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A Dire Warning: What the Heck Did We Fight For?

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The American Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine are duty and honor bound in their dedication and commitment to liberty, and the defeat of tyranny. I think the motto of the US Army Special Forces says it best: “De Oppresso Liber” — “To Liberate the Oppressed.”

When I hear the ill-informed — often ignorant — cupcake crowd decry America as an imperialist nation, I can only shake my head. In the combat service of my family — extending back to World War II to present day — not a single one of us deployed to oppress, enslave, or subjugate a people. We honored our call to arms, a duty, not expecting reward, but only seeking victory over our enemy. Never did we ask for a plot of land, or payment by way of plunder — heck, we don’t get bonuses. For me, the biggest bonus was in Afghanistan, watching little girls be able to go to school.

However, what did we really fight for? Sadly, I read a report that caused me to really dig deep into myself, and ask that very pertinent question . . . as I am sure others have.

As reported at CNS News, by the exceptional Terence Jeffrey:

The 2017 State Department report on human rights in Iraq, which was released last month, begins by unambiguously declaring: “Iraq is a constitutional parliamentary republic.” Sounds like a bastion of freedom and representative government. When you actually read the report, however, you quickly discover it is not. “The (Iraqi) penal code stipulates that any person convicted of promoting Zionist principles, association with Zionist organizations, assisting such organizations through material or moral support, or working in any way to realize Zionist objectives, is subject to punishment by death,” says the report. This means that if you are an Iraqi and you join a group that gives “moral support” to the belief that Israel has a right to exist, the government of Iraq’s “constitutional parliamentary republic” can arrest you and execute you. 

Freedom of conscience in the Iraqi republic is a one-way street.  “The National Identity Card Law automatically registers minor children as Muslims if they are born to at least one Muslim parent or if either parent converts from another religion to Islam,” says the human rights report. “Personal status laws and regulations prohibit the conversion of Muslims to other religions,” elaborates the State Department’s most recent report on religious freedom in Iraq. An Iraqi Christian can become a Muslim and automatically bring all their minor children with them, but if one of those minor children, having reached adulthood, decides he believes that the Christian faith he was initially raised in is in fact the true faith, he may not rejoin it. This is the policy of the Iraqi government the U.S. helped save from the Islamic State — which the State Department correctly declared was committing genocide against Iraqi Christians as well as against Yazidis and Shiite Muslims in the areas it controlled.”

This reminded me of the case of one Abdul Rahman, when I was serving in Afghanistan as a civilian/military adviser to the Afghanistan National Army. Mr. Rahman was born there in Afghanistan, and was a Muslim. He left the country and converted to Christianity. He returned to Afghanistan with an aid organization and reunited with family members. Those family members turned him over to the Afghan police, accusing him of the crime of apostasy. Yes, his crime was that he converted from Islam to Christianity. Rahman was told he had to denounce Christianity. They were even attempting to classify him as mentally ill. But, the bottom line, his punishment was death. Abdul Rahman’s case became known, and an international outcry, but for those of us sitting there in Afghanistan, we were asking ourselves that question: “why are we here?” If we were there to liberate the oppressed, then why were those we were supposedly liberating still embracing the same archaic principles? Here we were, Christians, fighting to liberate Muslims from tyranny, and yet we were watching Christians facing execution just because they were once Muslims. It did not make sense, still doesn’t.

When I hear the ill-informed, often ignorant, cupcake crowd decry America as an imperialist nation, I can only shake my head. Click To Tweet

Now we have an Iraq that was fought for — twice — in order to liberate the populace from tyranny, and this is the result? Not to mention that radical Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, was a leading vote-getter in the Iraqi elections. This is the same al-Sadr who unleashed his vicious militia against American troops in Iraq.

So what the heck did we fight for?

“On Jan. 20, 2005, he [President George W. Bush] stood in front of the U.S. Capitol and delivered an inaugural address in which he sought to give this nation a global vocation. “Ending tyranny in our world,” he called it. “So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world,” Bush said. “This is not primarily the task of arms, though we will defend ourselves and our friends by force of arms when necessary,” he continued. “Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities,” Bush said. “And when the soul of a nation finally speaks, the institutions that arise may reflect customs and traditions very different from our own. America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way.” 

Sadly, it appears that we did not end tyranny in Iraq, we just taught the Iraqis how to legislate it into a constitution. Just the same, I understand that we seek out allies in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia. But consider this, the Saudis do not allow any “infidel” to travel to the cities of Mecca or Medina. Heck, isn’t it quite odd that Jews are not allowed to go to the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem, and even the United Nations has declared the Tomb of the Patriarchs not a Jewish holy and historical site? As well, there are still Islamic nations that refuse entry of individuals with an Israeli passport, or having a passport stamped with travel to Israel.

Now, ask yourselves: who, exactly, are the intolerant ones? Here, in America, if you speak truth about the history of Islam, Muslim Brotherhood front-groups, and their useful idiot, leftist allies declare you an “islamophobe.”

So, how do we classify people who want to execute those who convert from Islam to Christianity?

Think about it, we have memorials, and cemeteries, that we can visit all over Europe, and the Pacific, in honor of those men who fought to end tyranny during World War II. That’s hardly possible in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Why? Are our sacrifices of no meaning and consequence?

How can it be that a nation like America, a Judeo-Christian nation, can deploy, fight, and secure liberty for those who then utterly disrespect the faith heritage of our nation? Why do we allow ourselves to be denigrated, and pushed around, even in our own countries, even killed as these Islamic jihadists come to our shores, enjoy our land of opportunity, rights, and freedoms . . . only to turn against us in our own homelands. Angela Merkel invited in millions, and now they have “no-go” zones in her native Germany, and all across Europe. Violence, rapes, sexual assaults, and defamation of Jewish synagogues have risen, but we are tolerant, and multicultural. Yet, we dare not demand the same of those for whom our men and women have bled, and died.

Terence Jeffrey is right when he says this, “The lesson: Bush was wrong. America’s foreign policy should aim at advancing the liberty, security and prosperity of the American people, and our leaders must put aside any idea that they can use American power to rearrange the world to fit some Utopian ideal.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my service, and that of hundreds of thousands of my brother and sister Warriors in the Middle East. Our intentions were noble and true. What is disturbing, to no end, is that those sacrifices did not have a lasting effect. When one reads the report on human rights in Iraq, certainly much of the same happens in Afghanistan. And it further calls into question why would Barack Obama send billions of dollars to Iran, while our veterans are taking their lives daily here.

Here is my warning to the global Islamic community: the clock is ticking, folks. We will not tolerate your hypocrisy, and violence, for much longer. We don’t care that the liberal, progressive, media has been co-opted into supporting you, such as taking the side of Hamas. We have turned the other cheek, but we will not be disrespected abroad, and certainly not at home. Straighten up, and fly right, reform Islam, show respect, end the global vision of a radical Islamist ideological domination . . . or else, you will learn exactly what we do fight for.

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