Screenshot of the 1st set of Democrat Party candidates from the first of a two night event, in an article by Allen West.

Democrat Debate Went as Expected

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I wrote this yesterday as I was flying home from Cayman Brac. Here’s what I expected to see last night . . . and much of it came true:

First of all, these “candidates” will go down the path of making the emotional argument to hate, despise, and defeat Donald Trump . . . ya know, just because.

Now, mind you, they would be taking the exact same approach against anyone who had defeated Hillary Clinton. But, we must all admit, that President Trump does, in a way, make their argument a little easier. I am not looking for a president to like, but rather one that gets stuff done.

However, we were all told to fall in love with Barack Hussein Obama. The media just fell all over themselves with tingly feelings running up their legs — quite perverse if you ask me. But Obama was all about emotion. That fella was about as empty a suit as they came, but pay no attention to that fact because Obama made us feel good.

See, progressive socialism is all about feelings, nothing of substance. So the evening will be dominated with the throng rally cries of “Trump bad, we good.” If there is one bit of advice I could give to President Trump, don’t remind people of the obnoxious fella from high school. Your record speaks for itself, but never forget, the American people are image-driven. Ronald Reagan understood that. He didn’t care about being liked, he just made it dang hard for his political opposition.

With that being said, secondly, these candidates must then find a way to trick you into believing that our economy is not great. Yes, pay no attention to the low unemployment rates, GDP growth, increased wages, or the fact that we are a net exporter of energy resources now.

As a matter of fact, they will spin this as being the results of Obama, yep, the same Obama who mocked Trump’s economic plan as just being a “magic wand to be waved.” But somehow, the reduction of Americans on food stamps — 7M and counting — is the product of Barry Soetoro, who for eight years blamed President George Bush, and now seeks to take credit for President Donald Trump? What a swell guy, huh?

As well, these candidates must then attempt to make you believe that a strong American economy is not fair. Yes, it will all come back to that “economic fairness” scheme . . . a code word for wealth distribution. One thing is for certain, you will not hear any of these “clowns” talk about Venezuela, no way, unless somehow they try to make us believe that is a different kind of socialism.

Let’s just admit this, the progressive socialist left does not want any individual American to be successful unless it is by their hand . . . not yours. You are certainly going to hear more and more talk about “free” and economic enslavement, dependency . . . not economic empowerment, or small business growth. Just tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, that is not fair.

And yes, there needs to be the offer of “free” college. After all, how can the leftists produce the next generation of useful idiots and mindless lemmings unless they are off to the centers of indoctrination? I doubt anyone will talk about 529 college plans. Or, how about the fact that Obamacare nationalized college student loans? You know, that tenet of socialism: government control of economic production. And it was Obama, the Lovely and Likeable, who saw the government raise the interest rates on college student loans to 6%. I just gotta tell you, if an individual makes a decision that they wanna go to college, and chooses a high-cost institution, well, that was their choice. Then again, we all know that there is only one choice that the progressive socialist left supports.

Thirdly, I do not think anyone is going to challenge these candidates on the left’s wholehearted move towards infanticide. Recently, on Facebook, we shared with you a very troubling story from England where the government told a mother, and her mother, that she must undergo an abortion — actually, a murder — of a fully functioning child in the womb. Is that really where we want to go in America? We are going to hear lots about folks being racist, well, namely Donald Trump. But do you think any of the occupants of this funny car are going to speak of the history of Planned Parenthood and its founder, eugenicist Margaret Sanger? I can think of nothing more racist than the genocidal killing of 18M black babies in the womb since 1973.

Fourth, we’ll hear what the black community really needs are reparations, who cares about the lack of fathers in the home or the genocidal killing of its children? Heck, do any of you believe that Bill de Blasio will mention that more black babies are killed in the womb that born alive in NYC? The true, and real, history of the Democrat (socialist) Party is replete with racism, but they will redefine that and use it as an attack point against Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. For the progressive socialist left, racism boils down to anyone that embraces the belief that an entire race of people can do well without the government treating them as victims. These clowns need victims, and sadly, the black community has been willing to play that role, for over 50 years.

Fifth, on foreign policy, national security, heck, Trump is gonna lead us into war. We should still have an agreement with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. China is not a competitor of the United States. Oh yeah, collusion with Russia. How hypocritical because it was Obama the Lovely and Likeable who said he would have more flexibility after his reelection, to Russian President Medvedev. Obama and Hillary the Glass Ceiling Buster who came up with the “Russia Reset Button.”

It was Obama whose policies favored the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and gave rise to ISIS, “the JV team.” However, these weak little boys and girls who wanna play president will claim that America is not respected, or regarded by our allies or enemies. I guess they prefer we go back to “strategic patience,” sending the Ukrainians socks and MREs and allowing Islamic jihadists to maintain expansive territories, a caliphate. It was so much better when we were weak, and everyone “liked” us. I go back to the emotionalism argument.

Lastly, if I were one of the moderators, I would ask one question this evening: Do you believe America is a sovereign nation with borders to protect, yes or no. If anyone cannot respond with a resounding, and immediate, yes, then I would have them walk off the stage.

All things aside, if you do not believe we are a sovereign Constitutional Republic, you go home! That is the only real question that matters. You cannot be president of these United States of America if you do not believe in these United States of America. We all know that the party of the jackass firmly embraces the position of open borders. Why even have a debate when we know every one of these clowns is disqualified from being our Commander-in-Chief?

I recently had a phone conversation with a friend who said she has many leftist friends that she does not want to upset or anger. I say to my friend, and all of you in that situation, ask your progressive socialist friends that simple question: “Do you believe America is a sovereign nation with borders to protect, yes or no”?

If their immediate response is not yes, then find a new friend, they are disqualified, plain and simple.

Let’s see what Part 2 of the Democrat circus holds for us tonight . . . most likely more of the same.

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