Screenshot of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi during the Democrat response to President Trumps address regarding the crisis at the border and the government shutdown.

Comfortably Numb: The Manufactured Crisis

In Democrats, Front Page, Illegal immigration by Allen West

Move along, nothing going on here, it is all just a fabrication of your imagination.

When I think about the Democrats stance on border security I am reminded of the refrain from the Pink Floyd song, “Comfortably Numb:”

“You are only coming through in waves, your lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Yes, we have indeed all become Comfortably Numb to the rantings and absurd rhetoric emanating from the political party of open borders and abolishing ICE.

There will be interesting theater this evening with President Trump’s State of the Union Address. The Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi, and something tells me that she will not be popping up and down in joyous applause like the last time she was perched in that same seat.

See, last time it was Speaker Pelosi, the President was one Barry Soetoro, aka, Barack Obama. And, Pelosi was just a giddy school girl who could not contain her enthusiasm and never stopped smiling and clapping. As we know from last year’s SOTU address, Miss Pelosi doesn’t exactly have a poker face, and her contempt was utterly evident.

Photo of Nancy Pelosi during the 2018 State of the Union Address in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

There is no doubt that part of the SOTU will be about border security, I mean real border security . . . not the so-called Pelosi “manufactured crisis.” And if President Trump”goes there” what will be Speaker Pelosi’s reaction…and she will not be able to hide from the cameras…not at all.

As reported by Breitbart:

“U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 150,000 migrants who illegally crossed between ports of entry during the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2019. Of those, nearly 100,000 consisted of families and unaccompanied minors. 

For the third straight month, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 50,000 migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry in December. During the first quarter of the new fiscal year, agents apprehended a total of 153,609 who illegally crossed the border, according to the December Southwest Border Migration report released Monday morning. The partial government shutdown delayed the release of the December report.

The apprehension of the more than 150,000 migrants represents nearly 40 percent of the total number of migrant apprehensions during the entire previous fiscal year. The first quarter apprehensions represent a nearly 84 percent increase over the prior year’s 1st quarter total of 83,568. The apprehension of Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) and Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) during the first quarter jumped to 90,807 — an increase of more than 190 percent over the same period last year, the report indicates.

Looking at the FMUA apprehensions exclusively (75,794) shows a massive 280 percent increase over the prior year and represents more than 70 percent of the previous year’s entire FMUA apprehensions (107,212). 

While the Rio Grande Valley Sector continues to see the largest number of FMUA apprehensions of the nine southwestern Border Patrol sectors, the El Paso Sector witnessed a massive 1,602 percent increase over the previous December, officials reported. Much of this is in the tiny section of the border known as the New Mexico Bootheel.

Agents apprehended 1,114 family units in the El Paso Sector during December 2017. In December 2018, that number jumped to 18,957. Six other Border Patrol sectors witnessed triple-digit percentage increases in the apprehension of family units, mostly Central American migrants, who crossed the border illegally in December 2018. Those sectors are: San Diego (667 percent), Del Rio (330 percent), El Centro (310 percent), Tucson (244 percent), Rio Grande Valley (178 percent), and Yuma (174 percent). The Laredo Sector only saw a 72 percent increase over the previous December and the Big Bend Sector actually saw a 50 percent decrease over the prior year.”

Two things jump out here. First of all, this was the report from October-December of CY 2018, the first quarter of FY 2019. The second thing, well, this debunks the Democrat talking point, we have a problem “in-between” our ports of entry. When you assess the increase in those six listed border patrol sectors, yes, we do have a problem.

Imagine what Speaker Pelosi’s face will look like when President Trump reads these statistics?

Also, consider the recent arrest of the migrant caravan march leaders on charges of rape by Honduras. Two American immigration activist lawyers, Nora Phillips, and Erika Pinheiro, from the liberal progressive group Al Otro Lado, were denied entry into Mexico. This is the group that has been sending lawyers into Mexico to coach people how to undermine our immigration policies — basically, what to say in order to gain entry into our Republic, cheating our system. And, tonight, as President Trump delivers his SOTU address, there is another of these “caravans” closing in on our southern border.

What contorted face will Speaker Pelosi make when the truth is professed right before her, for all the world to see? Again, it is a very simple question that President Trump should propose this evening, Americans or illegals?

The progressive socialist left is trying their doggone best to deny the crisis — one that they have enabled — that exists on our southern border. They keep trying to redefine border security to fit their ideological agenda. The problem is not centered around our ports of entry, it is in-between them, in the vast spaces where there is no obstacle, no physical barrier or deterrent to prevent people from just walking right into our nation.

Also, we need to end the policies that encourage people to make the dangerous trek, exposing themselves, and little children, to the criminal drug cartels and “coyotes.” We need to stem the flow of illicit drugs into our nation, as we face this crisis of opioid and other drug addictions. We need to stop allowing it to be easy for Islamic terrorists to penetrate our soft underbelly and establish themselves in our country . . . and we know it’s undeniable that Iran and Hezbollah are in cahoots with the transnational criminal organizations (TNCOs) aka, drug cartels.

When these truths are presented, and a solution is offered, will Speaker Pelosi sit, grim-faced, and let the American people know with whom she sides?

Yes, we have a strong economy, our foreign policy, once again, has teeth, and we may be on the verge of rectifying the trade issue with China. But, yes, there are other issues that need our attention, such as Venezuela, and one would hope Speaker Pelosi will stand with President Trump and the Venezuelan people for liberty and freedom against a despotic socialist dictator. I hope the cameras catch a glimpse of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when President Trump denounces the socialist dictator . . . that would be priceless!

The State of our Union continues to improve, but our Constitutional Republic is threatened by the specter of illegal immigration, and the criminal element it spawns. Will Speaker Pelosi stand with the American people tonight? O will she just sit this one out, afterward to continue to ramble on about a “manufactured crisis?”