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The “Collapse of Freedom”

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As always, the left provides plenty of evidence of their blatant hypocrisy, some would call it idiocy. The latest iteration comes to us from the infamous, and rather delusional, leftist economist, Paul Krugman.

Yesterday, in a piece he wrote in the NY Times, Mr. Krugman basically asserted that there will be a collapse of freedom here in America. You just have to laugh when you hear this, but he is not the only one making this, or a similar, claim. We also have the avowed progressive socialist, and Native American, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, saying that democracy is crumbling here in America. This is the same Senator Warren who said that she would not accept any campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association. My message to Senator Warren is simple: the NRA has probably already made the decision to never provide a campaign contribution for you to reject. However, I am quite sure Senator Warren takes plenty of contributions from Planned Parenthood, the organization founded by a white supremacist, and racist, who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies, Margaret Sanger. Hmm, ask yourself, which organization really does have “blood on its hands,” the NRA or Planned Parenthood? You would have to be seriously stuck on stupid to get that answer wrong — and that’s somewhat synonymous with being a progressive socialist, embracing the murder of unborn babies as a means of birth control.

Oops, sorry, kinda got off topic, but still a pertinent, and relevant, short discussion.

There is a theme circulating in the liberal progressive leftist world: President Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy. Even Nancy Pelosi has claimed that democracy is in danger, threatened. Chuck Schumer, and others, declared — more than once — the infamous words: “constitutional crisis.”

I find these so-called clarion calls, and warnings, from the left, to be abjectly rooted in pure hyperbole, and firm hypocrisy. How interesting that we now have the leftists in America concerned about democracy, and freedom, at this time. It is just as laughable to see these chuckleheads now quipping about rising debt and deficits! Where was their concern during the age of Obama? And, yes, I am furious with those progressives who masquerade as Republicans, who also embrace the ideal of Big Government spending and expansion.

We should all be aware that the progressive, socialist, left — folks like Krugman, Warren, Schumer, and Pelosi — are not concerned with the collapse of freedom. They are angry with the collapse of their ideological agenda. They are angry that they lost the election of 2016. They truly felt that they had these United States of America on the ropes, on the verge of their death-blow called the “fundamental transformation” of America. The left has been hard at work with one goal: the attainment of power in America.

The progressive, socialist, left is not concerned with the collapse of freedom. They are angry with the collapse of their ideological agenda. Click To Tweet

There’s a simple explanation as to why the left now despises the electoral college, and sees it as a threat to democracy. However, we the liberty loving constitutional conservatives, true classical liberals, can now see the brilliance of the Founding Fathers who did not want a pure popular democracy, but rather a representative Constitutional Republic.

The left holds the belief that if they control the major population centers, and an assembly of large states, they win. They are focused on the popular vote. However, the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure we have a fair representation across all America. They wanted to ensure that national elections couldn’t be held hostage by just a few “important” states. They did not want factions and political parties to concentrate their energies, and efforts, on certain regions, or certain demographics. If there is anything we can agree upon with the progressive, socialist, left, it’s that they have concentrated their efforts not in the heartland of America, but on the coasts, and in the major urban population centers. The left has focused their efforts on our university and college campuses, academia. The left has certainly taken aim, and fully embraced the concept of identity politics, and specific demographics, in order to coalesce a winning combination for electoral gain.

The fact that this leftist formula was not successful in the 2016 presidential election has resulted in the progressive socialist left’s angst, and complaints that “democracy,” in their terms, is threatened. No, that is not the case, it’s that their intent failed. California, New York, Chicago, and the upper Northeast does not get to determine, or dictate, our national elections. In Pennsylvania, the typical model of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh determining the electoral direction of the Keystone State, was defeated.

We, the liberty-loving, constitutional conservatives, true classical liberals, can now see the brilliance of the Founding Fathers who wanted a representative Constitutional Republic. Click To Tweet

How odd is it that the leftists would declare the demise of democracy? They said nothing when Barack Obama unleashed the power of the IRS against the American people. Oops, sorry, just those American people who were deemed the political opposition. Why did Warren, Pelosi, Schumer, and Krugman say nothing when Americans were mandated to purchase a private sector commodity — health insurance — under penalty of taxation? Oh yeah, I forgot: when the left is in power, it’s all about their mandates, coercion, intimidation, and directives. Yes, they won a presidential election, and we were told that specifically by Obama. So, why is it that when the leftists lose, all of a sudden “freedom is collapsing” and “democracy is in danger,” or being “threatened?”

Here we are, learning about spying, surveillance, and informants being inserted into a presidential election campaign . . . and folks like Krugman want to lecture us now about the “collapse of freedom?” Yes, the same Paul Krugman who predicted President Trump’s victory would result in economic collapse, and failure. Krugman said nothing of the sort during the abysmal economic growth years of Obama’s reign. As a matter of fact, Krugman, in his normal — read confused — state, proclaimed that we needed more government spending to get the economy going. That’s a special kind of stupid.

Here’s the real warning folks: the leftists are turning their sights on successful Red States. They are, like locusts, fleeing their failing economic states, like California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Sadly, this blue invasion is seeking to overtake the major population centers in Red States, and flip them into Blue States. Again, they are concentrating on population centers. That’s evident right here in my new home of Texas, where I reside in Dallas, Dallas County, which is run by progressive socialists. Yes, Texas! Not to mention, look who runs the capitol of the state of Texas, Austin! For the left, democracy boils down to numbers, not people, and they now know they must re-double their efforts to build their numbers, along with telling more lies, which the liberal, progressive, media enables.

In truth, freedom, liberty, our free market economy, and our national security is alive and well under President Trump. But, that is not how the progressive, socialist, left defines liberty and freedom. For them, it is all about the domination of their ideology, albeit a failing ideology.

The first Republican President gave us the real difference between constitutional conservatives, classical liberals, and progressive socialists, the left. Abraham Lincoln said, “The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some, the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name—liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names—liberty and tyranny.”

It’s not that freedom is collapsing in America. Nor is our representative Democracy in danger or threatened. We are on the path of restoring our Constitutional Republic, saving it from being converted into a Constitutional Monarchy. It is tyranny, and the dream of the fundamental transformation of America, that is collapsing, in danger, and threatened. That, my fellow Old School Patriots, is a damn good thing!