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Post Midterm Points of Hypocrisy

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Good morning!

I had a restful five hours of sleep. As I awoke, feeling a tad more lucid, I had some interesting thoughts. I listened to Nancy Pelosi’s speech from last night, and her words about transparency and integrity garnered my attention. Needless to say, she has her own internal fight on her hands to become the next Speaker, and those newbie socialist members of Congress may not sit quietly.

But, consider these points of hypocrisy from yesterday:

In New Jersey, a paper there told the voters to just hold their noses and vote for Senator Bob Menendez. Once upon a time, Pelosi talked about draining the swamp, but it appears that the leftist swamp creatures are just fine. Sen. Menendez just goes to prove that character and adherence to standards are moving targets for the progressive socialist left. Remember Sen. Menendez had a hung jury in his trial. I mean someone with such detailed corruption charges, and allegations of paying for private air trips for prostitutes, possibly underage, in the Dominican Republic would torpedo anyone else . . . certainly a GOP senator. However, the duplicitous hypocrisy is noted.

In Minnesota, well, it happened, and I won a steak dinner from a leftist on this one. Keith Ellison is now the top law enforcement officer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Yes, the same Keith Ellison accused, with corroborating evidence, of physically beating his former girlfriend. How funny that we are learning that several of the women who brought accusations and allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh were found to be lying, fabricating their stories. Yet, in this #MeToo era, why is it that Keith Ellison gets a pass and Karen Monahan is not believed? It’s simple: it’s all about a duplicitous hypocrisy.

Lastly, this midterm election will go down as the most expensive, and that is not because of those mean ol’ Koch Brothers. Nope, think about the millions of dollars that we saw hitting my state of Texas for one Robert Francis O’Rourke. Well, look nationwide and you will find hundreds of millions of dollars from George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg. Any analysis will uncover that there were millions of dollars that were dumped in certain targeted races, what was that about “dark money?”

I gotta tell ya, the return on investment for all those millions spent by the left is very low. I no longer want to hear about progressive socialists complaining about money in politics. Sure, they can say they did not accept any corporate PAC money. Ya don’t need to when you have folks dropping $50M fer ya! So, no more hypocrisy about money in politics from the left. Heck, trace the Hollywood money that was all over the nation, again, lots of it here in Texas.

Look, the Democrats have the House, all legislation relating to fiscal matters must emanate from the House. But, trade agreements and judicial appointments are the Senate’s business. If the GOP had delivered on a health care plan, and funded the construction of a border security system, a wall, and not passed a massive $1.3T omnibus spending bills, they would have held the House. It is not a massive majority the Democrats have, but in the lame duck session, what needs to happen is to make the current tax cut law permanent.

Hey folks, in two years, America will be clamoring to take that gavel away from Nancy Pelosi and the kids who never got picked to play. We have two years to select and prepare a new House GOP leadership.

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