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The Left’s Political Suicide

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It is April, and some of you may be saying, so what? We are six months away from the 2018 midterm elections. Everyone is predicting some “blue wave,” a Democratic sweep back into power on Capitol Hill. I fail to see that happening, simply because the progressive socialist left has no coherent message. All that they are presently standing for is abjectly anti-American, yes, I said it, and it is true. Here is the evidence I present to you.

As reported by Fox News:

“California Governor Jerry Brown last Friday pardoned 56 convicted felons, two of whom were members of families that fled the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia four decades ago. It was the Democrat governor’s third consecutive pardon round in which he intervened on behalf of immigrants who faced deportation because of criminal conditions. The pardons don’t automatically stop deportation proceedings, but they eliminate the state convictions on which federal authorities based their deportation decisions on. “The pardon does provide enormous benefit to immigrants facing deportation,” said Anoop Prasad, an immigration staff attorney at Asian Law Caucus. Brown last year signed sanctuary legislation limiting state and local cooperation with federal enforcement of immigration laws.”

I find it very interesting that one of the criminals pardoned by Gov. Brown was “Daniel Maher, who was convicted in 1995 of kidnapping, robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm and served five years in prison.” Here I thought that liberal progressives like Brown were so anti-gun, but I suppose it is acceptable when it fits their political agenda. The message being sent by Gov. Brown and the left is that they are fully willing to embrace criminals while they denigrate and endanger law-abiding citizens of these United States of America. This follows right along with the actions of Oakland Mayor Schaaf who was more stressed about protecting criminal illegal immigrants, than the legal citizens of her municipality.

If the left in America believes that this is a winning strategy, they are grossly mistaken. Recall during the State of the Union address when the two families were introduced who had lost their daughters to MS-13 gang members? The response of the left was that these grieving parents were exploited by President Trump. There were even stories in liberal progressive news outlets that tried to downplay the threat of MS-13. The left is completely wrong on the issue of illegal immigration, that includes their apoplectic response to having a question of citizenship on the US census.

As well, what does the left offer the United States by way of economic growth policies? Matter of fact, it was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who expressed his desire to repeal the tax cut law. So, are we to understand that the Democrats do not even want the American people to enjoy the “crumbs” they are receiving. Last week we learned that jobless claims in America are at a 45-year low. During the State of the Union address it was announced that black unemployment was at an all time low . . . the members of the Congressional Black Caucus sat, scowled, and displayed their utter discontent. Matter of fact, it was the Democrat congressman from Chicago, Luis Gutierrez, who simply walked out during the SOTU address. So, these are the folks we want to see a return to power in 2018?

The left has laid claim to the basic goal of “resist” and “Impeach 45.” What does this have to do with improving the quality of life and economic empowerment of the American people? Nothing. Do we want the same folks who vehemently deny the free speech of opposing points of view to attain political power in these United States? For eight years this great Nation endured the “fundamental transformation” of America, and that has now morphed into the “Resistance” movement. Ask yourselves: do we really want to see an emboldened domestic terrorist organization called Antifa?

Consider the fact that the left has fully admitted and committed to a drive to disarm the American people. We see open conversations about repealing the second amendment, banning all semi-automatic weapons, therefore rendering the law-abiding legal gun owners of America to a level of subjugation. All the while, the left advances the cause of allowing more illegal immigrants, criminal, into our Constitutional Republic, especially since they do not believe in the sovereignty of our Nation, the protection of its borders. This is supposed to be a winning platform enabling the Democrats to win back the House of Representatives, or the Senate?

We have come to learn about the level of corruption that the leftist Deep State represents in America. We know that the infiltration even into our Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation is so serious, that a politicized document was used, deceitfully so, before a secret court to gain permission to spy on Americans. Of course, the left will say there is nothing there with the escapades of Peter Strzok, Lisa Paige, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and a host of others. At any point and time, do any of you believe that a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats will look deeper into the Fusion GPS dossier and the level of corruption?

Lastly, how very hypocritical that the left is focused on Stormy Daniels, who I just found out resides about 25 minutes from me in Forney, TX. I truly find the situational ethics of the left to be disgusting and despicable. There was nothing wrong with the sexual abuse of a young female intern by a Democrat president in the Oval Office, but, now we are supposed to believe the (un)righteous indignation of the Democrats?

No, I do not believe there will be any “blue wave” in six months. And, that will certainly not be the case here in Texas. Why would anyone want the Lone Star state to resemble the failed state of California? The progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda is antithetical to the fundamental foundation of this Constitutional Republic.

Any Old School Patriot that is Steadfast and Loyal to America will see their goals and objectives as a threat to our future. They will see their agenda and policies as suicidal, not for America, but for the progressive socialist left.

I am committed to making that so, are you?