that even the leftist media would not report Antifa's violence against their own news crew.! Click To Tweet

Why is it that no one in the Democratic party is being taken to task to disavow this group? Heck, why is it that this group is allowed to exist? One would think law enforcement would not allow them to march on our streets. As stated, when will they be designated — as they should — as a domestic terrorist organization? Hmm, methinks, the Democrat party has changed colors, from white robes, and pointy hats, to black hoods and masks. They have the same objective, though: intimidation and violence. However, the words that formed the title for this missive are what unnerve me, and it should you, as well. This group of thugs is calling for the end of America. They do not believe we are a sovereign Constitutional Republic. Their words, and actions, are what constitute the very definition of sedition . . . and, obviously, they are hell-bent on fomenting an insurrection. Then again, for those of us who know history, this has always been the modus operandi of socialist, Marxist, progressive, communist movements.

Let me pose a question: what happens if the leftists do not gain control of the House of Representatives, and lose more seats in the US Senate in November? We all know what will happen if President Trump wins reelection. Somehow, I do not recall constitutional conservatives taking to the streets in hoods, and masks, inciting violence, and calling for the end of America during the reign of Barack Obama. So, why does the left get this insidious pass? It’s simple: the leftist media does a far better job of demonizing conservatives, classical liberals, and covering for their street henchmen.

As we cruise through the inner passages of Alaska, and reflect upon its serene beauty, it is not lost on me that there is massive turmoil in our nation. Funny, I read about how to react when engaged by a bear. One of the recommendations is to play dead, to eliminate the bear’s belief there is a threat posed. Another is ill-advised: attempt to run away from the bear. First, they are fast, and will pursue you. Secondly, such an action is enticing to them, as they will view you as prey.

Antifa is a threat being posed to our Republic. I would advise them to go away, play dead. At some point in time, the bear will recognize them as a threat . . . and seek to neutralize them. Bears, just like Old School Patriots, do not have any natural predators . . . They are ultimate bad-asses!