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Look What the GOP Found

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. . . a spine!

What is actually driving the progressive socialist left into a massive rage is that President Donald Trump knows them. Donald Trump was once a Democrat, and he knows their ways and tactics. But, most importantly, Donald Trump is relentless in the face of incessant leftist attacks. If you wanna know the folks who end up being the best, strongest, and most resolute constitutional conservatives? They are the ones who used to be leftists. Finally, the ancient, establishment GOP has learned a very vital lesson, they are in the Octagon, and it is a fight to the death. It took this incredible episode centered around the nomination of Judge — now Justice — Brett Kavanaugh to force the GOP to find their spine.

Let’s be honest: any other Republican president would have folded like a cheap chair under the withering constant assault of Brett Kavanaugh. They would have called Judge Kavanaugh into the White House and strategized on how to honorably rescind the nomination, and back down. They would have given the progressive socialist left another scalp to hang on their mantle. Not this time, and this is why the unorthodox, street fighter manner of Donald Trump is a yuuge asset. Somehow, he found a way, just like a combat leader who fights, and leads from the front, to inspire courage in a political party that had very little.

It was evident that the left, the Mobocrat party, was growing more and more frustrated. They knew what their plan was all along. They knew that they could not challenge Brett Kavanaugh on his qualifications, and impeccable competence on matters of jurisprudence. They did all they could to grandstand, and make fools of themselves during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. They knew they had their time-honored “hold card,” in bringing up sexual assault allegations. The left knew that would be the death knell of Kavanaugh, and would be so very damaging that they would get their intended result . . . a withdrawal of the nomination.

What the left failed to calculate into their evil, and insidious, scheme was that the person sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania was not a Bush, a McCain, nor a Romney. The person who nominated Judge Kavanaugh was a steely eyed tough fella who does not accept defeat, withdrawal, or retreat. The left failed to recognize that this would be different. The initial foray into the allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did not yield the intended results. As a matter of fact, President Trump was very accommodating, and rather disconnected in the beginning.

George Soros and the left said, uh huh, let’s go to the next level. Then came a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, and her claims were even more disturbing. And still, no change, no withdrawal of Kavanaugh’s nomination. So the left decided to take it to the maximum level, and Julie Swetnick brought forth accusations of rape gangs. Surely, this would bring about the surrender the left sought. Nope.

Frankly, the progressive, socialist, left got more absurd with each new level of allegations, the only ones responding in shock were their own liberal media propagandists. Then, the left went nuts, and they called for the full-scale attack of the mob. And the mob was successful in finding a victim, his name was Senator Jeff Flake, who flaked out when confronted in an elevator — a staged attack by Soros-funded women. But, the desired result was achieved, Jeff Flake showed his cowardice and acquiesced to the demands of the mob, and asked for a FBI investigation.

That action by Flake gave the leftist mob encouragement, and the Democrat [Socialist] party believed they had a gap to exploit. They called for more mob reinforcements, but something different was happening. Senator Lindsay Graham found his spine. He drew criticism from the left, but immense praise from conservatives. Suddenly, the GOP saw that it was okay to put on their big boy pants, and more of them began to push back against the mob. Then one of the most squishy GOP members of the Senate delivered the death-blow to the mob, and the Mobocrat party: Senator Susan Collins delivered a powerful 45 minute speech. Her speech was so resolute, and powerful, that she earned the mocking of Saturday Night Live — a true validation of pissing off the left!

However, none of this finding of the collective GOP spine would have happened if not for President Donald Trump in the White House. This was — okay, it’s gonna seem a little sappy here but work with me — Donald Trump’s Braveheart moment. Trump showed courage, and resolve, when the GOP leadership has always been about caving. He showed the GOP that it was okay to face the enemy, and not relent. He led an attack, and re-energized an army that was used to gathering, only to be disappointed because, until then, the GOP leadership always took the road of accommodating, and appeasing, just for their own political gain. So now, the GOP is united in a fight for freedom. We have seen the face of the mob, and their antics. The GOP elected officials on Capitol Hill, namely the Senate, finally found their spine. We are ready to take the field and achieve victory, never again to be victims.

The Democrat [Socialist] party and their complicit, liberal, progressive, media allies — along with Hollywood — made a gross miscalculation in the Kavanaugh episode. They truly believed that President Donald Trump was a typical GOP president. They were wrong. His spine inspired, rather forced, the GOP to find their own, and, trust me, thanks to Jeff Flake, they almost did not. But, when the GOP saw that they could push back, and finally be proud of themselves, they did.

Message to the progressive, socialist left: this is not the status quo, business as usual, as when I was in Congress. The GOP feared fighting back. No longer will the GOP abandon, and undermine their own who have a spine. Trust me, I know. The GOP is now looking for those who will move to the sound of the guns. They want fighters, not quitters. Why? Because, it feels good to shove the tactics of Saul Alinsky, and his rules for these radicals, right up their buttocks!