EXPOSED: The Party of ‘Tolerance’

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This morning, I was guest hosting the Mark Davis Radio Show on 660 AM The Answer here in the DFW metroplex. As we were entering the final hour, the producer, Ronda Kay Moreland, handed me a page that contained several screenshots. What I saw infuriated me, but confirmed what we all know to be true: the real racists in America have always been, and still exist, in the Democrat (socialist) Party.

Just yesterday, a 45-year-old US Navy veteran, with 25 years of active duty service, named Floyd McLendon, Jr. declared his candidacy for Texas’ US Congressional District 32. This is the congressional district I have lived in since moving to Texas back in December of 2014. Floyd served 15 of his 25 years in the US Navy as a SEAL. Floyd McLendon, Jr. is a Republican, an American Black Republican. It did not take long for this to incense and force several progressive socialists in Dallas to show their true colors — pardon the pun — on the issue of Floyd’s candidacy.

See, I do not care if you have ideological differences and engage someone on policies, issues, and intellectual discourse. However, what I am about to share with y’all is incomprehensible, disgusting, reprehensible, and highly disturbing. To think that these white progressive socialists believe that they can say such things, in open forum, with impunity, should cause us all concern.

The group is called “Reform Dallas” and you can see the string of comments here:

Screenshots of discussion between two members of the "tolerant" left, in an article about racism by Allen West

But, to assist, here is what was shared:

Joe Tex shared a link to the group Reform Dallas:

“Trump finds a trained seal to challenge Congressman Allred. Good luck with that stunt”James Garland Davis; “So trump bought him a boy and I use the term loosely”

Jason Harris: “Seal or no Seal, veteran or no veteran, him [Floyd McLendon Jr.] being an executive aide to [Texas Attorney General] Ken Paxton is enough to tell me he has poor judgment. The only reason he’s going after Allred is because the GOP wants one of their house negros [sic] in that seat instead of an uppity “socialist” Democratic one.”

This exchange is infuriating from these three white progressive socialist males. And I just have to ask, will there be any condemnation from Rep. Allred? How about the DCCC? What will the NAACP, National Urban League, Al Sharpton, and/or Rep. Ayanna Pressley have to say about this?

I think that it is offensive to Rep. Allred that these white leftists referred to him as an “uppity ‘socialist’ Democratic one [meaning “house negro”].”

This is representative of the party of racial inclusion? They deem both McLendon and Allred as “house negroes.” The only difference being — in their warped view — that one is theirs, the “uppity socialist Democratic one.”

Can anyone imagine the utter outrage if some conservative grassroots organization used this type of racist, offensive, condescending verbiage to describe a Democrat (socialist) military veteran running for office? Every single Republican would be called upon to condemn this language and of course, President Donald Trump would be accused of fomenting racism.

So, from whence does this type of racism emanate? Heck folks, this is who the Democrat (socialist) Party has been, and will always be . . . still burning crosses on the lawn. It is why their policies promote economic enslavement of the black community, not economic empowerment, emancipation.

I have to wonder if the Dallas Morning News will be covering this story? Will this be one of the issues brought forward at the CNN Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debates? I would love to see Kamala Harris and Spartacus Booker explain this real and true evidence of racism to all of us . . . not this faux crap they have concocted based upon their ideological agenda.

I want to see a public apology from these three white jackasses. Apologies to all veterans, US Navy SEALS, Floyd McLendon, Jr., and Rep. Colin Allred. I want to see the group Reform Dallas abolished, made defunct. I want to hear Rep. Allred, himself, say that he condemns this group and supports its dismantlement.

I want to hear @RepColinAllred, himself, say that he condemns this group and supports its dismantlement. Click To Tweet

Here, folks, is sure proof of the utter hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left. I tend to believe that these three are endemic of a prevailing mentality. Why else would they feel so emboldened as to post these comments openly? It is not just these three, this is what these white racist progressive socialists are saying in their little circles.

I have shared with y’all my 2012 congressional reelection campaign experience with an ad run by my opponent that depicted me with a gold tooth punching white women. What was the response from the left . . . crickets. The NAACP Director of the Washington Bureau and SVP for Advocacy and Policy, Hillary O. Shelton, laughed on TV and said the ad had me dressed in a nice suit . . . butthole. Who are the “sellouts” again?

Folks, this should enrage us all, and please, share this far and wide. At a time when these Democrat debates will be harping on President Trump being a racist, let us post these screenshots on every doggone progressive socialist website there is . . . and send it directly to Jeff Bezos and tell him this: Racism hides in the darkness of the Democrat Party.”