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Leadership vs. ‘Likership’

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Greetings, everyone, from the heart of Acadiana, Lafayette, LA, and also home of one of my favorite foods — Boudin.

I rode the motorcycle down from Dallas on Friday to do the Redemption Ride starting at, yes, you got it, Cajun Harley-Davidson, sponsored by US Congressman Clay Higgins. I love coming here to Lafayette, and this is my fifth visit. As long as they keep making Boudin, I will keep coming!

Motoring down I-49 from Shreveport to Lafayette, I reflected back on some of the things that have happened this past week. It hit me, just like the wind that we were fighting driving down, thus, the title of this missive.

When Barack Obama came into office as the president, his focus was not on leadership, it was on “likership.” Obama’s intent was to have the world like us again. His initial trip to Europe, dubbed the “apology tour,” aimed at castigating our nation, America, as too arrogant, haughty. When President Obama was asked about American exceptionalism, well, he downplayed it to be no different from any other “exceptionalism.” For Barack Obama, the previous eight years of George W. Bush had to be erased, and we needed to restore our likeability — not respect or regard — in the world. Obama wanted us to subjugate the United States to the collective global body politic, and saw the concept of “America First” as a dangerous sense of nationalism.

Why do I bring this up? Well, think about the comparisons, just this past week, levied by our former president. Barack Obama believed that “strategic patience” was the proper policy, strategy, with North Korea. All that thinking enabled was the advance of a juvenile tyrant. Kim Jong Un had little to no respect, or regard, for Obama, but he liked it that way. This week, three American hostages held by North Korea were released, and flew back home, walking off the airplane with the new Secretary of State. Obama’s desire to be liked resulted in an American, Otto Warmbier, coming home from North Korea in a coma, and later dying.

As well, it has been announced that President Trump will be meeting with Kim Jong Un, on June 12th, in Singapore. With Barack Obama, and previous American presidents, that was impossible.

We learned this week that US forces, in conjunction with allies, had captured five senior ISIS leaders. Think about it: when was the last time you saw an ISIS beheading video, or heard of any of their brutal, savage, and barbaric actions? Matter of fact, the territorial integrity of the Islamic State has been eradicated. That doesn’t mean we have won, but, certainly, it’s much better. We witnessed the rise of the Islamic State because Barack Obama wanted his base to like him. He embraced the idea that an irrational campaign promise was better than listening to his combat commanders — after all, he knew better. VP Joe Biden once quipped that Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq would be a monumental and decisive policy success. Well, we know differently, but Obama was liked. And, the liberal progressive media covered for him.

Barack Obama embraced the idea that an irrational campaign promise was better than listening to his combat commanders. Click To Tweet

However, as we have captured five senior ISIS leaders, ask yourselves: what happened with those five senior Taliban leaders that Obama released from Gitmo? See, Obama preferred being liked, even by Islamic jihadists, and, so he blamed their violence on the existence of Gitmo, and, not the simple fact that they hated our way of life. Something tells me that President Trump will not be authorizing those five ISIS leaders to be released.

I have been asked countless times why Barack Obama would give the world’s number one supporter of Islamic terrorism billions of dollars. That is a question I cannot answer, only he can. I can only surmise that Obama believed that the Iranians — who have been killing Americans since 1983 — would like him, and change their behavior.

Again, let’s be honest, there is no such thing as an Iranian nuclear agreement. Iran never signed any such document. It was not a treaty. It was just a unilateral executive action by a person who never understood the true meaning of leadership, but, rather operated under the false god of “likership” — needing to be adored. When Barack Obama’s administration coined the term, “leading from behind,” well, the folks down here in Acadiana would call that, “following.” And, who doesn’t like a feckless weakling that follows them around?

What unnerves the progressive, socialist, left more than anything is that Obama’s weakness is being exposed, horribly so. They despise President Trump, they evidence this daily, and it is because he thrives not on being liked, but on leading, and accomplishing. President Trump does not get concerned with rules of engagement that hamper our troops on the battlefield. President Trump does not respond to tyrants, and dictators, in a manner that seeks their affection. President Trump does not wake up each day wanting the liberal, progressive, media and the collective global body politic to fawn over him, and give him a Nobel Peace Participation Trophy for showing up.

President Trump does not wake up each day wanting the MSM & global body politic to fawn over him & give him a Nobel Peace Participation Trophy for showing up. Click To Tweet

This is what happens when leadership is pitted against “likership.” It’s just the same when parents seek to be liked by their children, rather than be the leaders, and disciplinarians, that they need. Leaders come up with phrases like “peace through strength.” Folks who want to be liked come up with insidious toy gimmicks like a “reset button.” Leaders do not draw red lines, but, rather, charlatans who desire to be liked will revert to trying to sound tough, eventually being revealed to be empty suits. Leaders tell the nations of NATO to step up, and pay their fair share. Obama only wanted an ideological agenda that punished hard-working producers in this country, in an attempt to have them pay their fair share.

Leaders do not put down their own country when traveling to other nations. Those are the actions of someone who wants to be liked.

President Trump ain't perfect, he certainly is not a saint. But, doggone, I will take him any freaking day over a progressive, socialist, collectivist, who wants America to be liked. Click To Tweet

President Trump ain’t perfect, he certainly is not a saint. But doggone, I will take him any freaking day over a progressive, socialist, collectivist, who wants America to be liked.

I prefer our Constitutional Republic to be respected — and previously it was not.

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