The Politics of Identity: the Left’s Only Hope

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The slate for November’s midterm elections have been set, as we have witnessed the last few primary elections this past Tuesday. As I sat back and read about these races, and contemplated the winning candidates, there was something that became very clear, rather obvious. This midterm election cycle, the progressive socialist left is seriously targeting three states — Florida, Georgia, and Texas. And why do I say such? Simple, the politics of identity is alive and well in these States and it is evident that the left is looking to flip these states, or at least move them closer to that end for 2020.

Need I say anymore? In these three aforementioned States, there are some critical statewide elections, which have the left’s attention. There was a time when the left set their sights on states like California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia.

In Florida, 39-year-old Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, upset the Democrat establishment candidate Gwen Graham. Ms. Graham was a former member of Congress, and daughter of a former Florida governor. Mayor Gillum is black, and heavily supported by the diabolical triumvirate of Sanders, Soros, and Steyer . . . progressive socialists to the core.

What the left is seeking is a “historical” moment. Heard that one before? The left’s objective is to not have anyone focus on their policies, which, if you have not noticed, fail. Just ask the Venezuelans who live in Florida.

The left’s focus is to turn out voters based upon an emotion, a moment, just like what happened with Barack Obama, who won Florida in 2008, and 2012. The progressive socialist left is depending on one thing: a black electorate that pays little attention to issues, but rather are driven by the politics of identity. Back in 2008, it was all about the first black president, and now it will be about the first black governor of Florida, a deep southern state. However, the demographics of Florida have drastically changed. Yes, Northern Florida, the panhandle, can be viewed as a Southern state. But, as one drives further South, Florida takes on a very different look, including the I-4 corridor. There is no doubt that Mayor Gillum brings a message that fails to advance the type of economic growth that has been seen in Florida — Obama had the same message. The question comes down to a simple maxim: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Will the people, especially the black community, be shamed twice due to the tool of white progressive socialists — Sanders, Soros, and Steyer?

The same is playing out just to the north of Florida, in my birth state of Georgia. I will always be a proud son of Georgia, but again, I see the demographics changing there. The Democrats in Georgia have nominated 44-year-old former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, whose  financial woes we have written about.

Ms. Abrams is also part of the politics of identity. She could be the first black female governor in the history of the United States. Yes, she has a great educational background starting at Spelman College, the University of Texas, Austin, and Yale Law School. So what? Ms. Abrams’ platform is one of far leftist policies, ya know, Medicaid — actually Medicare — for all. Guess what that would do to the state of Georgia’s budget, and taxes? But, the left is shrewd, a single black female candidate for governor in Georgia. Just wait for Oprah Winfrey to show up. The goal is to secure a specific demographic that will secure an electoral victory. The objective is to have an overwhelming win in the Atlanta area, and target black voters all over the state, as well as other minority segments. After all, the GOP nominated another white guy. If Ms. Abrams’ opponent, Mr. Kemp, tries to make any hay of her financial issues, well, you know what the response will be. Yep, the Democrats in Georgia are looking for another historic moment — not what is best for Georgians — but how to obtain power, and take a major state in the south. Once again, will folks in Georgia focus on the identity of Ms. Abrams? Or the viability of her policy proposals — which always fail?

Lastly, out here in Texas, we have a candidate who is 70 years of age, Hispanic, female, and lesbian. Her name is Lupe Valdez and she is running for governor in the Lone Star State. At this moment she is polling 20% behind sitting governor, Greg Abbott, but, former Dallas County Sheriff Valdez checks all the boxes for the progressive socialist left. You can bet that the Texas Democrats, and leftists, were hoping to run former Houston Mayor Annise Parker as a future governor of Texas — she imploded. Former Sheriff Valdez, once a law enforcement officer, supported sanctuary status here in Dallas County, and prefers open borders in Texas. That message is not consistent with Texas values, or law. However, the focus for Ms. Valdez is to help turn out the Hispanic vote, and if possible, illegal ones.

It is all about the politics of identity, and it also evidences why a white Irish fella named Robert O’Rourke has been given a nickname of “Beto.” Heck, his nickname should be “Bob,” but that does not figure into the calculations of the progressive socialist left. They are trying to push an empty suit leftist from El Paso, who has little to no accomplishments from his time on the City Council, or the US House of Representatives. But hey, he has a really cool sounding nickname that is featured on bumper stickers and yard signs, “Beto.” Iit should be “Bob,” and if he was in an area that wasn’t heavily Hispanic, his nickname would probably be “Bobby.”

This is how the left rolls. This is their great hope, to consistently fool us into voting for charlatans, and jokers, all based upon some “historical moment.”  I mean let’s be serious, what drove the voters to put their trust in a 28-year-old former waitress with an economics degree from Boston University, and is an avowed socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? What is so very telling is that a restaurant frequented by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is closing due to the policies she promotes — higher minimum wages. Just another indicator as to the failure of the ideological agenda the progressive socialist left embraces.

For whatever reason, the GOP doesn’t seem to have a “war room” where they lay out their plans for electoral success. They do not conduct a “red cell” analysis of the political opposition to recognize their objectives. There is a deliberate strategy by the left, and they are going into red states and running these radical candidates . . . after they have successfully shifted the demographics of the major population centers and indoctrinated future generations on college campuses.

I was born in Georgia. I lived in Florida for eleven years, after retiring from the Army. I am now back, living in Texas for the past four years, the place of my last duty station in the Army. I clearly see what is happening. The left is running on image, as they have no message. The GOP is running on a superior message, but have the worse messengers, and not always the best image. Can someone like a John James in Michigan win? Sure. Heck, I did down in Florida. But, sadly, even the GOP did not want a strong, resolute, minority, constitutional conservative — and the progressive socialist left cannot tolerate the existence of a strong, resolute, minority, constitutional conservative — that undermines the image, the politics of identity they are promoting.

Let’s see what happens with the statewide races in Florida, Georgia, and Texas. They are the canary in the coal mine predictors. One thing is certain: if there is success, then look for California Senator Kamala Harris to be the Democrat nominee in 2020, along with one of the Texas Castro boys. It’s all about the politics of identity for the progressive socialist left, it is their only hope.