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The Complicit Leftist Media Machine

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I know, I could just stop right now, and y’all would understand. But, there are times when the leftist media becomes so unhinged that it just has to be exposed. Now, today is not going to be a good day for me, my Tennessee Volunteers have to go down to the plains, and face Auburn University, after War Eagle lost to Mississippi State. It will be a long day . . . but nothing could be worse than watching CNN.

Once the standard-bearer for cable news, CNN embarrassed itself this week with the dubious racist rantings of Don Lemon and his hosts. Can you imagine if anyone else had referred to a Black American as a “negro,” and especially talk about “this is what happens when negroes don’t read?” How utterly despicable, denigrating, and offensive! But, hey, it’s the liberal progressive media, and anyone breaking away from their collective group think is fair game.

This week we had former First Lady, US Senator, and presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, discuss how civility cannot exist unless the Mobocrats are in control. As well, former US Attorney General Eric Holder talked about kicking Republicans. I do not care about how cute he tried to get with his lame explanation, or excuse. We all know what he meant, and we all know what the progressive, socialist left is advocating.

It was just a week ago that we witnessed the rise of the leftist mob. Funny, CNN says you cannot use that word. Regardless, since truth escapes the left, we saw the mob scale the statues of the Supreme Court, and bang on the doors of our Judicial branch of government . . . one can only ponder what would have happened if they had breached the doors.

But, leave it to CNN’s Chris Cuomo to give his delusional explanation of the past week. As reported by Raw Story:

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo closed his Friday night show explaining the dangerous rhetoric of Fox News. Cuomo said that dirty politics has gone too far and that the media has a part to play. “Conservatives who have long made morality and character their marker are now marked by quiet,” he said. He then slammed Fox News reporters by name. “It’s in the media too. Media can be a feedback mechanism for what’s out there. Fox’s Sean Hannity —righteous indignation. Ingraham, the curled lip of disgust. And Tucker— he doesn’t have to say anything, he just has that pissed puppy dog puss look on his face,” he said.”

The progressive socialist left says that Kanye West needs medications, and that he has mental issues . . . Really? And what does the left call the insidious rantings of this chucklehead? Dangerous rhetoric from Fox News? Hmm, excuse me lil’ Chrissy, but where was your voice when MSNBC Joy Reid made the absurd, and dangerous, assertion that Rep. Steve Scalise’s shooting was justified by his voting record? Chris Cuomo states that conservatives are being quiet. Yes, we are, as opposed to the violent mob of the left that is running people out of restaurants, and shouting them down in public. Where was Cuomo’s voice when Mad Max Waters issued her fatwa against conservatives, and anyone disagreeing with her ideological agenda?

Look, I will sit and watch Auburn beat my Tennessee Volunteers 100-0 before I turn the channel over to CNN. I just have to ask a sincere rhetorical question: what type of mind watches this so-called “news” channel? I can clearly understand why the progressive, socialist left is as manic as it is: they are like mushrooms, kept in the dark, and being fed a constant diet of idiocy.

We should also ask ourselves, as Rush Limbaugh did on his show yesterday: why is the left so angry, and desperate to resort to this level of deceit, coercion, intimidation, threats, and violence? Heck, even former Obama administration official Susan Rice’s son, a Republican at Stanford University, was attacked by a deranged, female, progressive socialist — she has been arrested and charged with battery. Hey Chris, whaddya gotta say about that?

If there is this “blue wave” coming, why does the left need to resort to these maniacal tactics? The answer is simple: they know, and surely realize, that they are losing. As I stated in a piece earlier this week, they have nothing to offer the American people . . . other than tyranny. Hillary “Ma Barker” Clinton was not talking about civility when the Democrat [Socialists] take over, take power, she was referring to ideological domination, tyranny. She was talking about how they will define, and determine, what will be acceptable to them, nothing that opposes them. And Chris Cuomo goes on this stuck on stupid rant about Fox News?

Just gotta tell y’all, three weeks, three weeks will decide whether Liberty survives in America, or if Tyranny gets a firm foothold. Now, understand, win or lose, the left will continue with their delusion, their deranged and abhorrent behavior, and their violent and threatening way.

The question is whether or not you will face and confront them, standing on your feet . . . or kneeling in submission? Three weeks to decide whether or not you want to piss off George Soros and chuckleheads in the leftist media like Chris Cuomo.

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