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The Great Similarity the Progressive Socialist Left and Islamo-Fascists

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Oh boy, the title to this missive is certain to send the leftists in America into an apoplectic meltdown. However, consider how the left has made it a routine to call anyone that disagrees with them “extremists,” their favorite denigration of constitutional conservatives. And, consider the recent declaration that the five million law-abiding, legal, gun-owning members of the National Rifle Association are terrorists. Yes, that is what liberal, progressive, elected officials — namely the Governor of Connecticut — has deemed the NRA, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

I start out by presenting these facts because the left operates in the realm of emotional hyperbole and excessive ranting. I will now present my case, which will further cause much consternation for the progressive socialist left.

The great similarity of the progressive socialist left and Islamo-fascists is that they both embrace revisionist history by way of eliminating any philosophical existence of which they disagree. As if it were not enough to have witnessed the Taliban destruction of the Buddhist statues in Bamiyan province. Or recall, if you may, the rampage of the Islamic State to destroy historical artifacts in Palmyra Syria and Christian heritage sites in Iraq. All this was because there is no other belief than that of islamic totalitarianism, all else is sinful and must not be tolerated.

And so it is for those who refuse to subjugate themselves to progressive socialism, ya know, those or so tolerant leftists. Now that we have undergone their insatiable desire to erase the Confederate history, misguided at they were, here in Dallas we saw the City Council remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee from, yes, Lee Park. All across our Country we witnessed the attacks on Confederate memorials and statues, you know, those silent pieces of art were just sooo offensive. Now, the left is turning their angst against a new type of memorial, statue.

As reported by Fox News:

“Outrage from Native American activists and their supporters has led a liberal California city closer to tearing down what they considered an offensive monument — to President William McKinley. It’s the latest in a string of moves to scrap monuments decried as offensive to Native Americans — coming after the nationwide controversy over statues of Confederate leaders. The activists in Arcata, Calif., some 280 miles north of San Francisco, wanted the city’s 8½-foot bronze statue of McKinley taken down because they said the 25th president of the United States was a proponent of “settler colonialism” that “savaged, raped and killed,” the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous People told The Los Angeles Times. In February the City Council of the sanctuary city voted 4 to 1 to get rid of the statue. “Is there a difference between honoring McKinley and Robert E. Lee?” Mayor Sofia Pereira told the Times. “They both represent historical pain.” The statue has been in Arcata Plaza since 1906, according to the Times, when a local businessman gave it to the city to honor “the first modern president.” McKinley, an expansionist president, was born in Ohio and assassinated early in his second term. He was shot at the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition in September 1901, and died eight days later.”

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The message here is that if you are an American historical figure — or any historical figure — that has done anything that the progressive socialist left deems offensive, they are coming after your memorial or statue. So, just wait, if the left ever attains power in America, you can expect the figures on Mount Rushmore to be destroyed — perhaps they will consult with the Taliban on how best to do it? You know, Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, Lincoln was the first Republican president . . . and he ended slavery. Can’t allow folks to remember that the Democrats voted against ending slavery. And, Theodore Roosevelt, well, he was an imperialist American who hated brown people. Therefore, the progressive socialist left will remake Mount Rushmore with Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Hmm, if the good folks in Arcata, CA are blaming President McKinley as a proponent of rape, what does the left think of Bill Clinton? Ahh, that’s right, he does not offend the liberal progressive left.

Now, you know what’s funny: Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist — a racist — and spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies. We just, once again, gave some $568.7M to the organization she founded. Sanger is not offensive to the progressive socialist left, even if she did refer to blacks as “weeds” and “undesirables.” Quite fitting that “Ms. Deplorables,” Hillary Clinton was given the Margaret Sanger award by Planned Parenthood. Yes, the left is offended by folks who were proponents of “settler colonialism” against indigenous people, but those people who are proponents of killing innocent unborn babies and selling their body parts are just fine.

So, when will the left start tearing down statues of West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard? Nah, that’s the fella who was praised by Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with Barack Obama upon his death.

Another means of similarity between progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists is, well, fascism. Neither of those two groups desire any opposition voice to be heard. I mean think about it, as a Christian Constitutional Conservative I have little to no chance of delivering a speech at the University of California-Berkeley or Cairo University. But, the funny thing is, Barack Obama delivered a speech at the latter. And, at that speech he insisted that members of the Muslim Brotherhood be seated front and center. Quite telling, wouldn’t you say?

Perhaps this is why during the reign of Barack Obama we did little to thwart the onslaught of Islamo-fascism?

I have not proffered any emotional hyperbole here, but simply tied together facts. I ask you a simple question: do you really want to see the progressive socialist left attain power in America again? If they do, realize that anything that offends them — basically anything in opposition to their ideological agenda — is targeted for destruction. If you still do not believe me, look at what Obama and the left did to the constitutional conservative grassroots movement called the Tea Party. Yes, they unleashed the power of the federal government against them, via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). And still to this day, not a doggone person has been held responsible, or accountable.

Progressive socialists and Islamic fascists are driven by two great similarities, their intolerance of anything that’s not consistent with their beliefs, and their hypocrisy. And that folks is non-debatable.