Screenshot of the 1st set of Democrat Party candidates from the first of a two night event, in an article by Allen West.

One of These Socialists is Not Like the Others

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Okey dokey, y’all, it is, indeed, time for our weekly satire here known as the Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition. Now, you have heard me say before that there are three levels of stupid: stupid, stuck on stupid, and a special kind of stupid. After watching the MSNBC telecast of the first Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidate debates, well, there is a new category: “Seriously Stuck on Stupid.”

Now, y’all are going to say, “Hey, Colonel, every single one of those passengers in the progressive socialist clown car are deserving of that distinction.” And, I would agree, and listening to the follow-up analysis of the leftist pundits and commentators on CNN and MSNBC, well, they could be included as well.

However, this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” award goes to a repeat offender, one I am quite sure will return to this stage again, and maybe, again.

Yes, get ready for it, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is our recipient, again. How can anyone deny him this dubious honor?

As reported by the NY Post:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio faced a fresh round of questioning Friday about co-opting a Communist rallying cry made famous by Che Guevara – and offered up the same lame excuse. 

“You can ask 1,000 times and I will give you the same answer: I had no idea it was associated with any one individual,” de Blasio said during an unrelated news conference at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital.

“If I had known it was associated, I wouldn’t have used it. Period.”

De Blasio – who studied Latin American history for his master’s degree and traveled to Nicaragua in 1988 to support the Guevara-inspired Sandinista government – outraged Miami’s Hispanic community on Thursday when he publicly quoted the bloodthirsty revolutionary. 

“Hasta la victoria, siempre!” de Blasio said in Spanish to striking workers at the Miami International Airport. 

The phrase, which means “Ever on to victory!”, is widely associated with Guevara, a key figure in Cuba’s Communist revolution and an icon to leftist radicals. 

Following bi-partisan condemnation from Florida officials, de Blasio told CNN that he made “an honest mistake and I do apologize for it.”

“That claim was rejected by US Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), who tweeted that “De Blasio studied Latin American politics in college, was a very active supporter of the Sandinistas in #Nicaragua & even honeymooned in #Cuba in violation of U.S. law.”

Okay, seriously? An honest mistake? Here is a fella who studied Latin American politics. Here is a fella who traveled to Nicaragua. We wrote about Dina Rubio and her experience growing up in Nicaragua. And, the coup de grace, Mayor Billy honeymooned in Cuba? So we are supposed to believe that he had no idea that he was quoting Che Guevara . . . a Latin American communist revolutionary? This is coming from an avowed socialist himself. Needless to say, Mayor Billy seems to believe that we are as stupid as he is. Not the case.

How abjectly stupid one must be to be in Miami and repeat, in Spanish, the words of the maniacal sociopath who was responsible for the murders of Cubans? So, this is what the Democrat (Socialist) Party offers to America as a potential presidential nominee? There is only one response to that, YGTBSM. Then again, this is the party of those folks who run around wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. I prefer my Ronald Reagan t-shirt.

Now, come to think about it, why was it that the MSNBC commentators never asked the nominees about Venezuela? I mean, there you are in South Florida with lots of Venezuelan expatriates there. Why not confront the issue of the collapse of the once prosperous nation, now run by a second socialist dictator?

I even recall the picture of Barack Hussein Obama in Havana Cuba standing before a wall mural of Che Guevara. And, let’s not forget ol’ Bernie Sanders ranting at the debate on Thursday night about how we need a “political revolution.”

Hmm, a leftist presidential candidate repeating the rally cry of bloodthirsty communist. Another avowed socialist screeches about a political revolution. A progressive socialist candidate talking about a mandatory firearms buyback program. And, another Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidate says she will use executive power to undermine the Second Amendment of our Constitution. Y’all see a disconcerting and disturbing pattern here?

If there is anything I appreciate wholeheartedly about these chuckleheads is that they tell us exactly who they are and what they will do. There is no longer any speculation. The only thing left to ponder is whether or not we, the voting electorate, are as seriously stuck on stupid as they are.

Remember the five Ds of the progressive socialists? They really believe in this mess, stuff, poo, and give us lame excuses when we openly respond adversely to their rhetoric. I do not want any person as president who repeats rally cries of murderous communists. And, I will not support a philosophy of governance, or political party, that would allow such a person on its stage as a presidential candidate.

Yep, Mayor Billy, you are our Old School Patriot “‘Seriously’ Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recipient, with all the other candidates on the stage, along with the mindless lemming commentators of MSNBC.

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