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The New Ideological Divide

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The progressive socialist left continues their apoplectic meltdown number 957 over the Helsinki summit. I have read, and seen, their extreme hyperbolic hysteria, making comparisons to Pearl Harbor and even the Holocaust. I have stated my piece about the matter, and look forward to concisely explaining it during our Facebook Live this evening. I will put all of this into a rational, and reasonable, perspective.

However, when it comes to irrational, emotional, and yes, un-intellectual discourse, and derangement, no one can top the progressive socialist left. That leads to the topic of this missive. There is an interesting ideological divide playing out this week between the leftists, and everyone else who possesses a functioning brain, or intellect. It truly provides a window into the dark recesses of the leftist mindset, and it is utterly disturbing.

It has been announced that the House Ways and Means committee will be introducing legislation for vote on Tax Cuts 2.0. The objective is to make the personal income side tax reforms permanent. There is no debate that we are experiencing incredible economic growth since the passing of the tax cut law earlier this year. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before the Senate Finance Committee this week, and his assertions were that we are seeing a greatly expanding, and growing, US economy. We know the truth about the historic lows of minority unemployment. The fact that we have attained a level where the most Americans ever to be employed is, yes, exceptional. I consider it a very good problem for our country to have — more job opportunities than folks to fill them. This is what we should all want: the ability, the policies, and conditions set for Americans to pursue their happiness . . . well, not everyone.

Consider this week wherein we had the darling of the progressive socialist left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim that she doesn’t want free market capitalism around. She, once again, affirms that her goal is for more “free” stuff for the American people. While we have all of this phenomenal economic news, what is the aim of the progressive socialist left — wait for it — yes, universal basic income. Folks, that is just plain stuck on stupid. No, it is actually a very special kind of stupid. You know the saying, “you can’t fix stupid, you can only try to prevent it from spreading.”

Here we have an economy running on full cylinders, and the left wants to give “free” money to people? It is beyond absurd. It is beyond intellectually dishonest. It is reflective of a group of people who are the Walking Brain Dead. What greater evidence of the ideological chasm that exists in America than this? The progressive socialist left does not want you to be successful in your own right. They do not want policies that advance your economic independence. They want economic dependence.

We shared with you the insidious incubator of dumb ideas, California, looking at implementing the concept of universal basic income in Stockton. On Tuesday, we shared with you the announcement that Chicago, a city in a state that is heavily in debt, is looking at implementing the same. And, we just had the failed progressive socialist president, Barack Hussein Obama, giving a speech in South Africa, talking about a universal basic income. This shows us all that the left has just plain run out of any viable solutions, ideas, proposals, and has just raised the white flag of surrender and admitting to us what we knew, they are indeed Marxist/Socialists. The economic policies of the left are not focused on economic growth, but rather economic subservience — yes, I will say it, economic enslavement.

This ties right back to the first inherent principle of a socialist economic design: wealth redistribution. They do not want folks to work, to feel as if they can determine their own future. The leftists want to take away from productive members of our society, and redistribute their wealth, their largesse, and their hard-earned resources to others in order to gain electoral patronage. The leftists — Obama, Sanders, Warren, Kamala Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, Schumer, Pelosi — and their ilk, including wealthy crony capitalists, want to expand the dependency society, the welfare nanny-state. They want to destroy the indomitable individual drive, will, and determination to succeed. They say, “yes we can,” but mean something antithetical to individual achievement — you know, “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.” How truly deranged, and actually demonic, in its desire.

What the progressive socialist left is telling us all is that they want to control what you earn, what you have, what you can obtain. That is truly un-American. Click To Tweet

What the progressive socialist left is telling us all is that they want to control what you earn, what you have, what you can obtain. That is truly un-American. It is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Who gets to decide which people get $500/month of free money — the adult participation trophy brigade?

Please, please, I really want some democratic socialist to explain to me why when our economy is growing. Why, when we have more job opportunities than people to fill them? Why, when we have some 63K truck driving jobs open? The only policy proposal you chuckleheads can come up with is giving people money? Dang it, nothing about that makes sense, and it appears that none of you realize how abjectly dumb you sound in proposing this . . . and we should vote for you? Well, I suppose it is as Forrest Gump once quipped, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Abolish ICE, open borders, repeal the tax cut law, and universal basic income . . . oh yeah, impeach President Trump. Is that all y’all got? Heck, good luck with that “blue wave” nonsense. Let’s remember that socialism/Marxism is an economic construct that leads to a societal construct: communism. I am not the one making that up, Vladimir Lenin said “the goal of socialism is communism.” However, it was President Ronald Reagan who explained the lack of competence when it comes to leftists, when he asked “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an ant-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

End of story, it all comes back to reading comprehension, common sense, and the intellectual rigor to understand that this progressive socialist crap does not work. It is only successful until you run out of other people’s money. And we smart folks ain’t working so that stupid people can give our resources to the stupid people who vote for them.

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