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The Deplorable State of Our Military Culture

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From Slavery


This past Saturday I wrote a piece about Saint Thomas More, a man for all seasons, who stood up for his Christian faith against the King of England, and was beheaded for it.

Yesterday I was at Antioch Christian Fellowship Church in Corinth, TX, with my best friends, listening to a stirring message from Pastor Christopher Respess based upon Luke 9:21-27. Pastor Respess asked a simple question: “Are you a believer in Christ or a disciple in Christ?” If you read the Biblical passage you will come to understand the question he posed. Amazingly enough, just 30 or so miles south, in downtown Dallas proper, an interesting aspect of Pastor Respess’ sermon was playing out. One in which I am beginning to question the state of moral courage in the leadership of our military.

As reported by Todd Starnes:

“The Pentagon has directed one of the nation’s largest churches to remove insignia representing the branches of the military from an upcoming freedom celebration after an atheist group complained. The First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas was planning to honor members of the military during a special June 25 worship service called, “Freedom Sunday.” “Freedom Sunday is a celebration of both our freedoms as Americans and the freedoms we as Christians have through faith in Christ,” said First Baptist senior pastor Robert Jeffress.

The annual event has caused outrage among atheists and city leaders because of the title of the pastor’s sermon: “America is a Christian Nation.” The church’s advertisement was removed from billboards after complaints were raised by a Dallas Morning News columnist that the pastor’s message was hateful and divisive. “The message will present the historical evidence for the bedrock of faith upon which America was founded,” said Jeffress, who also serves as a spiritual advisor to President Trump. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation jumped into the controversy by objecting to the church’s use of the official seals of the branches of the U.S. military. MRFF President Mikey Weinstein wrote in a letter to the Pentagon that the church’s program was “repulsive” and use of the seals was a violation of military policy. “It is imperative that First Baptist Dallas be stopped from associating Robert Jeffress’ divisive, prejudiced, and bigoted version of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, domination and exclusivity directly with the U.S. Armed Forces,” Weinstein wrote. The Pentagon agreed and sent a letter asking the church to remove the military graphics from the program.”

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? See, we can rebuild our military capability, and capacity, to be a powerful deterrent force, but if we do not have a moral core for our military, what’s the use?

When I read that “the Pentagon agreed and sent a letter asking the church to remove the military graphics from the program,” that means that this letter, this directive, came from the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis. I saw the electronic billboards here in Dallas advertising the service, and I have also spoken at the First Baptist Church of Dallas on multiple occasions — including the same service honoring our military a few years ago. I find it deplorable that the Pentagon would cower to these cowards and demand that a church be restricted from honoring our military services by displaying the respective service seals. I must first ask, is it even Constitutional for the Pentagon to do so? It would appear to be that the state has overstepped their boundary in regards to the church — something that Thomas More stood against.

Yes, the United States of America is a Judeo-Christian nation, and anyone debating that fact is ignorant, and, well, stupid. Click To Tweet

But, perhaps there is a necessity for a little lesson in US fundamental principles, a teachable moment. Yes, the United States of America is a Judeo-Christian nation, and anyone debating that fact is ignorant, and, well, stupid. The document which established America, the Declaration of Independence firmly states that the unalienable rights of the individual — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — are endowed by the Creator. That Creator is the Judeo-Christian God. This declaration follows suit with the revolutionary concept of John Locke, who introduced Natural Rights theory: man’s rights did not come from the institution of government, but rather from the Judeo-Christian God. Locke purported that those rights were life, liberty, and property. Now, before there was an America, there was an Army, Navy, and Marine Corps to defend this ideal, which was signed on July 4, 1776.

Anyone refuting America being a Judeo-Christian nation is an ill-informed dupe — and if you know anything about the leadership of the City of Dallas, well, that is being rather kind. However, it is the response from the Pentagon that is quite disconcerting. I just gave a very factual explanation which the Pentagon, Secretary Mattis, a retired Marine Four-Star General could have given as well . . . why was it not? Why do we still have these secular humanist groups dictating decisions to our military leadership? Doggone, we should have just kept those PC-oriented, social justice warriors of the Obama administration in place. But, perhaps we did?

Ladies and gents, there is a very disconcerting moral decay that is happening in our military. Ask yourselves: how does an avowed communist get commissioned from our US Military Academy? Or how do several black female Cadets at West Point pose, in uniform before graduation, lifting their fists in support of a group like Black Lives Matter . . . and still graduate? Why is it that we have a rampant drug ring operating at the US Naval Academy, so bad that the entire Brigade of Midshipmen (oops, can I still say that) had to be drug tested? Or even the Air Force Academy, forced to respond to a racist slur that was spray painted…only to find out it was done by a black Cadet.

Then, we have this story courtesy of SOFREP:

“Several sources reached out to SOFREP this week to report that a female student was discovered to be pregnant while attending Ranger School. The pregnancy is reportedly the result of intercourse with a male student that took place prior to the two beginning Ranger School at Fort Benning at Camp Darby which is the first of the three-phase course, the other two being Mountain Phase in Dahlonega, Georgia and Florida Phase at Eglin Air Force Base. The pregnancy was not discovered until mountain phase. 

The male student is currently continuing the course, while the female student had to be released and will hopefully have another chance to attend at a later date. The Army would not confirm or deny this information when contacted by SOFREP. Ben Garret, the spokesman for the Maneuver Center of Excellence told us: “Ranger Class 07-18 began on May 20, 2018, and is scheduled to graduate on July 20, 2018. There were 359 students who reported for the first day of the class and, after the class progressed to Camp Darby, 112 recycle students joined the class. Currently, there are 234 students in the class. Students have been relieved from Ranger Class 07-18 for the following reasons: 138 students did not meet the standards in the Ranger Assessment Phase, 97 students did not pass academic requirements, six students were dismissed for administrative reasons, and 10 students were dropped from the course for medical reasons. Details about academic, administrative and medical releases are personal in nature and protected by the Privacy Act and HIPPA.”

Citing privacy concerns appears to be the Army’s way of avoiding questions that it does not want to answer as this was also the case when we recently asked for an official comment on Spenser Rapone‘s Other Than Honorable discharge from the military.”

Why are we still playing these absurd social engineering games with our military, our most elite special operations forces? When the day comes that you no longer have separate Men’s and Women’s World Cup soccer competitions, then we can consider having females attend Ranger School, Army or Marine Infantry School, US Navy SEALS, Marine Recon, or any other direct combat related training.

My concern? This is happening under a GOP presidential administration. This is what folks voted to change back in November, 2016. Perhaps we do not have those with the courage of conviction to restore the moral fiber of our Armed Forces. Don’t get me started about allowing individuals with a defined mental condition, gender dysphoria, entry into our military service.

Ours is a voluntary force, and it’s not about allowing everyone a chance to play. What we should all ponder is a simple question: should our military reflect the prevailing civilian culture, or should it possess standards that are far above? And, please, don’t start with the race thing, because what I am discussing here are matters of behavior, culture, basic morals, physical requirements/standards, and the code of Duty, Honor, and Country.

The passage Pastor Respess spoke from Sunday morning addressed a very important, life-changing decision that a Christian makes in choosing to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We are faced with a very important decision when it comes to our military.

Do we want to continue down a path of moral decay undermining the fabric of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard? Or, shall we look upon the institution of our Military, and seek out exceptional men and women who desire to be something greater? The last thing we need in America is for the progressive socialists, and secular humanists, to overtake the most respected institution in our nation — our military –and degrade it to the level of the most disrespected institution . . . our elected officials.

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