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Congratulations, Justice Kavanaugh!

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Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh for his perseverance, and resolve under fire.

Let me caution Constitutional Conservatives, do not gloat, do not spike the football, because the uncivil civil war has truly begun. We now can clearly identify the ideological enemy of our Republic. They are relentless, and now will focus on impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh.

Well, not on my damn watch.

In the military, when you have a successful attack you prepare for the counterattacks, you don’t dance on the objective. You secure your gains.

A line in the sand has been drawn, and the evil empire of the progressive socialists are planning their next assault.

In one month we must deliver a crushing defeat to them at the ballot box. If you want to keep this Republic and defeat the Mobocrats and their Mobocracy.

Steadfast and Loyal!

Photo credit: Fred Schilling/Supreme Court)