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David Hogg’s New Crusade

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Sorry to interrupt your Saturday, but I just found out that little David Hogg is at it again.

It appears that he called for “die-in” protests at Publix grocery stores, because their employee-managed corporate PAC contributed to Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, a NRA member with an A+ rating from the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

Hmm, what the heck does Publix, Florida Agriculture Secretary Putnam, or the NRA, have to do with Hogg, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS?

Shouldn’t little Davy be holding his protests at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office? Maybe they should “die-in” at the office of the Broward County Superintendent of Schools.

Doggone, but I have yet to hear Hogg boy publicly decry the cowardly actions of Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson.

Well, this was just another delusional distraction — an ideological agenda stunt — by this misguided little, progressive, socialist, puppet-boy. Hogg continues to be exploited — willingly — by anti-Second Amendment leftist adults. I was truly disturbed and disappointed to hear that Publix entertained, and responded to, this foolishness.

David Hogg is a grandstanding, headline-seeking kid, not very well-versed on the constitution, nor is he advancing any viable solutions for school safety. It’s time for grown-ups to send him to time out.

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