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How to Talk to Dictators

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Okay, I kinda figured Kim Jong Un would find out a way to slide out of the impending June 12th summit meeting. Kim reverted to the usual disrespectful rantings, referring to our Vice President as a “political dummy.” I would think that even our progressive, socialist friends of the Democrat party would agree with President Trump’s letter postponing the June 12th meeting, due to such inflammatory rhetoric from North Korea — including another veiled nuclear threat. We also now know that the North Koreans were a no-show at a meeting with US officials in Singapore last week.

So, how does one talk to a dictator? I would say that one speaks to a dictator from a position of strength; maintaining the high ground. Dictators should never be allowed to believe that their insidious actions, threats, and motions of intimidation will be met with anything other than resolve, and rugged determination.

History has taught us such lessons — well, that is if you attend an educational institution teaching history, not social justice blather.

Consider the exchange between England’s Neville Chamberlain, during the 1938 Munich Agreement, with Germany’s Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain went into the meeting seeking conflict avoidance, evasion of any sort of confrontation, and Hitler knew that. Therefore, when Hitler demanded the Sudetenland, Chamberlain acquiesced, and Hitler signed the Accord. Chamberlain touted “peace in our time” while Hitler went beyond the Sudetenland, and invaded — no, overran — Czechoslovakia. It was the same Czechoslovakia that had a peace and protection agreement with the great European powers of England, and France. Not long after, Hitler executed the “Blitzkrieg,” lightning war, and overran Poland. When asked about the Munich Agreement, Hitler referred to it as a piece of paper.

Shortly thereafter, Hitler turned his sights on western Europe, overrunning Belgium, the Netherlands, and then France. The leadership of England changed to one that knew how to talk to a dictator. It was Sir Winston Churchill who responded to Chamberlain saying, “You were given the choice between war, and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.” Upon averting an impending disaster with the Dunkirk evacuation, Churchill sent a message to the dictators, a message they would understand when he said, “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

That is the language of leadership, esteemed resilience, and the type of strength that inspires, motivates, and rises to any challenge. That is how you talk to dictators.

During the Obama administration, we saw how not to talk to dictators. First of all, don’t offer them silly little yellow toys, calling them reset buttons. Secondly, don’t lean over and whisper to a dictator that after your reelection you will have “more flexibility.” Do not tell a dictator you are drawing a red line, and, when the line is crossed, make excuses.  Do not have a policy of strategic patience with a dictator, nor refer to a group of Islamic jihadists dictators as a JV team.

When dictators seize two of your Riverine assault crafts, and take your sailors hostage, don’t beg them, nor thank them upon release. Never create an atmosphere in your fighting force where they surrender to a freaking Boston whaler boat — you blow them out of the water! And, of course, do not send dictators, theocrats, Ayatollahs, and the like, billions of dollars in laundered, palletized, cash — in an unmarked plane — in the middle of the night.

Dictators find language such as “leading from behind” as enticing. Weakness is a sweet aroma to them.

President Donald Trump simply said to Kim Jong Un, 'That dawg don't hunt.' Click To Tweet

For some 24 years, North Korea has enjoyed a language of compromise, appeasement, and dishonor. Whenever the Stalinist state has offered threats, we have responded by providing them financial aid. It has truly been a grand Pavlovian experiment; international extortion at the highest level. But, something has changed. The pouting little kid in the cereal aisle of the grocery store, throwing a temper tantrum, did not get what they wanted. The kid was perplexed, and thought if they only tried to be nice for a short period, the next time in the grocery store they would get their cereal. President Donald Trump simply said to Kim Jong Un, “That dawg don’t hunt.”

Furthermore, in China, Xi Jinping has decided to undermine this summit, as an attempt to validate their worth in making such a meeting happen. President Trump has basically told Jinping to go pound sand. Sadly, the liberal, progressive, leftists would align themselves with Neville Chamberlain, creating the false narrative of averting war, yet embracing dishonor, ending up with greater conflagration, and conflict.

The left would prefer weakness over strength, and resolve, which has a long-term adverse affect upon the safety, and security, of the United States. The leftists would have us believe that withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement is a sign that we cannot be trusted. Quite the contrary: staying in the Iran nuclear agreement is an indicator to the dictators, and despots, of the world that we can be trusted to fold . . . ya know, be flexible, kinda like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Message to global jerks: you do not call the sitting Vice President of these United States a “political dummy,” and still get the cereal you want. No, Kim Jong Un, we do not have to offer you a darn thing, not a single concession. That is how we, the United States of America, talk to a dictator. We do, however, apologize to you, Xi Jinping, Hasan Rouhani, and the Ayatollahs, Vladimir Putin, as well as the despots of the United Nations, for making you believe, for one doggone minute, that Barack Obama was the “new normal” for America. He ain’t.

So guess what Lil’ Kim? The sanctions are going to be increased. Further, we intend to bring the pain on you, Iran, China, and Russia. As Churchill said, we will fight you. We may not want to, but we certainly will not cower away.

Patrick Henry once stated, “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” Col. William Barrett Travis said it even better, in his letter from the Alamo, “Victory or Death.” And, we have a saying in the US Army Airborne, “Death before dishonor.”

Look y’all, that’s how Old School Patriots talk to dictators.

Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R69173 / CC-BY-SA 3.0