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The ‘Know-Nothing’ Party

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Yep, I went there, and it is a pretty valid assertion. Back in the late 1840’s and early 1850’s there was a political party that had that moniker. They were also called the Native American, and American Party.

Now there are those who will say that the “Know-Nothing” Party was more associated with right-wing than leftist but that is not my premise. The moniker “Know-Nothing” explicitly fits today’s Democrat [Socialist] mob who have no policy platform other than forcing compliance by way of threats, intimidation, and violence.

There are those who say “ignorance is bliss.” Well, if you listen to today’s progressive, socialist, elected leaders and candidates, they personify ignorance. After all, the darling of the left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, admitted to . . . hmm . . . knowing nothing about foreign policy, after making a fool of herself discussion the Israeli-“Palestinian” situation. As well, she professed her ignorance, along with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, by touting that the unemployment level is low because people are working two or more jobs. Now, that’s a real “know nothing” statement if I ever heard one before.

Sadly, the progressive socialist left must use the aforementioned tactics because they are a collective grouping of “know-nothings.” If you try to engage a leftist past their delusional talking points, you will run afoul of emotional rantings.

Imagine this: Barack Obama speaks out and claims that the economic resurgence we are experiencing in America is due to his economic policies — talk about a “know-nothing.”

The basis of the left’s policies are rooted in emotionalism, which is also a very fundamental aspect of despotism. Facts are disregarded. Foundation-based principles are dismissed. The left embraces an ideology that has never been successful anywhere in the world, yet they continue to advocate for such folly — that is what has to be termed as insanity. Who among us really believes that the economic policies of Venezuela are working? Yet, listen to the left, wealth redistribution, nationalizing economic production (that is what a single-payer healthcare system is), and social egalitarianism (to goal of making everyone equal in outcomes) are their calling cards. Someone has dealt them a very bad hand, yet they continue to play it.

When you debate a progressive socialist, you will encounter a “know-nothing.” You will find them to be woefully ill-informed, misinformed, or just uninformed. Those results are the products of a liberal, progressive media that has become a fourth estate for the progressive, socialist left, and not a viable, objective, media source.

Think about it: do we hear anything about the success of the Trump administration against the Islamic State? How have we gone from such a “deplorable” economic situation in America — less than 2 percent GDP growth — to a 4.2 percent GDP growth in less than two years? Do not forget that it was Barack Obama that mocked then candidate Trump saying unless he had some “magic wand” it was not going to be possible — and the same Obama now claims credit for what he said could not be achieved? That, folks, is utter delusion from a “know-nothing.”

Instead of ruining our free market economic system due to onerous tax and regulatory policies, we have corrected that blunder . . . but the “know-nothing” media does not articulate that to its drones.

Here we are a little over a week past Justice Brett Kavanaugh being sworn in. Have you heard the names of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, or Julie Swetnick lately? No, I did not think so, because the “know-nothings” just go from crisis to crisis, and sadly, we do not hold them accountable for their man-made disasters, lies, and deceit.

Have you ever asked a progressive socialist how they intend to establish a single-payer healthcare system, which would cost some $32T, when we are $21T in debt? I mean, if we have a nation that struggles to cover the current single-payer healthcare programs in America — Medicaid, Medicare, and the VA — how are we to support everyone being under this type of system? Oops, now you made them mad, and they will start hurling expletives, and denigrating you with a variety of vitriolic names. Refer back to my assertion about emotionalism. Think about it: every policy issue for the “Know-Nothing” Party has one solution — wait for it — yes, raise taxes.

Homelessness . . . raise taxes. Plastic straws . . . raise taxes. Job creation . . . raise taxes. Hmm, the Democrats, under Lyndon Johnson, started The Great Society program to end poverty. They raised taxes, and we got more poverty. Then again, I forgot, there can be no civility with anyone who does not accept the ideological agenda of the “Know-Nothing” Party. In other words, we all must dumb it down if we are to be civil.

No, I do not want open borders, rampant criminal illegal immigration by way of sanctuary states and cities. I do not want to work my buttocks off just to have my earnings redistributed to those who could work and earn on their own. Yes, I want our military to be strong, and our foreign policy to be based on strength. No, I do not want to have flexibility, or strategic patience when confronting despots, dictators, and theocrats. And, no, I am not a “negro that doesn’t read.”

I must admit, here in my neighborhood, there are lots of these “Beto” signs. When I run in the morning, I kinda laugh because they are indicators of where the “know-nothings” live. I enjoy having them around, because, as my dad would say, “if God did not make stupid people, we would not know who the smart ones are.” Now, I do not think that our Creator God makes stupid people, that is a learned state of existence, normally associated with those who choose an easier path of preferring not to think for themselves . . . but, rather be assimilated into a collective group think.

Look, facts are tough things, irrefutable . . . but for some, namely today’s “Know-Nothing” Party, aka the Mobocrats, they reject facts like vampires reject sunlight. Think about it: folks in fiscally foolish blue states are upset about no longer being able to deduct exorbitant state taxes, (state and local tax, or SALT). Instead of asking themselves why these failed blue states do not learn from economically successful red states, they keep their state taxes high . . . and, then, watch their businesses, corporations, and population flee to the successful, low tax, red states.

But, what is perplexing is that there are those who run away from failing blue states, move into red states that are economically thriving, and try to turn them into failed blue states. There is only one explanation for this phenomenon, which we are seeing in Texas as well: these folks are the real “know-nothings.”

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