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What Our Founding Fathers Would Think Today

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Over the past two days I’ve been in Philadelphia for the American College of Financial Services, Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs annual dinner and advisory board meeting. It is a noble endeavor that raises funds to support scholarships for military members, veterans, and their spouses to obtain degrees, and certifications, in the financial services industry. I fully support this program since my dear wife of 29 years, Angela, has been in the financial services industry as a financial planner, and broker, for nearly twenty years. On Thursday evening, the PMCVA awarded General David Petraeus its Soldier-Citizen Award of Pericles. We were entertained by the “Riveters,” a group of US Naval Academy female cadets a capella chorus. Watching those young ladies, well, it’s clear that the future of our Constitutional Republic will be safe.

On Friday, after the advisory board meeting, I took a little hike down to Independence Hall. It has been four years since I last visited Philadelphia and walked about the area that birthed our nation. But, I as headed back to the hotel, I just had to ask myself: what would the Founding Fathers think if they took a stroll around Philadelphia, or America, today?

First of all, I figured that they would need armed security since there would be no doubt that they may be accosted, and verbally assaulted . . . but why? Here were men who believed in something, and when they signed their names to the Declaration of Independence they were willing to sacrifice everything — and some did. Would they understand those in America who believe that wealth redistribution, and the subjugation of individual liberty to the superiority of the state, our government, is a chosen ideological path? How would they take realizing that here in Philadelphia there is a mayor who doesn’t believe in the sovereignty of our Republic, refusing to support the laws of immigration? What would they say to those who wish to undermine that individual right, the Second Amendment, that enables the individual American to be a citizen, not a subject?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe that they would be astonished by much they would see. They would be absolutely impressed with the level of individual ingenuity, innovation, and investment that has led to so many advanced technologies. I bet they would just sit, and look upon the miracle of flight, and probably take in a baseball or football game, chanting “E-A-G-L-E-S, Fly, Eagles, Fly!” Heck, Ben Franklin, that fashionable fella, would certainly sport some Eagles green. I truly believe the Founding Fathers would have a tear in their eye seeing how great this country, America, has become in these short 242 years.

Could you imagine the face of general and president, George Washington, as he walked the green parade fields of Valley Forge Military Academy, gazing upon a new generation of American patriots? Imagine those young leaders having the opportunity to listen to our first president, the great general, who held together our little Continental Army as it took on the greatest military power the world knew?

The Founding Fathers are not coming back to walk the streets of Philadelphia. However, that is why we have history, so that we can always have their lessons imparted upon us, and future generations. Unfortunately, there is a move towards erasing, and eradicating, our history. Imagine students at the University of Virginia, who desire to remove statues, and images of our third President, Thomas Jefferson. Yes, the writer of the Declaration of Independence, who founded the University of Virginia, is not welcomed, embraced, and honored by the students who walk in his steps. The little church in Alexandria, Virginia, that is home to George Washington’s pew, has pondered removing the pew because it is deemed offensive to some. Consider the state of Massachusetts where the first drops of American blood were shed for our liberty. Yes, the same Massachusetts that gave us Sam and John Adams, and Abigail Adams . . . the very same Massachusetts where the shot was fired that was heard around the world on April 19, 1775, to tell the British that arms control would not accepted — the same Massachusetts that is home to some of the most onerous gun control measures. As well, Massachusetts boasts a progressive socialist US Senator.

In just 242 short years — yes, in the perspective of world cultures, this is an infant nation — we are embroiled in an ideological battle for the very soul of this Republic. I think we should all ask ourselves, as we prepare for this midterm election, a simple question: do we want the America, the “more perfect Union” our Founding Fathers intended? Or, do we want the America, the fundamentally transformed one, of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Robert “Bob” O’Rourke?

Are these individuals to be our new “Founding Fathers” who will rewrite our history in order to shift our present for the purpose of dominating our future?

I will stick with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, Hamilton, Jay, and those who signed their names to our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution. I will stand with my ideological mentor, Booker T. Washington. I will fight, and sacrifice, just like a one-term congressman, and Tennessee Volunteer, Davy Crockett. I will honor the legacy and values of my parents, Buck and Snooks West.

No, the Founding Fathers cannot come back and walk the streets of Philadelphia. But, they can, and should, live inside each and every one of us . . . the Old School Patriots!