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Like Summer’s Flowers, the Left’s Hypocrisy is in Full Bloom

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Doggone, I hate being dragged into a discussion about pop culture. I would much rather address the insanity of the recent legislation proposed in the US House of Representatives, by Colorado Congressman Jared Polis. Yes, Rep. Polis has introduced legislation to repeal the Trump tax cuts. I could go on in much depth on that subject, but let’s just say that Rep. Polis’ legislation is further evidence that he, and his ilk, are “stuck on stupid.”

The left once acclaimed Barack Obama’s payroll tax cut that resulted in $40 extra cash. Now, these chuckleheads are upset that Americans are getting back to work, and are receiving in upwards of $2,000 extra cash. Rep. Polis claims that he cares about families and students. That is a load of bovine excrement. America — right now — is at near full employment, thus, the left just wants to be against anything Trump, regardless of how it helps Americans.

But, that is not the hypocrisy of which I speak.

Yes, it’s all over the place: no, not Rep. Polis’ legislation, but the story of ABC canceling the show “Roseanne,” and firing actress Roseanne Barr.

We all know the cause of this action: Ms. Barr posted a quite unnecessary comment about former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett on Twitter. Now, I have nothing in common with Ms. Jarrett when it comes to her beliefs, and policies. I have written previously about my disagreements with her positions, and her associations. I have referred to Ms. Jarrett as a “modern-day Rasputin,” and I would gladly explain that parallel. But, Ms. Barr’s comment referencing Ms. Jarrett went a bit too far. I’m not here to debate the issue of what Ms. Barr wrote, nor the actions of ABC. What I would like to present is an analysis of where we go from here.

If you tune into leftist media outlets, you will see them cheering, gleefully, as the rebooted show, Roseanne has been a thorn in the left’s side. It introduced a popular, working-class, white, family that supports President Trump, on a network that does not, and the ratings have been off the charts. So, the left feels that they have gained a victory with this action, but is that truly the case? The progressive, socialist, left has won a tactical battle, in the ongoing cultural war, but overall they have suffered a strategic defeat.

Here’s why:

First, let me clarify that Roseanne should have been a bit more savvy. When one knows they have a target on the back, their actions are terribly scrutinized, and one must be prudent in all their actions. Now, is that fair? Nope, it is not, but sadly, that is the lay of the land in our American society. It is this extraordinary, and absurd, double-standard that’s being noticed, more and more, and is why the left is losing a greater strategic battle.


The left lost their 'blue wall' because low-to-middle income white Americans, ya know, 'Deplorables,' have no connection to the academic, entertainment, cultural, societal, political, & media elites that comprise the progressive,… Click To Tweet

The progressive, socialist, left lost their venerable “blue wall” because low-to-middle income white Americans, ya know, the “Deplorables,” have no connection to the academic, entertainment, cultural, societal, political, and media elites that comprise the progressive socialist left. Sure, Roseanne should not have put that comment out there on social media. But, the left has now made her into a martyr. Roseanne was popular for a reason: she portrayed a character that resembles a very large segment of the United States. Sorry, my liberal, progressive, friends: Ivy league educated, frou-frou, chi-chi intellectuals ain’t America.

What the left has now done has driven an even greater wedge between themselves, and the constituency that makes up Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania . . . you get my point.

Secondly, when the folks at ABC talk about Roseanne Barr not reflecting their values, well, one has to ask: why is Joy Behar still on ABC? After all, Ms. Behar referred to Christians as having a mental illness. Does ABC believe those are their values? What about some of the very disgusting comments made by ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel about First Lady Melania Trump? Are those statements in keeping with ABC’s values? This is the disgusting hypocrisy of the left, and true America is fed up with it. If there are to be these “rules” and “standards,” they need to be equally applied. But, such is not the case.

I must ask: why is it that MSNBC still has Joy Reid on-air? Excuse me, but don’t ya think that making a case to justify the shooting of a Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise, because of his voting record is, well, repugnant? How many times have we had to endure the utterly vile rantings of one Keith Olbermann? Yet, he remains on air. Does anyone else find the fact that Kathy Griffin appeared on ABC’s The View rather perplexing? Then again, holding a fake severed head that looked like that of the president of the United States must be in keeping with the principles of ABC?

Yes, I could go on: consider the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and the sick, disturbing, insults hurled at White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Oh yeah, that is right, it was all a comedy routine, no harm there, huh? So, then, why is the left all apoplectic about Roseanne’s Twitter post? Is she not a comedian also? Dang, I forgot, the leftists define what’s comedy — and what is not — just like they determine, in their own minds, what is acceptable speech. Remember, for the left, there is no such thing as free speech, just what they deem acceptable to them — which is the very definition of fascism.

See, it’s okay to make horrific, and demeaning, statements about the daughter of President Trump, Ivanka. After all, she’s not really a woman, since the left defines being a woman based upon their ideological agenda, and narrative. Certainly they feel the daughter of Donald Trump is open season for disparagement, as we saw with the recent NY Daily News cover story referring to her as “Daddy’s Little Ghoul.”

Come November 2018 -- the day after the midterm elections -- it will be the progressive, socialist, left who will be fired, and canceled. Click To Tweet

Okay, here’s the biggie: I am sick and tired of the unrighteous indignation of the left, crying racism at every turn. Try being a black conservative in America, then you will find out who the real racists are. You want to talk about values? The left has no values when it comes to anyone, or anything, that stands as opposition to them. Black conservatives are routinely given incredibly demeaning monikers such as, “Uncle Tom,” “sellout,” “Oreo,” “House ‘N-word,'” and one of my “favorites,” “white man’s porch monkey.” Who has forgotten the utterly despicable cartoon by Jeff Danziger, of former SecState, and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice, as a character from Gone with the Wind, with big lips, stating that she knew nothing about birthing aluminum tubes, used in enrichment of nuclear material? Dr. Rice is a highly intelligent woman, with an impeccable résumé, but I don’t recall ABC making a big hoopla about that. Heck, the progressive, socialist, left said nothing. And, during my 2012 congressional reelection, when a commercial ad ran, depicting me with a gold tooth, and punching white women, nothing was said about racism.

This is why ABC’s decision is just another example of the duplicitous hypocrisy of the progressive, socialist, left. Yes, Roseanne has been fired, and her show canceled, but come November 2018 — the day after the midterm elections — it will be the progressive, socialist, left who will be fired, and canceled. They will sit around and wonder why, not realizing that it is their own ugliness, malfeasance, and hypocrisy that led to another electoral defeat.

My recommendation to those who have that target on your back, like me: wear it proudly. As it says in Latin, Illegitimis Non Carborundum. Never give the liberal, progressive, left any ammunition; confound and confuse them, as they will expose themselves for the sick, vile, and vitriolic totalitarians that they are.

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