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A Message for Robert De Niro

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This will be short and sweet because I don’t watch these awards shows by entertainment elites. Last night’s deplorable behavior by one Robert De Niro is evidence why.

The left in America is more concerned with domination than to care about our country. Perhaps Mr. De Niro should have been more circumspect to realize that our President has brought North Korea to the diplomatic table without firing a shot. I am quite sure Mr. De Niro would never resort to such a delusional, expletive-laced rant to describe Obama, and his policy of “strategic patience” with Kim Jong Un.

To Mr. De Niro I say: Sir, remember President Trump got three Americans freed by North Korea. Barack Obama allowed an American to be tortured, and murdered, by North Korea. Maybe, from an informed, and not emotional position, you should rethink your words, or realize how freaking stupid, and un-American, you appear. I would be happy to debate foreign policy with you anytime, simply choose the venue.

Photo Credit: Angela George

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