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Send This to Every Senate Democrat by Thursday

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Yesterday I asked the question “what if,” in regard to the allegations and accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What if the allegations and accusations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Ms. Deborah Ramirez are not true? I asked, what are the consequences for such? Well, as fate would have it, we do have an answer in such a case involving an United States Army senior officer.

As reported by the Western Journal:

“As official Washington is captivated by the drama surrounding decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a former soldier whose career was cut short by similar allegations is trying to get out a message that accusations are not the same as the truth. 

Back in 2013, Wil Riggins was an Army Colonel who had been nominated for general, when Susan Shannon wrote on her blog that Riggins raped her at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point back in 1986 [27 years] , according to the Daily Mail.

Four years later, after Riggins had been denied his promotion based on the claim, a jury heard Riggins’ suit against Shannon and awarded him $8.4 million in damages, according to the Washington Post

With that as the background, Riggins has been using his Twitter account to remind those rushing to judgment in the Kavanaugh case that regardless of what an accuser says, the truth may be very different. 

Most of his posts are retweets of others who cite his case as a cautionary tale against believing any accuser at face value. 

Riggins said that even though he was exonerated, he still suffered irreparable damage from the false claim. 

This journey we’ve been on the last four years,” Riggins said, “it’s been a nightmare. … The large dollar amount is meaningless. All I was looking for was the opportunity to be vindicated, to set the record straight, to take every action to get my reputation back to where it was before the 15th of July, when she published that false accusation.” 

Shannon entered West Point in 1983 and resigned in 1986. She never mentioned being raped until 2013. In a blog post, she named Riggins as her rapist and said she was drunk at the time. Despite Riggins’s denials, she has maintained that she told the truth in her blog post.”

Oh boy, how much of this sounds familiar? This is why we must stop asserting guilt before knowing the facts bearing upon the case. Now, I just wonder if this story will be reported by the usual suspects in the liberal progressive media?

To think, US Army Colonel Wil Riggins, a master parachutist, Air Assault, Ranger qualified soldier had his career derailed due to false allegations has to be disconcerting. Perhaps we should have Col. Riggins testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, and look every one of those wretched Senate Democrats in the face, and tell his story. I do not think Chuck Todd or Anderson Cooper will be interviewing Col. Riggins, a real Captain America looking Army leader.

What of Ms. Susan Shannon? As stated by Col. Riggins, the $8.4M is not the issue, it is the irreparable damage done to him over a four-year period. Actually, the restitution funds are just the band-aid on a sucking chest wound because there will always be those who look upon him as “that guy.”

How horrible to have your life destroyed in such a horrific way on purpose. Stephen Horvath, Riggins’s lawyer said Riggins was able to win because, “everything in that blog post was provably false and could not have happened.” Riggins said that his effort to fight back was aimed at sending a message to those who make false accusations. “This will discourage other false accusations but would not discourage legitimate accusations of sexual assault,” he said.”

I could not agree more. Perhaps this is the seminal lesson to be learned, and the message to be sent to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and Ms. Deborah Ramirez. Oddly, there is an even more telling parallel between the accusation of Susan Shannon and those of Ford and Ramirez, “in a blog post, she named Riggins as her rapist and said she was drunk at the time.”

I think we should all send a link to this story to every Senate Democrat, especially those who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. We should inundate them, and be as relentless as they are. And, then ask them who Karen Monahan is . . .

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