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The Global Progressive Socialist Left is Terrified

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Well, it’s official: the global, progressive, socialist movement is worried. All was well when you had their boy-king, Barack Obama, running things in the United States. Obama was a born and bred true globalist who embraced the concept of surrendering American sovereignty to global body politic organizations. Never forget the massive throngs who welcomed candidate Obama in Germany and his proclamation that he was a “citizen of the world.” When Obama was asked about American exceptionalism, well, he responded that the idea was just the same as any other nation’s exceptionalism. The global liberal progressive movement, especially that in western Europe, cheered as they had one of their own as president of these United States of America.

And, they just knew that things were going to be well with a follow-on of Hillary Clinton as president. There would be more global policies, such as the Paris climate accord, created not by the rules of legislative democracy, but rather executive order. We still see Mrs. Clinton traipsing around the world as if her opinions matter. What she is actually doing is trying to heal the hurt of the globalists who cannot accept that she is not our president. They cannot accept that America is reasserting its role as a strong sovereign Nation.

Therefore, I found this article entitled, How Populism is Poisoning the global liberal [read progressive socialist] Order, at the World Economic Forum, very interesting. It states:

“Whether springing up in the U.S., Europe or Asia, populists are predictable. Immigrants and elites are usually the first to be targeted by these groups. Populists appeal to “true” citizens to reclaim their homeland, through border walls and trade protectionism. The free press will also come under assault, described by populists as “fake news” and enemies of the truth. Next, the populist will turn his fire on the judiciary and legislative mechanisms responsible for checking executive power.  

There is growing consensus that populism constitutes a grave threat to liberal democracy, and to the liberal international order on which peace and prosperity have rested for the past two generations. Democracies rely on power-sharing arrangements, courts, legislatures and a free and independent media to check executive power. Since these institutions obstruct the free reign of populists, they are often subjected to blistering attack. This is especially the case with the right-wing variety of populism that is spreading across the U.S. and Western and Eastern Europe. The liberal international order depends, in turn, on institutions such as the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Trade Organization, the G20, the European Union, the North American free-trade agreement and others in order to facilitate the movement of goods and investment across borders. All of them, together with the underlying principles and values giving rise to them, have been in the crosshairs of populist politicians in recent years.”

We still see Mrs. Clinton traipsing around the world as if her opinions matter & trying to heal the hurt of the globalists who cannot accept that she is not our president. Click To Tweet

The utter delusion harbored by the authors of this missive is quite evident They open themselves up to very appropriate criticism. Recall that it was a liberal progressive organization that awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, but rather for what they thought he would do. In essence Obama was awarded a great big participation trophy as an emotional feel good moment for the global, progressive, socialist left.

Yet, in the eight years of Obama, and his feckless abject weakness centered on the foreign policy principles of “leading from behind” and “strategic patience,” we witnessed more turmoil in the international order. If the authors of this piece believe that the ignorant decision to abandon Iraq and enable the rise of the Islamic State is a better pursuit that the defeat of Islamic jihadism, then they are displaying the highest form of stupidity.

I would like to see these authors name one foreign policy or national security success of the king of wishful thinking who led the decline of our Constitutional Republic. As well, Obama, and the global progressive socialist elites prefer a weak America, however, that state of existence is what entices the despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats of the world to act upon their Machiavellian intentions.

The economic policies of Obama were rooted in the Marxist principle of wealth redistribution and transfer, domestically and internationally. Now, I am not a fan of the recent Omnibus spending bill crafted by House and Senate GOP majorities and signed into law by President Trump. My concern is that we are going right back down the same path Obama took this Nation down. Hence, I assert that progressivism has nothing to do with “Republican” or “Democrat,” but rather how one sees the relationship between the individual, their liberty, and the institution of government.

The article seems to denigrate the new populism as being led by grand charismatic personalities. Well, what was Barack Obama? Doggone, we had posters everywhere, little children singing weird songs, and a fawning media that did nothing but prostrate themselves before him. And, yes, when the media puts forth lies, distortions, and deceitful reports, the people have a right to deem it as “fake news.” No one residing in America wants to restrict the free press, however, we do want a responsible press, and not a self-licking ice-cream cone that is truly the fourth estate, a propaganda arm for liberal progressivism.

The article expresses it true fear quite explicitly:

“It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the global liberal [read progressive socialist] order hangs precariously in the balance. If the Democrats can regain their majority in the House in 2018 and go on to win the presidency, then Mr. Trump is likely to go down in history as an unpleasant aberration. But if the Democrats lose in 2018 and Mr. Trump wins the presidency in 2020, then polarization in the U.S. will deepen and the savaging of liberal institutions will likely increase.  Even beyond Mr. Trump, there are other reasons why populists post a very real threat to the global liberal order.”

We must come to realize that the Resistance movement is not just centered here in America. This is truly a global movement expressing the concerns of the left. They were so close to fundamentally transforming America, and now their master plan has been turned on its head. The appointment of Ambassador John Bolton as the national security adviser — and nope, he does not have to undergo any Senate confirmation hearing — has the left, namely the United Nations, in complete freak out mode.

How odd that Russian aggression; Chinese belligerence, and expansionism; North Korean nuclear threats; and Iranian hegemonic dominance, and support to Islamic terrorism is not what concerns the global, progressive, socialist left. They are more than willing to accept all of this, just as long as they get to be in power. What an insidious trade-off that the global left seeks. One would think that the World Economic Forum would be more upset that Angela Merkel allowed millions of Islamic migrants to overrun Europe, much to their demise, with horrific consequences.


“There are also worrying signs that populists are banding together, as in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Serbia, with worrying implications for the integrity of institutions ranging from the UN to the EU and NATO. One thing is for certain: The road ahead is radically uncertain.”

The global, progressive, socialist, left is more afraid of strong Nation-States who believe in their own sovereignty. The polarization the authors of this article warn of is nothing more than their anger of not being in power. Always remember, the left can only advance their ideological agenda by way of intimidation, coercion, lies, deceit, threats, and last resort, violence.

No wonder why they want law-abiding legal gun owning Americans disarmed . . . no better way to impose your will.

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