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Elections and Our System of Representation

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My favorite place to grab a meal is Carmine’s Pizza in Dallas, located on Spring Valley Road, north side, between Noel and Montford. The place simply has the best Italian food you can imagine, the pizza is to die for — and I should know, as my first tour of duty was Vicenza, Italy. The owners have been around for years and they are truly an America success story, exemplifying the American dream. They are Bosnian Muslims who fled during the genocide there in what was once Yugoslavia. Their home was once Sarajevo, remember, that place where Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea, ran for cover as they came under sniper fire — as pictures showed a little girl greeting them at the airport with flowers. I traveled into what is today Croatia, back in 1986, to visit the beautiful city of Pula for a vacation.

This wonderful family, led by the matriarch Ferdana, loves this country, and all it has afforded them, the equality of opportunity. Ferdana is the embodiment of a strong, conservative, freedom loving woman . . . no burka on her!

Just before I departed for my trip to Alaska, I dropped in to chat with them, and yes, eat pizza. It was just after the Tuesday primary elections. One of her brothers asked me a question: how many counties are there in a congressional district? They know I was a Member of Congress, and we always have great topical discussions when I drop by. I explained that congressional districts are made up by population, and normally the number is 750K, give or take. By our Constitution, every ten years we conduct a census to determine population shifts, and the ensuing redistricting, or allocations of congressional districts, done by State legislatures. This is why I explained that some congressional districts may have only one county, while others, rural areas, can be comprised of up to 25 counties. Then there are some places that only have one congressional district, such as Montana, because the entire population of the state is just at the threshold.

However, we talked, we came upon a very interesting point of order: how should we count people for congressional representation in America? Of course, their answer was by citizenship. Now, one would think we all would believe the same: that congressional representation in America should be based upon those here legally, as citizens, to be represented. Ahh, but that is not the case. We are coming up on another round for the US Census to take place, and the progressive socialist left is up in arms about any question regarding US citizenship. The left believes that congressional representation in America should just be about numbers. Come one, come all, and I mean every doggone body — including illegals. Heck, we see in several municipalities in America, run by leftists, that they are allowing illegal immigrants — yes, that is the opposite of being a legal immigrant — to vote in elections. In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come up with an identification card for Chicago residents, whether or not one is legally or illegally residing within the United States.

Ask yourselves: knowing that border apprehensions are up from 2017, what happens to America when we base our constitutional congressional representation on something other than citizenship? As well, what happens when we allow those here illegally, not citizens, to participate in our electoral system, regardless of level? Yep, you guessed it, the undermining and reshaping of this Constitutional Republic.

You wanna know why the progressive socialist left really wants to “Abolish ICE?” It ain’t about separating families, that is just a so-called emotional ploy. The real reason is to flood this country with illegals, and gain more congressional representation due to population numbers based upon raw folks, not citizens. Just remember, we had 600K folks overstay their visas in 2017 . . .  and if there was no ICE? Think about the Obama administration push to flood more refugees into the United States, many being resettled in rural areas, communities, as well as the HUD housing rule that pushed for more Section 8 “affordable housing” to be located in mid-to-upper level income communities.

So often we have to take a step back and really analyze, and assess, what the progressive socialist left’s grand strategy is — such as flooding urban centers in Red States in order to flip the State blue. Can you say Arizona, New Mexico, Washington . . . with sights on Tennessee, Georgia, and even Texas?

The issue with immigration is not one of “comprehensive immigration reform.” It is about the “fundamental transformation” of the United States. Here is what I need y’all to do: make sure you are expressing to your congressional representatives — and to the White House — that our impending census must be based upon citizenship: natural-born, legalized/naturalized. The census must not be based upon numbers alone. We do not want open borders, and we do not want a massive amount of wealth transfer in America, from hard-working taxpayers to those here illegally. That is a very moral argument. We must not allow this issue to slip through the cracks, and before we know it, state legislatures are redistricting based not upon our Constitution, but based upon an ideological agenda. If this needs to be adjudicated by the Supreme Court, so be it. Yet another reason the left is going apoplectic.

Congressional representation is for American citizens, and anyone seeking to use the 14th Amendment “equal protection” clause, remember that was for recently freed slaves who were made US citizens! Ya remember, the 13th Amendment that Democrats did not support . . . that is their history.

American citizenship is a privilege, not a right. To be represented in America, you need to be a citizen, because that is for whom our Constitution was written . . . not for squatters. That’s not my being mean, hateful, or otherwise . . . it is the truth.

Come here through the front door, respect our rule of law, and, you, too, can become an American citizen — and be fairly represented. We are a land of opportunity, not a land where a few decide our outcomes!