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New Assault on Free Speech

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Greetings, everyone, from Carlsbad, California I have had a full day between Sacramento and San Diego here, in the so-called “Golden State,” discussing policy issues with major conservative donors. Yes, there are major conservative donors to the cause in California.

First, I just want to thank y’all for making my second book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death #1 on Amazon yesterday, in its category. Only in America can a fella like me, born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, be able to achieve such a feat. Now, let’s really show the progressive socialist left a thing or two, and propel this literary project to a NY Times bestseller status.

It has been an interesting day out here in California, where folks truly recognize the seriousness of the situation. They also understand that the greatest export from California is not wine, social media tech giants, or agricultural products . . . it is indeed the cancer of progressive socialism that is metastasizing all over our country, including economically thriving red states. That is what Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death is all about. The leftists are fleeing these failed blue states, yet bringing their failed ideology with them. And, it is happening in the largest, and most prosperous, red state in our Republic: the Lone Star State of Texas.

I tend to believe that there should be a sign on the interstate, and major US highways leading into Texas that says, “Welcome to Texas! Why are you coming here?”

It’s time we start to push back on this insidious “locust effect” that is spreading progressive socialism from failed states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey . . . as examples. This is not just a phenomenon happening in Texas, but it is being replicated in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

I would like to provide y’all with just a little anecdotal evidence of which I speak. The book goes even more in-depth of course. As reported by the College Fix:

“Texas Woman’s University, a public university located in Denton, Texas, denotes certain areas of its campus where students are permitted to exercise their constitutional First Amendment rights. The school has no plans to eliminate those areas even as other schools and states have liberalized their campus speech regulations. 

On the school’s main campus in Denton, there are several “designated free speech areas” where students can exercise their right to “the expression of personal politics, philosophy, religious viewpoints, surveys, or announcements,” according to the school’s website. These zones include several “grassy areas” and a patio at the student union. 

The school outlines its free speech zone policy in Article I.16.a of its University Regulations and Procedures. “Those who wish to engage in an expressive activity (including literature distribution) may engage in such expressive activity in the University’s Free Speech area without prior registration or approval,” the policy claims.

That policy lists five total areas on the Denton campus in which individuals may demonstrate. “Any acts that are disruptive to the normal operations of the university, including classes and university business, or that invade the rights of others will not be tolerated,” the policy continues.

The rule defines a disruptive activity as “obstruction, disruption or interference with classes, research, administrative functions or other university activities.” The school states that “other areas” on the school’s campus “may also be utilized by departments or organizations for similar activities; however, reservations are required.” Reservations are “contingent upon the approval process,” the policy declares.”

Denton,TX, is about 35 miles north of downtown Dallas, and it is also home to the University of North Texas. Now, I must ask: how can it be that when someone enters the campus of Texas Women’s University — a public university that receives taxpayer funds — they lose their first amendment rights, except for pre-designated spaces, zones, areas, where the individual right of freedom of expression, and speech is allowed?

Am I the only one who realizes that this is not just absurd, it is unconstitutional? Just who are these arbiters who make the determination — which is subjective — as to what expressions do, or do not, violate the draconian, tyrannical, free speech zone policy of Texas Women’s University?

Stupid me, I thought that colleges and universities were supposed to be places for free exchange of varying thought, perspectives, and insights. I thought that these campuses were places where vigorous, civil, intellectual, debate and discourse were to take place. Silly me.

Free speech is not disruptive activity. However, blatant protests that obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with classes can be understood.

This is no different from the progressive socialist belief — proliferated by their secular humanist cohorts — that we do not have freedom of religion. They advocate for freedom from religion, while advancing a theory of freedom of worship. The leftists prescribe the parameters of worship, such as telling Christian business owners that their faith does not extend to their privately owned businesses. Steve Green and Hobby Lobby had to fight the Obama administration’s contraception mandate on such grounds.

My point is, this episode is occurring in Texas, at a public institution, called Texas Women’s University, not Wellesley. If free speech has been redefined as “acceptable speech that is not disruptive,” and must be regulated into predetermined “zones,” do we still have free speech? Where did such a concept emanate? How utterly disconcerting that one has to “seek a reservation” in order to exercise their free speech right. No, I do not believe that students, faculty, or administration, or even visitors to Texas Women’s University should be able to conduct demonstrations, and protests, that are intended to be disruptive. However, at any place on that campus, students should be allowed to engage in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate . . . or even give a speech on whatever subject they wish, or provide an information table on an issue.

The danger of this policy with free speech zones is that is starts at Texas Women’s University, and then it becomes a policy in Denton, TX. Then it spreads elsewhere, across Texas, and perhaps into your community. I suppose when people fail to understand the meaning of fascism, they implement rules, regulations, zones, that seek to control — actually curtail — our freedom of independent thought, and speech. Someone — in this case the administration of the Texas Women’s University — begins to define speech, and loosely so, they determine what is acceptable.

Yep, this is happening in Texas, sad to report. Therefore, it certainly can happen anywhere. I have been on many college and university campuses, and I know the real intent here — suppression of opposing thought and speech of progressive socialism. After all, we don’t need to “offend” or “trigger” someone who does not want to hear about free market economics outside of a designated “zone.”

Funny, I remember in the book series, The Hunger Games, how there was central control by the Capital over the respective “Districts.” It was there that these subjugated, unarmed, people were allowed to live in total and abject economic servitude to the Capital. Tell me, what are the difference between “zones” and “districts” as it applies here?

Yes, there is a major ideological fight happening in Texas. And if we do not Hold Texas, we shall not Hold the Nation. Free speech is free speech, anywhere, anytime, and it is not to be arbitrarily restricted to designated “zones.”

That, folks, is the beginning of tyranny, and that leads to totalitarianism. Remember, as Hillary Clinton stated, when the progressive socialists are in control, in power, then we can have civility.


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