Augusta, Georgia and Judge Brett Kavanaugh

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Oh boy, it is great to be back in my birth state of Georgia. Yes, it’s kinda hard to be here after the Georgia Bulldogs put a woodshed whupping on my Tennessee Volunteers last Saturday in Athens. Y’all may ask, why did a Georgia boy go to the University of Tennessee? Simple, at the time they had one of the best Army ROTC programs in the nation. Who could ever forget that the first black college football quarterback in the SEC was Condredge Holloway, #7, wearing Tennessee orange. So, now y’all know.

However, you may be asking, what’s with the title of this missive? Well, I am sitting here in my room at the Marriott, in downtown Augusta, Georgia. This evening, I will be speaking for the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center. I truly enjoy it when I have the opportunity to address pro-life groups, and articulate the importance of this issue. I always find it interesting that the progressive socialist left only supports the idea of choice when it comes to murdering unborn babies. In the areas of choice for education, healthcare, or even what we eat . . . the left demands they dictate the choices — none other than government — than an individual has.

The Augusta Care Pregnancy Center has been in existence since 1981, when I was just twenty years of age, and finishing up my sophomore year at Tennessee. For over 35 years they have been on the front lines of a culture battle in our country, one that is a stain upon our national character. The Augusta Care Pregnancy Center answered the call to arms that came eight years before its founding, in 1973, with the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. Just think about how many unborn babies have met a horrific end because of a Supreme Court deciding that they could make law, and not interpret it. I know that since 1973 there have been over 17 million black babies killed, dismembered, with lives snuffed out. This thing called “abortion” was supposed to be safe, legal, and rare. Today it is a multi-million dollar industry of murder and killing. There is no other way to reconcile this.

It’s interesting that pro-life pregnancy centers all over the United States must hold fundraising events in order to continue to support the first unalienable right endowed from our Creator: life. However, on the opposing side, we have a private sector organization, founded by a white supremacist, Margaret Sanger, that enjoys nearly $568.7M of taxpayer dollars annually. Can you imagine the outrage from the progressive socialist left if the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center were to receive $50M, no, $10M, no $5M . . . no, just a single penny of taxpayer funding? That hypocrisy enrages me.

So, what does Augusta, Georgia have to do with Brett Kavanaugh? Truthfully, it is all about the ideological agenda of the left, their ally Planned Parenthood, and the issue of killing our unborn children.

Once upon a time, there was a Planned Parenthood clinic located across the street from the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center. It ain’t there no more! The visceral angst being levied towards Judge Brett Kavanaugh is because there is a chance that America is awakening to the horrors of murdering our unborn children. We can no longer live the lie that abortion is a viable means of birth control in the 21st century. Anyone that embraces that ideal is delusional. Just as the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center is a tactical threat here on the front lines, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a strategic threat if he becomes that fifth conservative, “non-judicial activist” Justice on the US Supreme Court.

For so long, the Democrat [Socialist] party, and their allies, such as Planned Parenthood, have enjoyed a position of domination on this issue, but it is waning. There are many of us who are common sense policy wonks, embracing our humanity, who understand the criminal caveats of rape or incest. We also recognize that no one has the right to force a woman to choose when it comes to her personal, viable and verified, health concerns. When we speak of reproductive health issues, and rights, we all can agree that research to eradicate uterine, cervical, ovarian cancers, along with fibroid tumors, and breast cancer, should be a priority. But, when the left perverts the meaning of women’s reproductive health to mean taking the life of an unborn child, we must take a stand.

How important is this to the progressive socialist left? Important enough to destroy a good man’s life, just as they are more than willing to destroy the life of an unborn child.

What a beautiful scene to look down the Savannah River to the south and the rising green hills. It makes you appreciate the wonders of God’s creation. However, the true wonder of God’s creation is life, human life, those whom He made in His own image. Funny, the left gets their undies all tied up about harming the environment. Yet, the same leftists think nothing about harming God’s creation of human life, that is His greatest wonder.


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