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Barack Obama Should Shut Up and Go Away

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Recently, we have witnessed the “Return of the Mack,” Barack Obama, out on the campaign stage. Amazingly enough, Barry Soetoro has been claiming that the current economic growth and vibrancy we are experiencing is because of him. I recall Obama mocking then-candidate Trump, rhetorically asking how he would bring back production and manufacturing jobs. Well, Trump did. Now Obama is claiming that this mass movement towards our border is just a bunch of starving people and mothers with babies. I suppose he did not see this “caravan,” storming the Mexican-Guatemalan border a week or so ago?

If I may, I suggest that Barry just shut up, go away, and not remind us of his abject failures over an eight-year span. And, as this piece in the Military Times articulates, his weakness and failures are bearing rotten fruit, still. As reported by the Military Times:

Five members of the Afghan Taliban who were freed from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for captured American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have joined the insurgent group’s political office in Qatar, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday. They will now be among Taliban representatives negotiating for peace in Afghanistan, a sign some negotiators in Kabul say indicates the Taliban’s desire for a peace pact. Others fear the five, all of whom were close to the insurgent group’s founder and hard-line leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, bring with them the same ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam that characterized the group’s five-year rule that ended in 2001 with the U.S.-led invasion.”The Taliban are bringing back their old generation, which means the Taliban have not changed their thinking or their leadership,” said Haroun Mir, political analyst in the Afghan capital. “What we are more worried about is if tomorrow the Taliban say ‘we are ready to negotiate,’ who will represent Kabul? That is the big challenge because the government is so divided, not just ideologically but on ethnic lines.” Hakim Mujahed, a former Taliban member who is now also a member of the Afghan government peace council, said the presence of the five former Guantanamo prisoners in the Taliban’s Qatar office is indicative of the Taliban’s resolve to find a peace deal. He said the stature of the five within the insurgent movement will make a peace deal palatable to the rank and file, many of whom have resisted talks believing a military victory was within their grasp. “These people are respected among all the Taliban,” said Mujahed. “Their word carries weight with the Taliban leadership and the mujahedeen.”

Now, of course, I can hear Obama the quisling crying, “see, releasing them was a good thing, they are helping with peace talks.” Way wrong answer there fella. These five senior leaders of the Taliban are going to seek an agreement that will allow the Taliban, a horrific Islamic terrorist organization to endure, thrive. Let us never forget that it was the Taliban that harbored Al Qaeda, and Osama Bin Laden, providing him sanctuary to plan and execute the 9-11 Islamic terrorist bombings. You can bet your bottom dollar that any recognition of the Taliban, as Bill Clinton did, will result in their having territorial integrity, and providing sanctuary for the next generation of Islamic jihadists . . . ISIS 2.0.

What should also incense all of us is that the country of Qatar is allowing a Taliban political office to exist. Hmm, remember President Trump’s speech, challenge, to the Islamic world? And remember, Qatar is also home to the leadership of another Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas . . . who just last week fired off more rockets and missiles into southern Israel. Yes, we have a US Airbase in Qatar, Al Udeid. I think it is certainly time to convey to the Qataris that we are leaving. We should shut down our Embassy there and expel Qatari diplomats from the United States. We should express, in a very direct manner, that Qatar Airlines is no longer granted landing rights anywhere in the United States, or in American territories.

Some of you may say that is harsh. Well, consider this: Qatar is harboring Islamic terrorist organization leadership — Taliban and Hamas. If what I have proposed is draconian, then what should we do? How do we send a clear and distinct message saying that we will not align ourselves with anyone that harbors, provides sanctuary to, or colludes with Islamic terrorist organizations?

This is what angers me the most about this whole episode. These Taliban Five are free, now holding some diplomatic position in the Taliban political office. Bowe Bergdahl is somewhere here in the United States walking around free. Yet, US Army 1LT Clint Lorance still sits, imprisoned in Ft. Leavenworth because he gave the order to fire upon the enemy . . . the Taliban. LT Lorance did not desert before the enemy, and cohabitate with them, like Bowe Bergdahl.

This is why Barack Obama should just shut up because this is all his doing. Obama gave us ISIS, President Trump whacked them. Barack Obama released five senior Taliban leaders, President Trump will have to clean up that mess as well. Barack Obama welcomed the family of a deserter to the White House . . . Clint Lorance’s mom has never been there.

The teachable moment here is that the enemy is the enemy. We should never release the enemy until he is utterly defeated, and that means his will and the ideology that drives him to fight. How many more reminders of Barack Obama’s failures do we need to read about before we all tell him to shut up, and just go away?

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