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What Our Children Are Being Taught

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There is no doubt that we should all agree that our children are not being adequately taught, rather they are being indoctrinated.

Today is a very special day in American history: it is September 17th, the anniversary of Constitution Day, September 17, 1787. Two hundred and thirty-one years ago, the document that has resulted in the longest running Constitutional Republic the world has ever known was created. That’s something to celebrate widely, and with great pride, and esteem . . . unless you are New York’s Governor Cuomo who believes America has never been that great.

But, today, do we teach, and instruct our children how to be good citizens, or is it all about instilling in them an ideological agenda?

As reported by California Family:

“A new state recommended social studies and history curriculum is being introduced in public schools around California that blatantly promotes a bias perspective on the policy achievements of governor candidate Gavin Newsom. Dubbing him “Champion for People’s Rights,” the first grade textbook teaches kids about “respecting the rights” of others by pointing to Newsom’s advocacy for same-sex marriage, while mayor of San Francisco. The text doesn’t even try to be objective and fails to mention that marriages for same-sex couples were not an established right at the time, but a brand new concept and only legal in a select number of countries. 

“This lesson is supposed to be for first grade students, but it reads like a piece of political propaganda put together by the Democrat Party,” said Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council. “It is both premature and outrageous to list Gavin Newsom alongside universally loved American heroes like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Millions of Californians who voted twice to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman opposed Newsom’s flagrant defiance of our state’s marriage laws and use of the courts to push his personal views of marriage on the population.”

“Just a decade later, California’s Department of Education is promoting the controversial political views of a candidate for governor to six year-olds and blatantly smearing the sincerely held religious beliefs of countless families,” Keller said. “This political puff piece should be removed from any public textbook.”

Oh boy, yes, once again, California, but just last week, here in Texas, there was a hearing to decide whether the word “heroic” should still be used to define the 183 defenders of The Alamo.

What this “curriculum” issue — in California, and elsewhere across America — solidifies is my constant assertion that the most important elected position in these United States of America is that of school board. Yet, it is the election that consistently has the lowest voter participation . . . and, then, we wonder what is happening with our schools?

The progressive socialist left is very focused on coming into areas, and winning school board races . . . another phenomenon that is happening in Texas’ major population centers, as more Californians relocate to the Lone Star State. I will reiterate, the success of leftism in America requires the control of three pillars: media, courts, and schools (academia). And, boy howdy have they done a bang up job on their objectives, and goals.

However, if we went back to seriously educating our students on civics, and American history, such as the Constitution, we would perhaps find our Constitutional Republic on sound footing.

For a good lesson in civics, and our Constitution, take, for instance, what happened, back in California, in 2008, when a same-sex marriage proposition failed, rejected by the voting electorate. That should have been the end of it, correct? I mean, was the referendum of the people in a representative democracy decided that marriage was between one man and one woman? After all, the left seems to now embrace the believe in a pure democracy, and that if you win a popular vote, you win . . . well, as long as it is about what they want, meaning Hillary Clinton. So, why was it that the issue of same-sex marriage, even though voted down in California, somehow ended up in the court system?

See, if the folks in California were teaching their children, and not indoctrinating them about Gavin Newsom, they would learn the three branches of government as established in our Constitution, and why? They would learn that only the legislative branch (Article I) can make laws. Still, it requires the Executive branch (Article II) to sign the proposed legislation into law, since the executive branch is responsible for implementing, and enforcing the laws. It is the enumerated power of the Judicial branch (Article III) to interpret the laws.

So, how did we get to the point where the Article III branch of our government, the courts, are now making laws? I am referring to the Obergefell v. Hodges case making same-sex marriage the “law of the land.” We could even ask how does the Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade decide that murdering unborn children is a right, and make it into a law? Oh yeah, that’s right, the progressive, socialist, left needs the courts to implement, and mandate, their ideological agenda. Perhaps, as a case study to educate our children, that is why we saw the left going apoplectic over the nomination of one Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

If you have been reading the media outlets of the left last week, you would know that they believe that President Trump should not have the right to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. Why? It’s simple: the left are like spoiled children, uneducated ones as well, who act out when they do not get their way. Sadly, anyone learning about our Constitution knows that the president, as head of the Executive branch (Article II), has the enumerated power to nominate individuals to our courts (Article III), and that includes the Supreme Court. Our Constitution is not based upon who, or what, you like, or ideological agendas. It is the basis of our rule of law. But, when you do not teach it, well, you get crazed little anarchists dressed in black hoods running around burning property, and disrupting the proceedings of a Senate Judiciary hearing.

Oh, by the way, the Legislative branch (Article I), has the enumerated power, and responsibility, to “advise and consent” on recommendations of judicial nominations — namely the US Senate. Judicial confirmation hearings are not about determining if a nominated judge will agree to, or support, any ideological agenda. It is an examination of their record, and their understanding of how to interpret the law, which is their constitutional charge.

thus, on this 231st anniversary of our Constitution, may we ask ourselves a simple question: how shall we do as Benjamin Franklin charged Mrs Powell — “a Republic if you can keep it” — if we are not teaching what a Republic, and our Constitution, is? Maybe, that is why the left wanted control of our schools in order to enable their fundamental transformation of America. Maybe this is why the left has a full-out assault against our history and seek to demonize our Founding Fathers, and the basic symbols of our nation. Remember, we shared with y’all not too long ago an op-ed piece in the NY Times written by two far-leftists who write for a quarterly socialist magazine called Jacobin. Those writers openly called for a rejection of our Constitution, meaning our rule of law, and asked why a bicameral legislative branch was necessary? They advocated for popular control, a pure democracy, only for their ideological gain, and control.

Today folks, when your kids come home from school, ask them a simple question: what were you taught in school? I can almost assure you, the US Constitution will not be mentioned. And, if our Constitution is not being taught on Constitution Day, you can bet your bottom dollar that it ain’t being taught any other day.

But, first-graders in California will learn that Gavin Newsom is a swell guy. Oh yeah, sexuality is a behavior, a nation should not make laws, or grant rights, based upon a behavior. That is another great topic for a civics class, sadly, civics is one of those things the left in America decided should not be taught . . . it was replaced with social studies. What the heck does that mean? It means, the progressive, socialist, left ideological agenda.

Class dismissed . . . for today.

Photo credit: USAG-Humphreys on Visual Hunt / CC BY

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