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The Left’s Definition of Choice

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From Slavery


[EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written in April, when Tennessee first announced its intent to defund Planned Parenthood. In light of recent action in Tennessee, we are releasing this previously unpublished article from LTC West.]


States are referred to as the “incubators of Democracy.” In other words, the respective states within these United States of America are often the places where ideas, and ideals, are formed. There are some good ones, such as balanced budgets; and, then, there are some really bad ones, like Jim Crow, segregation, and sanctuary states/cities. Recently, one American state had the courage to do what our federal government refuses to do.

As shared at CNS News: 

“Any health care facility providing abortions in Tennessee will no longer receive any government funding, thanks to a new state law. The amount of state-funded health care will not be cut, just transferred to health care organizations that do not kill the unborn, Live Action reports: “Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill this week that will soon strip Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities of state funding. The state will now request a federal waiver which allows them to bar TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program, from giving money to any abortion facility.” “Instead of directing funding towards abortionists, TennCare money will now be given to legitimate health care providers.”Tennessee had been indirectly funding abortion by giving nearly $1 million in the past six years to abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood, an organization where abortions have accounted for 94% of its pregnancy services.”

Now, of course, this is what some of us thought the GOP-controlled House and Senate would legislatively enact, but the Omnibus spending bill reflects their lack of resolve, courage, and fiscal principle. The left, of course, is going to react with vehement vitriol, but we need ask: how do they define choice?

As the left believes, Roe v. Wade was horribly decided; a woman has a constitutional right to choose to murder an unborn child. I, for one, and I suspect many others, embrace a belief that killing an unborn child is not a viable, ethical, means of birth control. Choice does mean that in these modern days and times, one can choose not to be pregnant. Now, I do support a woman’s choice in this matter if the pregnancy is a result from rape, incest, or there is a confirmed medical threat to the health of the mother. No one, and I mean no one, should be interjecting themselves into that very private decision. But, those cases are minimal in the overall discussion we are having. The original intent was for these procedures to be “safe and rare.”

The original intent was for these procedures to be 'safe and rare.' Click To Tweet

Today, thanks to an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist, the murder of our unborn children has morphed into a multi-million dollar business, an industry. Planned Parenthood, is an organization that claims to be a private sector, not for profit, but is taking in federal and state taxpayer funds, and running a profit. Not to mention, as we horrifically discovered, Planned Parenthood is dismembering our unborn in the womb, and selling their body parts. That was something the leader of this organization, Cecile Richards, did not refute, she just did not like that it was uncovered.

Choice? Well, many of us choose life, and why not? After all, it is our first unalienable right endowed to us by our Creator as established in our Declaration of Independence. Or is it now that man, government, gets to define choice, life?

You can expect the progressive socialist left will be going apoplectic over those “bitter people who cling to their guns and religion.” There will be all kinds of denigrating, and disparaging, invective hurled at the legislators, and the governor of Tennessee, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree. I am truly proud of those men and women of the Volunteer State for leading the way. Notice, they did not say a woman cannot choose to kill her unborn child, they just made it law that government funding will not be used to do so. The state of Tennessee will ensure that true women’s reproductive health — ovarian, uterine, cervical, and breast cancers — are treated, along with issues of fibroids. The state of Tennessee will not be funding the murder of the most fragile and innocent of us all: our unborn children.

Choice? Well, many of us choose life, and why not? After all, it is our first unalienable right endowed to us by our Creator. Click To Tweet

Expect lawsuits to be brought forth by the leftists, probably the ACLU. But, ask yourselves: how can a sovereign state be forced to expend its taxpayer resources on something decided by a private citizen? If that be the case, then, I want the government to pay for my next new firearm. How about the government paying for my new pair of running shoes? After all, that is part of my unalienable right to pursue happiness.

Why is it that the House and Senate GOP in Washington, DC refuse to cut off the $568.7M of taxpayer funds that go to Planned Parenthood? I do not think the government should be subsidizing the work of an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist. The folks in Tennessee figured that one out, so why couldn’t Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell?

Hat tip to the Volunteer State for doing exactly what should have been done quite some time ago. As sovereign individuals, we do have our respective rights, and, in choosing to exercise them legally, it is our responsibility to assume that cost, even the risk. The murder of our unborn children should not be a state, or government-sponsored, endeavor. If there is an organization wishing to provide that service, then the individual can assume the cost for that service. That is what the state of Tennessee decided. The personal choice to kill an unborn child is indeed that, a choice that is not to be paid for by other citizens.

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