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Gun Rights vs. (Left’s) Gun Wrongs

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Have y’all see these stories reported in the news lately?

“Women have been buying an increasing number of firearms in recent years, and that trend is starting to make itself felt against those who commit criminal acts. In Arizona, for example, a shopper was getting ready to get into her car, and drive home. While she was attempting to close the door of her vehicle, a man armed with a hatchet approached her vehicle, demanded that she hand over the keys and get out of the car. The woman drew a sidearm and told the man to back off. Instead, the assailant raised the hatchet. The shopper shot him, holding him at gunpoint until the police and medics arrived. The suspect was hospitalized, and charges were to be filed later. (Tuscon News, Tucson Arizona, 4/14/18)”

“In another example of how a gun empowers women, a South Carolina woman used a 9mm (semi-automatic) handgun to protect her boyfriend from a deadly threat by an attacker armed with a shotgun and a garrotte. The thug was one of two people who had forced their way into the home. The incident started when a loud knocking prompted the male homeowner to crack the door open to peek outside. The assailants pushed the door in, shoving the resident against the wall hard enough that the drywall cracked, according to a video news report. The intruders threatened the people inside the home, and during an ensuing struggle, the homeowner’s girlfriend fired two shots, killing one of the bad guys and causing the other to flee. (, Gaffney SC, 4/6/18)”

“In Nashville TN, two men allegedly broke into a home and attacked the woman who was inside. Shortly thereafter, the man of the house returned home, When the homeowner entered, one of the intruders struck him in the head with a blunt object, dazing him. The resident was then restrained and shoved into another room where they told him to open his gun safe so they could steal the firearms. The stunned homeowner complied, and the intruders apparently took off with three long guns and a pistol in hand. The male victim then armed himself and started to try and find his wife. Instead, he found the intruders, one of whom he shot fatally. The dead man was identified as someone with a rap sheet for auto burglary, felony theft, and other misdeeds. He was also a suspect in a break-in at the same home a month or two earlier. (The Tennessean, Nashville Tn, 3/29/18)”

These stories are taken from the National Rifle Association’s First Freedom magazine, July 2018 edition. These are just three of the stories. shared on page 26, under the headline, “The Armed Citizen.” In full disclosure, yes, I am a proud Patriot Life Benefactor level member, and member of the NRA Board of Directors. I am quite sure that these stories are just a sprinkling of the stories that the mainstream liberal progressive media will not publicly report on a national scale.

This week began, Monday evening specifically, with President Trump announcing his second Supreme Court nomination, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Even before the announcement was made, we saw the progressive socialist left go into full apoplectic meltdown. They stood before the Supreme Court ranting about their ideologically most prized judicial accomplishment — murdering unborn, innocent, vulnerable, babies in the womb.

Yes, the case of Roe v. Wade, which they call settled law, and something that should not be challenged. We saw all the hyperbolic statements about women dying in the streets, or that millions of Americans would die because of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, well, actually because of nominee XX. The left uses protests, threats, intimidation to try and force their ideological agenda upon this nation, and they are truly concerned that they are losing the vehicle by which they have advanced that agenda.

But, what is hypocritical is the left does not, and probably never will, see the Second Amendment, part of our Bill of Rights, as settled law. Even with two landmark court decisions, one from the Supreme Court, Heller v. DC, and, another at the local level, McDonald v. City of Chicago, which both affirmed the Second Amendment . . . but not to the leftists in America. For the progressive socialist left, we must subjugate ourselves to Roe v. Wade, and Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage), as the law of the land, but the left will never honor the Second Amendment, even with court decisions, as the law of the land.

That, my friends is a “Supreme” hypocrisy.

In New York, the NRA has brought a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo, who used a state regulatory agency to intimidate, and coerce, financial institutions to withhold lending to any gun industry manufacturer, or any company associated with the NRA, including the NRA itself. How unconstitutional is that? For a sitting Governor to use the power of his position to assail an organization of American citizens who support a constitutional right? We know about the private sector companies who were pressured by leftist groups to break ties with the NRA, such as Delta Airlines, and several car rental companies.

We must subjugate ourselves to Roe v. Wade & Obergefell v. Hodges as the law of the land, but the left won't honor the 2nd Amendment as the law of the land. Click To Tweet

We should not be surprised, since it was Barack Obama and his henchman, Eric Holder, who launched Operation Choke Point, that tried to undermine the legal firearms industry by forcing financial institutions to cease lending support. I guess Obama, Holder, Cuomo, and the other leftist socialist minions failed reading comprehension, especially when it says that the Second Amendment right “shall not be infringed.”

These leftist senators are howling at the moon, basically saying that Roe v. Wade is some type of litmus test. Well, you can bet that repeal of the Second Amendment is certainly something they expect from any leftist judge, such as the federal judge in Massachusetts, William G. Young, who decided in Workman v. Healy that the State Attorney General could issue a retroactive gun ban. Lest you forget, it was in Massachusetts that the Minutemen took the field at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge to thwart the efforts of the British to confiscate their guns. Dang, how things have changed in that state.

The even greater hypocrisy is that no one has ever tried to cut off financial support for Planned Parenthood. Yes, the left has no problem supporting an organization founded by a white supremacist, racist, and one who spoke at Klan rallies — Margaret Sanger. Killing “undesirables” and “weeds” is just hunky dory for the left. That includes the morally challenged members of our Congress who annually appropriate nearly $570M to the same organization.

The left wants Americans disarmed, but have you ever heard their concerns about women dying, and Americans losing their lives? The left wants illegal immigrants, and criminals, flooding our streets, while we are unable to defend ourselves. The left believes that what they want, what they believe in, their ideological agenda cannot be challenged . . . but we, law-abiding, legal, gun owners do not have the ability to go anywhere in this land with our firearms.

I guess Obama, Holder, Cuomo, and the other leftist socialist minions failed reading comprehension, especially when it says that the Second Amendment right 'shall not be infringed.' Click To Tweet

Right now, just know, there are four Supreme Court justices that do not believe you have the right to be armed, to defend yourself. There are four Supreme Court justices, who, for ideological purposes, would have rather the three cases listed above ended with the deaths of those Americans. There are four Supreme Court justices, and other lower court judges that do not believe the Second Amendment is “settled law,” nor is it the law of the land, because it is antithetical to their leftist agenda, or power, control, and subjugation. The left wanted Judge Merrick Garland, because he did not support the Second Amendment.

That is just how close we are, and why the left is unhinged. Judicial precedent? Nah, the left does not care, they just scream about that to try to deflect from the real issue — they seek to make laws from the bench, not through the legislative process.

What must we do: defeat them in November 2018, and in November 2020. Crushing the left at the ballot box means we can indeed have “originalist” and “Constitutionalist” justices and judges in order to secure our blessings of liberty . . . or else, we will be relegated to unarmed subjects.