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The Kavanaugh Files and Frosted Flakes

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Or, as we have been watching some very interesting daytime drama, should the title of this missive be, “As the Delusional World Turns?”

We just had the Senate Judiciary Committee vote to submit the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate floor for voting. But, the lame duck senator, Jeff Flake, who seems to have a rather high opinion of himself, threw in a monkey wrench. {Can I say that since Flake is white?)

Senator Flake has made his full Senate vote for Judge Kavanaugh conditional upon a delay of up to a week, for a FBI investigation. This is what really amazes me: Senator Flake offered this to appease his colleagues on the other side. This chucklehead really believes that giving into the Democrat [Socialist] party will garner their support? Flake believes that he can assure some piece of mind for the progressive, socialist, leftists? How utterly stuck on stupid is Jeff Flake? These are the type of weak-kneed GOP antics, of which so many have grown tired. There is no need for any delay. There is no need for any investigation. An investigation of what? A place that Dr. Ford doesn’t remember? People who have already provided their sworn testimony, under penalty of perjury? Since when did Senator Flake become some self-appointed healer of the great ideological divide which has been fomented by the left in America?

If Senators Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski want to wear the label of traitors, just as the Greek who led the Persians to the secret mountain pass at the Battle of Thermopylae, so be it.

Here is what these three Senators have failed to learn. In 2016, Donald Trump won because he fought back against the progressive socialist machine. He continues to do so. Judge Brett Kavanaugh fought back, yesterday, in his testimony affirming that he would not quit under this withering storm that hasn’t just attacked him, but his entire family. Why is it that the GOP just cannot seem to find a spine?

My assessment: this is a personal vendetta by Jeff Flake against President Donald Trump. How petty. If Jeff Flake wants what is best for the country, he should simply move forward, and vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This episode of the “X-Files” is not within the jurisdiction of the FBI, who have already conducted six background investigations of Judge Kavanaugh since 1993!

Okay, here is the deal: the same folks who found nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton, and her private email server should do this investigation? Regardless, ask yourselves this rhetorical question: if the results of a one week, limited scope investigation by the FBI does not render the results the Democrats want, will they surrender and vote for Kavanaugh? Oh, heck no!

Senator Lindsay Graham stated that anyone who did not vote to support, and confirm, Judge Kavanaugh was complicit in this character assassination. I guess Jeff Flake was not listening. But, you can bet that Jeff Flake will be all over CNN and MSNBC this evening, as he is their new hero.

When you hear Senate Democrats like Chris Coons singing the praises of Jeff Flake, it tells me all that I need to know . . . the left is eating up a big ol’ bowl of Frosted Flakes. I surmise that Jeff Flake, somehow, in his delusional mind, believes that this absurdity, and acquiescence to the evil of the left, will endear him to them when he seeks to challenge President Trump in 2020 primaries. He is wrong. He is just their useful idiot for the time being.

I can just hear these words being uttered by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, “Et Tu Brute?”

I sat here and uttered different words, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! Once again, the GOP found a way to screw up, and his name is Jeff Flake.

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