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The Left’s Apocalyptic Meltdown Over John Bolton

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Greetings to everyone from Buffalo, NY, where we are taking a little family respite to visit Niagra Falls — which is spectacular — and, then, to Toronto, Canada.

On my flight up from Dallas, Texas, I was reflecting on the absolute apoplectic unhinged response from the progressive socialist left over the appointment of former UN Ambassador, John Bolton, as President Trump’s new national security adviser. Let’s first set the record straight on something: President Obama had two national security advisers, two SecState’s, two Attorney Generals, and four SecDef’s in his tenure, not to mention some three different Chiefs of Staff. So please, no more with the duplicitous hypocrisy.

But what has been truly laughable — and quite disconcerting — is the complete meltdown of the left over Amb. Bolton starting a war with Iran, North Korea, and, heck, I guess everyone.  You would almost believe that Amb. Bolton has become a one man, well, James Bond Spectre-type of organization. Now, bless their little liberal progressive hearts, since their original Darth Vader, Vice President Dick Cheney, has been gone, the left has long since been looking for a new boogeyman. It appears that, in their beady little brains, they have found one, but, not so fast, y’all.

What, exactly, is it that’s causing the left so much consternation? Well, that’s easy to discern: their greatest fear is that Amb. Bolton will assemble a team, and create a national security strategy, that will illuminate us all as to the complete failure, incompetence, corruption, weakness, ineptness, and deceit of the Obama administration’s national security team of Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes. Y’all remember them, right? Ms. Rice is the compulsive liar who stated on five different Sunday news talk shows that Benghazi was just a protest over a crude anti-islamic video. She also told us all that Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. And, remember little Ben Rhodes, ya know, that fella with the Masters degree in creative writing, and younger brother of the President of CBS News? For some reason, I do not think Amb. Bolton will be selecting a Deputy National Security Adviser who will be lying to the media about a foreign policy agreement, the Iran nuclear deal, nor being “creative” with intelligence memos from the CIA.

Amb. Bolton probably won't go out to Toys R Us and purchase a little yellow toy with a red button on it to be presented to the Russian foreign minister. Click To Tweet

As the synergy point for foreign policy, as it relates to our national security, Amb. Bolton probably won’t go out to Toys R Us and purchase a little yellow toy with a red button on it to be presented to the Russian foreign minister. It is my further belief that Amb. Bolton will not recommend that President Trump whisper off mic to a Russian emissary that he will have “more flexibility” after his reelection. Furthermore, there will be no more leaks emanating from the White House National Security Council, since the Obama holdovers will be cast adrift. As they well should have been, and that truly causes the grandiose nervousness of the left.

See, with an Amb. Bolton as the national security adviser, we will no longer be fed insidious policies such as “strategic patience,” or be shipping billions of dollars to the Ayatollahs in Iran via unmarked aircraft. For some odd reason, the leftists in America would prefer the shameless and degrading policies of the Obama national security team that resulted in a grossly belligerent Kim Jung Un, and a regional hegemonic expansion of Iran. Sadly, to the progressive socialist left, if you evidence strength, embracing Reagan’s philosophy of “peace through strength,” you scare them. What the left wants more than anything is a weak America, and that is what Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Ben Rhodes gave us. If you believe in American exceptionalism and resolve, then you are — well, to the left — dangerous.

The argument from the left, that Amb. Bolton believes in American unilateralism, is a true statement. And, I believe in the same, as opposed to our Nation surrendering its strength, power, might, and sovereignty to these collectivist body politic such as the United Nations and the European Union. Our national security policy should be forged with the understanding that our national interest and security is above all else. We will work with our allies, but we shall never exude “strategic patience,” which — to me — is synonymous with cowardice in order to appease, acquiesce, or compromise our national principles and values: namely a commitment to liberty and freedom against despotic aggression. I believe that strength is a deterrent, while weakness, such as Obama’s, is enticing. And, nothing unnerves the leftists in America more than American strength — yet another reason they want individual Americans disarmed.

I hear the left castigating Amb. Bolton as one not exhibiting an understanding of the “rules-based international order.” Well, that is all fine and good when there are those who play by those rules, but what about those who do not? How do we deal with dictators and despots? How do we face autocrats and theocrats? I guess we can do as Obama did and give nice speeches with soaring rhetoric and issue false “red lines.” Truly, wolves can sniff out sheep, and John Bolton is not a lamb. Too many in the international community would rather deal with an America that surrenders a position of leadership, the moral high ground. Folks often prefer the Chamberlain, but when those darkest hours come, people look for a Churchill — who was also denigrated by his countrymen.

Virginia Democrat senator, and failed Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, has even gone so far as to insinuate that a video done by Amb. Bolton for a grassroots pro-gun group in Russia, is somehow evidence that Amb. Bolton cannot get a security clearance . . . how absurd. Where was Senator Kaine when Barack Obama was issued a security clearance given his known associations with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres, Bernadette Dorn, along with Louis Farrakhan, and Tony Rezko? Why was there no outcry against Obama getting a security clearance when he, admittedly so, traveled to Pakistan, at at time when US citizens were not allowed to do so? Who was it that financed young Barry Soetoro’s travel there?

Amb. John Bolton just scares the beejeezus out of the progressive socialist left, and he does not care what they think. As a matter of fact, I presume that he is thriving on the fact that he is troubling them — and our adversaries — to no end. It’s time the United States stopped playing by rules prescribed by others; rules to weaken and render us ineffective and irrelevant.

Just so our dear misguided friends on the leftist spectrum know: no major war was ever started because of American strength. Aggression looks for gaps, weakness, an opportunity to exploit, and during the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations we gave them plenty of ammunition and opportunity. And yes, 9-11 was a residual effect of Bill Clinton’s weakness, noted by Osama bin Laden after our withdrawal from Somalia.

In America, we cheer for champions, and John Bolton will call the plays that lead to our Victory. And ya know what, sometimes you don’t have to throw a punch to scare off bullies! Just knowing you are willing to do so — and can — is all it takes for peace to exist.

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