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An Impending Second American Civil War

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From Slavery
Greetings, y’all, from Tombstone, AZ!

There’s something very rejuvenating about being here. Maybe it was the cooling thunderstorms that hit, but I believe there is a certain aura, an American spirit, that lies within this small space, home to about 2,000 people. Even though it is 2018, you know that you are walking on historic grounds where rugged individualism thrived, and still does.

When I speak of history, American spirit, and individualism . . . I experienced it firsthand Thursday evening. I was truly blessed and honored to break bread with not one, but two, Medal of Honor recipients, Drew Dix and Melvin Morris. Both of these men were US Army Green Berets from Vietnam, and their bravery is breathtaking. Yes, above and beyond the call of duty. Also at the table was Steven Goldstein, a former soldier from the Bronx, NY, who owns the famed Big Nose Kate Saloon, along with the Longhorn Saloon, and Margarita Cafe.

Allen West Old School Patriot Tombstone
There is still something mystical about walking down Allen Street in Tombstone. My dear host, Gordon Anderson, owns the Larian Motel, and has me staying in the Cochise Stronghold Room. One feels a real connection to America here in Tombstone. So, as Drew Dix and I walked back to the Larian, he stopped at an intersection on Allen Street and made a profound statement. Here was this man, an esteemed warrior of our Republic, who has attained our highest honor saying to me, “there is no longer any confusion about the choice people make about America.” He was right. If there’s anything these last few weeks have confirmed for us, here in America, is that there are two very separate, and distinct, governing philosophies from which we can choose to follow. Sadly, we are embarking upon a very clear and identifiable ideological civil war in America.

I fully admit that I am a Christian constitutional conservative. Actually, my political philosophy would be best described as classical liberalism. I believe in our founding principles, documents, and especially our rule of law, and the sovereignty of these United States of America. I believe that America’s existence is rooted in a Judeo-Christian faith heritage. Notice I did not say religion, man-made dogma. I believe that at the core of everything that America is, are the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that liberty is defined, as Abraham Lincoln stated, as the ability of a person to do as they please with themselves, and the product of their own labor. I believe in the values my parents raised me with: faith, family, individual responsibility, quality education (not indoctrination), and service to our nation.

I could go on but I think you get my point.

Now, exactly what is it about what I just affirmed that makes me a Nazi, terrorist, or extremist? What is it about what I just stated makes me a target to be verbally, or physically, confronted in public spaces? What is it about what I just said means that I should be refused service?

The dangerous waters that we are entering are no longer debatable. For the progressive socialist left, those who believe as I do are not just the political opposition, but we have been determined to be the enemy. Not just a simple enemy, but one that must be denigrated, demeaned, disparaged, and dehumanized. When the left can, without any reservation, refer to individuals who believe in the Second Amendment of our Constitution as “terrorists,” and “child killers,” we have devolved into something unrecognizable.

Why is this happening?

Let’s be honest: I, and many others, did not agree with the far left policies of Barack Obama. However, he did win two presidential elections. Those of us who disagreed with, and, yes, opposed his policies, were demeaned as racists. If you were a Black conservative, you were called an “Uncle Tom,” “sellout,” or names I cannot repeat here.

Yet, we did not call for attacks against members of the Obama administration. We worked harder to make our points. The result being more conservative wins in state legislatures, gubernatorial elections, and turning the House and Senate of the United States. When the Supreme Court used judicial activist designs to mandate same-sex marriage across the land — and the White House lit up with rainbow colors in celebration — we did not refer to folks as Nazis. We worked harder, and got a Republican elected, and, yes, we will now see two Supreme Court Justices appointed.

The reason we are journeying towards an impending second American civil war is because the progressive socialist left cannot present viable policy solutions. Click To Tweet

The reason we are journeying towards an impending second American civil war is because the progressive socialist left cannot present viable policy solutions. They can only mandate, decree, or force their ideological agenda upon others, and America is saying no.

The results of the election in November, 2016 — just as with George W. Bush — were not accepted by the left. They do not respect our democratic electoral system if it does not work in their favor. They seek to delegitimize it. The electoral college worked just as the Founding Fathers wanted. We do not need certain heavily populated urban centers or states to dictate our national electoral elections. With 2016, the left learned that in between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia there are Americans who count. The left learned that outside of Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing there are Americans who count. Perhaps one day, the Americans who exist outside of Seattle/Tacoma will count.

Instead of engaging, the left prefers to attack, knowing full well there is nothing racist about wanting to secure the sovereign borders of the United States. Instead of someone like a Maxine Waters coming up with better policy solutions, she would rather incite violence against those who do not believe as she does. Instead of being glad that our economy is doing well, leftists prefer a recession, economic failure.

Instead of engaging, the left prefers to attack, knowing full well there is nothing racist about wanting to secure the sovereign borders of the United States. Click To Tweet

Drew Dix was correct in his observation to me. You can believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty/liberty, free market economy, and strong national defense . . . or you can believe in wealth redistribution, nationalizing economic production, expansion of a welfare state, social egalitarianism (the culture of the participation trophy), and secular humanism. You can believe in economic empowerment or economic enslavement. You can choose to be a victor, or a victim. You can embrace the equality of opportunity or the equality of outcomes. You can believe in America, the ideals of liberty or you can seek to fundamentally transform it into a socialist quagmire of tyranny.

Allen West Old School Patriot Tombstone
Just know one thing, there is a reason why the left in America — as the leftists have always done — resort to verbal defamation: their ideas suck. When your ideas suck, you cannot inspire folks; you can only seek to intimidate them. I, and others, are more than willing to have the ideological debate. However, if the method of choice is intimidation . . . it ain’t gonna end up well for the progressive socialist left in America. In simple southern terminology, “that dog don’t hunt.”

I humbly beseech the party that initiated the first American Civil War to stand down . . . or else you will be 0-2.

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