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Border Control From Folks on the Border

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From SlaveryAs y’all know, this past weekend I was out in a little piece of real America called Tombstone, AZ.

I also had the pleasure of spending a day on Ft. Huachuca. As I had the time to check the news, I also noticed that there were these leftist protests over the weekend as well. It seems that the left has once again proved that instead of enjoying summer . . . they prefer to become unhinged. I find it very interesting that as the left was busy protesting about “Abolish ICE,” I was among people who live in the shadows of our southern border.

As a matter of fact, as you depart Tombstone, heading north on Hwy 80 towards Benson, AZ, you must go through an US Border Patrol checkpoint. While we were at Ft. Huachuca, standing on the point, that overlooks that historic Army installation, home of the Buffalo Soldiers, there was an observation balloon up. Nope, it was not looking for the Road Runner, or Wiley Coyote. It was looking south for coyotes of a different sort, and those they prey upon.

I just have to ask Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillebrand, Cory Booker, Bil DeBlasio, or for that matter, any of the other chuckleheads calling for the abolishing of Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE): have you ever been to the southern US border? Have they ever talked to folks down there? Doggone, do any of them even know an US Border Patrol or ICE Agent? Chances are they do not, and that is what we have come to know of what was once the Democrat party — now the Demcoratic Socialist party.

When these progressive socialist leftists chant about their most recent emotional, irrational, and unreasoned talking point, do they operate from a position of knowledge on the issue? Well, nah, that would completely undermine their insidious, incessant, and abject foolishness. Plus, for some, it pays well to get out and protest. This is what disturbs me more than anything: the complete, and total, disregard of King Solomon’s admonition to fools in Proverbs 17:28.

When you speak to the compassionate people living on the border, you get a clearer understanding of what is happening. I talked to a couple, originally from Wisconsin, who once had a ranch on the border. They were proud of their piece of land, and, once upon a time, would give food and water to those crossing the border — until it became an epidemic, and they found that they were right on a major transit corridor. They found out that their house was a checkpoint on the map, a sort of orientation point for those entering our country illegally. They grew tired of the numbers crossing through their land, destroying their property, and leaving behind trash and human waste. They grew tired of being afraid at night, not knowing who might come to their door. They grew tired of going out for horseback rides, or walks, and fearing running into two-legged coyotes, or worse, drug smugglers — mules. I was told about how they had to turn to taking walks and rides armed — and the left wants to disarm law-abiding, legal gun owning Americans . . . and abolish ICE?

The husband told me about being out and about with friends riding, actually having to patrol their own lands, and finding drug caches. Of course, they would immediately report them to the US Border Patrol agents. His number became so familiar to them, they didn’t ever question his reports of illegals, or of drugs caches.

Now, I must ask those foolish people who were protesting: have any of them had to live like this? Have any of those protesters had their children killed, brutally so, by illegal immigrant gang members like MS-13? Yes, in my discussions with the folks there in Tombstone — including law enforcement, and a Border Patrol agent — we do need a wall. We do need a measure of obstruction that can funnel crossings into places where there can be better surveillance, and control. As I was told, it’s nothing to have folks crossing over illegally at night in Tombstone, and other populated areas, and that creates a lack of security as well. We are woefully undermanned — and in some cases under-gunned — to contend with the issue of securing our border. Sadly, these incompetents who want to abolish ICE really want to abolish our borders completely. It’s not open borders, but the eradication of borders that they seek. Depending upon the elections in Mexico, we could have a Mexican president seeking to flood our nation with illegals. Why? Why is it that Mexico is allowing for people to transit through their country to illegally enter ours? Perhaps our immigration laws should parallel those of Mexico?

Why is it that we have these leftist progressive socialist lawyers operating south of the border teaching, coaching, and illuminating people on how to enter the United States of America, illegally? Should these so-called American lawyers not be disbarred? As a matter of fact, they probably should have their American citizenship revoked and they can stay in Mexico. Heck, those rascals would probably just cross back on one of the many transit routes — but they would have to pay those vile, vicious coyotes a pretty penny to do so.

You know what is really happening on our southern border, the numbers are up. As as they folks told me, those numbers are up due to those lawyers, and talk about amnesty. They are all rushing in to get ahead of the closing . . .if that ever comes.

We, as Americans, warmly, and gladly, welcome anyone desiring to come to our land, but enter through the front door, respect and regard our laws, just as you would expect of us in your country. Click To Tweet

No, we do not need to resume a catch and release program, which was disheartening to our border patrol agents. That was just like Obama releasing all those jihadists from GITMO, who our troops worked hard to secure, and get off the battlefield. What motivation do our agents on the border have if they know their efforts are in vain? Patrolling a border is best done on the border, not back 30-50 miles where you have surrendered key terrain. By the way, those coyotes, well, many of these young children, for whom the left says they care about, are girls being brought into this country for sex trafficking. Then again, why should the left care, it is all about their ideological agenda, and hating President Trump.

The Dragoon Mountains overlook Tombstone, and Ft. Huachuca. It’s a beautiful piece of dominating territory. It’s up there that the Apache leader, Cochise, maintained his stronghold. The citizens there told me that it was a three-day ride from Ft. Huachuca to the Dragoon Mountains, and that from up there, one could easily see the Cavalry troops depart, and see their route. That should be just an indicator to y’all about how wide open it is down there along our southern border of Arizona. We have our border patrol troops spread thin across that area of operations. The left has informed us that the safety, security, and sovereignty of these United States of America, and its citizens, is unimportant to them. They prefer you unarmed, unable to defend yourself, and yes, our streets rampaged by criminal illegal immigrants. The left is masking their real intent, goals, objectives, designs, and desires behind another false narrative and created hysteria about families being separated — they couldn’t care less when American families are being decimated, and terrorized by criminal illegal immigrants.

Let me make this point very clear: it's not a universal right to enter the United States of America. We have a sovereign right to defend and secure our borders and uphold our laws. Click To Tweet

Let me make this point very clear: it’s not a universal right to enter the United States of America. We have a sovereign right to defend and secure our borders and uphold our laws. If the progressive socialist left can’t embrace that, then we must never allow them power, or control of our nation. Part of their “fundamental transformation” of America is to undermine, not alter, our existence. We, as Americans, warmly, and gladly, welcome anyone desiring to come to our land, but enter through the front door, respect and regard our laws, just as you would expect of us in your country. No American should live in fear of illegal immigrants, that is why we have an ICE. What does the left want to replace them with, and the law enforcement function they perform?

As I stated last week, the mask is off. Choose for yourselves: are you an Old School American Patriot, or not? Tuesday night, on Facebook Live, I will define what an Old School Patriot is, and what they believe.

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