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Confronting Islamic Terrorism

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Upon returning home after a great weekend, I caught up on the top news items . . . no, not Stormy Daniels. To my angst, and sorrow, I read there was yet another Islamic jihadist attack, and an innocent person was killed as a result.

As reported over at CNN (yes, they stopped their obsession with a porn star for a moment):

“The knife-wielding attacker who went on a stabbing rampage in Paris, killing one person and wounding four more, was born in Russia’s Chechnya region, a judicial source said. The attacker was shot dead by police after stabbing five people in a popular tourist district near the Paris opera house Saturday night, when sidewalks and restaurants were filled with people. During the attack, he yelled the Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “God is great,” city prosecutor François Molins told reporters at the scene. He was on a police anti-terror watch list of people suspected of having radicalized views and posing a potential security risk, though had no criminal record, the judicial source said. The attacker’s mother and father are in police custody for questioning. A friend of the attacker has also been detained for questioning, a judicial source told CNN on Sunday.

In a statement published online, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, calling the assailant a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

The attacker was born in Chechnya, a republic in southwest Russia, in 1997, a judicial source in Paris told CNN on Sunday.

ISIS has long recruited radicals from the North Caucasus, a semiautonomous region of Russia that has been in conflict with Moscow since declaring independence in 1991.”

There are two points to ponder here:

First, we must never forget that the reduction of the territorial integrity of ISIS doesn’t mean that the Islamic State is destroyed. Yes, we have defeated the Islamic State, preventing them from pursuing their immediate objective of establishing an Islamic caliphate. But, the state of mind, or existence, of Islamic jihadism is still prevalent.

We must never forget that it was the obtuse dismissal by Barack Obama — remember the JV team comment — that enabled the rise of this savage and barbaric jihadist group. We must now focus our efforts on these critical strategic imperatives — interdict the flow of resources, and material, that enables ISIS, and conduct an informational operation to undermine ISIS’ global efforts. We must defeat the propaganda of the Islamic state, and jihadism. But, more importantly, we must “follow the money,” and cut off any and all funding to Islamic terrorism.

This leads to my second point:

After this most recent Islamic jihadist attack, right there in Paris, why would French President Emmanuel Macron decline to cut off funding to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, Iran?

The title of this missive should be obvious, as well as the answer. If anyone thinks that Macron, Merkel, and May — the 3Ms — have the right approach to confronting Islamic terrorism, you are gravely delusional. These are the three European leaders who prefer to stay in the Iranian agreement, one Iran never signed. Iran has turned their new economic boon into an export of their greatest product: terrorism. We all know that the failures to secure their respective sovereign borders has led to the infiltration of Islamic terrorism into western Europe. Even Angela Merkel has admitted there are “no-go” zones in her own country. Yet, she was reelected as chancellor.

It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not, but, President Donald Trump recognizes the enemy, and understands the concept of “center of gravity,” funding. One must be certifiably ignorant to believe that making Iran flush with capital and investments would deter, or alter, the goals of the radical theocracy run by the Ayatollahs.

We must never forget that it was the obtuse dismissal by Barack Obama -- remember the JV team comment -- that enabled the rise of this savage and barbaric jihadist group. Click To Tweet

As for the ISIS threat, never forget the countless Islamic terrorist attacks we endured during the Obama administration: Ft. Hood, San Bernadino, Boston Marathon, Pulse Nightclub, Chattanooga, Moore in Oklahoma, to name a few. We heard the excuses such as “workplace violence,” and “gun control.”

Heck, I must ask, will Macron’s response be similar to that of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan? Ban knives? The Boston Marathon Islamic terrorists had connections to Chechnya. The Pulse Nightclub shooter had been questioned by the FBI. The State Department failed to verify the fiancée visa application information submitted by Tashfeen Malik, who was one half of the San Bernadino jihadist attack.

So, I must ask: who has the right approach when it comes to confronting Islamic terrorism? Obama implemented highly restrictive rules of engagement; Trump reversed them. The progressive, liberal, media and the left, as well as the 3M European leaders, are apoplectic that the Iranian nuclear agreement has been terminated. We even had former President Jimmy Carter speaking out against President Trump with reference to Iran. Are you kidding me? Jimmy Carter who enabled the return of the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Islamic revolution, the 435 day American embassy hostage crisis, and the failed Desert One rescue operation, actually has something to say about Iran? Carter certainly didn’t have the right approach when it came to confronting Islamic terrorism.

And, no, I don’t think that President Reagan got it right by withdrawing from Beirut after the Islamic terrorist bombing of the Marine Barracks by Hezbollah…sponsored by Iran.

President Bill Clinton did not get it right when, in confronting Islamic terrorism, his withdrawal from Somalia, and his inability to adequately respond to the Kenya and Tanzania US Embassy bombings, as well as the USS Cole bombing, only served to embolden Osama bin Laden. Okay, here we go: yes, bin Laden was killed during the Obama administration, due to the intelligence gathered during the Bush administration. But, Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq only served to resuscitate the defeated Al Qaeda in Iraq, as ISIS.

President Trump has the right approach for confronting Islamic terrorism: he is not leading from behind. It’s time others follow, or else, there will be more innocent civilians in England, France, and Germany being the victims of Islamic terrorism.

Those days are ending here in America.

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