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Election Day: The Day of Reckoning

In Elections, Front Page by Allen West

Well, it is here, midterm Election Day 2018, and gotta tell ya, I have not seen this much interest in a midterm election in quite some time. Yes, I know, some of you may say that the 2010 midterm election was important, but it was not so heavily emphasized like this one. I can easily explain why: the liberal progressive media was not about to enable any challenge to Barack Obama in 2010.

Things are different in that this midterm election cycle, the leftist media has done any and everything to undermine the Trump administration and enable the #Resist movement. In 2010 there was no talk about a “red wave,” but we have been beaten upon our eyebrows consistently about a 2018 midterm election “blue wave.”

Let’s be completely honest: there is not going to be a “blue wave” today. Remember that back in 2010, Barack Obama lost 63 seats in the US House of Representatives. And you wonder why Obama unleashed the power of the IRS against the conservative grassroots movement known as the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party. There will not be a 63 seat shift in the favor of the Democrats today. I would say that we will see between 24-29 seats shift to the Democrats and that they will end up with a majority in the House of no more than 6-10 seats . . . hardly a wave.

Now, going into today, all this prognostication means little to nothing, as we learned two years ago, election night 2016. But one thing is for certain: the only chance the progressive socialist left has is in the US House of Representatives . . . not the US Senate.

On the Senate side, the GOP has a chance to pick up at least two, potentially up to four, Senate seats. And if there is a priority to hold, it would be the US Senate.

What I can tell you, based upon experience, is that when races are close with Democrats, that means you are within the “margin of cheating.” I learned about that from St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker . . . something that Florida Governor Rick Scott or Attorney General Pam Bondi did anything about.

Speaking of Florida, there are some very important gubernatorial races that need to be watched, namely Florida and Georgia. In both of those deep South states, you have charismatic black progressive socialists vying for the top positions: Andrew Gillum and Stacy Abrams. In Florida, we have seen the full backing, and financial support, of folks like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and George Soros. Georgia has seen Oprah Winfrey come out and door knock, in Atlanta, for Abrams, someone who believes that illegal immigrants should vote.

The distinctions in this midterm election could not be any clearer. Sadly, as always, the GOP has not done a highly effective job of presenting those contrasts. When the leftists tout “Medicare for all,” the response should be, “health care for none” or even better, “I guess you don’t get to keep your doctor and your insurance plan.” When the left talks about universal basic income and giving away “free” money, why not ask, “why give away money when we have more job openings than folks to fill them?”

If the Democrats win the US House of Representatives, it will be painful, but, be of good cheer. The left will shoot themselves so badly in the foot, overreaching as they always do, that folks will be running to the polls in 2020 to remove them. Plus, when President Trump is still President Trump and has not been impeached, or removed, along with Justice Brett Kavanaugh . . . well, the little progressive socialists are not taught civics any more, they will revolt against the Democrats. The left does a really good job of being manic cannibals, eating their own.

I will give it to the left, they have done a superb, Saul Alinsky style job of demonizing President Trump, and made this a referendum on him personally. The left has been highly effective in stoking fear, angst, and hatred of one person. However, the Mobocrats have created this mob atmosphere, and they will want their hatred satisfied. The counter effect to this is the fact that America is experiencing incredible economic growth, and Americans do not want to be Californicated. Hatred of one person can fuel an emotion but it cannot sustain itself for very long.

Tomorrow morning, here is what I expect: President Trump is still in the White House. The GOP is still in the majority in the US Senate. The Democrats win the majority in the US House of Representatives. The only different, viable, scenario I can assess would have the GOP maintaining their House majority. And if that were to happen, expect a repeat apoplectic meltdown by the progressive socialist left . . . just like two years ago.

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