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Bad Economic News for the Progressive Socialists

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Yep, you know what I am about to address. Yesterday the second quarter GDP report came in and we were at 4.1%. Just as a reminder, Barack Obama was the first president never to attain 3% GDP growth. One thing is quite clear to any honest observer: President Trump is not spending his time blaming his predecessor as to why the economy is stuck — as Obama did. How many times did we hear about how bad of a mess Obama inherited? The bottom line? It was the failed policies of Barack Obama — progressive socialist economic policies — that led to the worst ever economic recovery in our history. That is a fact that cannot be debated. Yes, President Trump did inherit a mess from Barack Obama, in the major areas of our economy,such as our foreign policy, and our national security. There is no harm in mentioning that, but a leader doesn’t just whine, they take action. That is exactly what President Trump, regardless of the incessant tweets, has done.

Consider the success of having the EU President in the White House, and holding a press conference that says we will find a resolution to the tariffs imposed on our goods. As well, there will be an opening of more US goods, namely agricultural products to the EU. President Trump spoke at a steel mill in Iowa that has reopened, something that Barack Obama chided, and said could not be done. How many of you had tears in your eyes seeing the remains of our servicemen killed during the Korean War beginning the long journey home? Freaking Obama’s strategic patience policy with North Korea did not make that happen.

The progressive socialist economic policies of Obama sent billions of dollars to Iran while forcing more Americans into poverty, and onto food stamps. We now have record unemployment in America. We have more job openings than folks to fill them. Doggone, we have 63K truck driver jobs open, waiting to be filled — too bad I failed the parallel parking phase.

One thing is quite clear to any honest observer: President Trump is not spending his time blaming his predecessor as to why the economy is stuck -- as Obama did. Click To Tweet

Now, of course I am not happy about the $1.3T omnibus spending bill, or that we have deficits rising, and that means debt as well. I want to see more fiscal responsibility, but that is more of an issue of the folks who hold the purse strings on Capitol Hill. Yes, I want to see Tax Cuts 2.0 pass, but until we move away from the baseline budget system that promotes increased spending each budget cycle, to a zero based budgeting system, we will be chasing our tail.

Yes, our economy is on fire, our economic growth is exceptional, and that is because of the policies emanating from the White House. However, without reforms to government spending, and budget, we cannot truly turn the corner fiscally for our Country. And yes, that means we MUST have elected officials who will look at reforming our mandatory spending programs within our budget. The mandatory spending side of the federal budget is also booming, and that is not a good boom. We are talking about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security being some 64% of our overall budget, and growing. We can never get to a point of real fiscal security for the United States until we curtail our spending, and reign in our deficits and debt. There cannot come a time when all tax receipts brought into the federal government are spent funding the mandatory spending side.

I will admit, the best person I feel to tackle these fiscal, spending, and budget issues in the US House of Representatives is probably Rep. Jim Jordan. Congressman Jordan threw his name into the hat as the next Speaker of the House. Sorry Nancy Pelosi, it ain’t gonna be you, we already went down that road to perdition once.

For our dear, misguided, progressive socialist friends, who fail to comprehend economics, we do not want to go back to the failures of Obama. I mean seriously, y’all are gonna run on a platform of repealing the tax cuts that have resulted in a 4.1% GDP growth? You are going to tell all those Americans who are now working, and have more money in their paychecks, that you want them back on food stamps, and on the poverty rolls? You are really gonna tell those folks in the coal plants, and steel mills, who are back to work “nah, our ideological agenda is more important, you’re fired?” Oh yes, they can just sit at home and get a universal basic income from y’all, you know, $500 of free money a month can really go a long way . . . right?

I mean seriously, is the left really gonna run on a platform of repealing the tax cuts that have resulted in a 4.1% GDP growth? Click To Tweet

Yes, when those GDP numbers came out yesterday morning, you could hear a very audible “aww s!@t,” from the chuckleheads on the progressive socialist left. Do we really wanna model our economy after Venezuela, or Cuba? What manner of abject stupidity and arrogance to tell the American people that we want to make the playing field equal, and we determine that means, and what everyone should get?  What we are witnessing is the success of policies advancing the equality of opportunity. We spent eight years with Obama pushing the equality of outcomes, which only ends up with shared misery via the politics of social warfare, and envy.

I would like to ask my progressive socialist buddies, which is better: having 63K truck driver jobs open . . . or 63K folks waiting for a government subsistence check? The answer is quite telling, because it lets you know that they want economic enslavement, as opposed to economic empowerment.

A 4.1% GDP number tells us all that America is being economically empowered — and, for whatever reason, that is bad news for the progressive socialist left.

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