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Pro-2A Film Suffers Hollywood Backlash

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I always find it very interesting that these progressive socialist entertainment elites love to tell everyone else how to live their lives. Recently we had Taylor Swift offering her opinion on the Senate race in Tennessee, and Oprah Winfrey going door to door in Georgia. These folks act as though they live in our world, they do not.

What is utter hypocrisy is how these entertainment action figures portray tough folks on the screen wielding guns and beating down folks . . . then tell us that we should not be armed, able to defend ourselves.

What is utter hypocrisy is how these entertainment action figures portray tough folks on the screen wielding guns . . . then tell us that we should not be armed. Click To Tweet

We recently shared with you a story about the movie “Gosnell,” which for some odd reason had its showing availability reduced. What made that story so perplexing was that it had been profitable in its opening weeks. And, of course, you were not going to see many commercial advertisements for the film. Well, now we have another instance of Hollywood bias when it comes to their definition of what is acceptable, to them, and what is, indeed, vulgar.

As reported by Western Journal:

“The Motion Picture Association of America adds its name to a list of increasingly brazen leftist media powerhouses who discriminate against conservative voices in the public square. 

Facebook: Graphic images of a woman smashing and eating a baby do not violate “community standards” but quoting a Bible verse on homosexuality does. Twitter: Conservative voices and alternative news sources frequently find themselves muzzled while profane rants against them are celebrated.

Google: Discriminatory algorithms ensure that articles praising the Second Amendment, President Trump, traditional marriage, and lashing out against illegal immigration are suppressed while the “fake news media” gets free rein. It’s called censorship. And now the MPAA.

Kids killing each other in “The Hunger Games” with swords and spears and killer bees? PG-13. A zombie witch in the “Suicide Squad” wearing a lacy bikini gets her heart ripped out in the finale? PG-13.

But the faith-based action moving “The Reliant” which has no foul language, no nudity, no torture, no glamorized violence or gore or zombies or orc beheadings or anything near “R” rated violence? What prompted the “R” rating? The MPAA’s explanation is vague and inconsistent, but most likely, a scene wherein a 12-year-old skillfully uses a handgun to defend his sister from the villain.”

What is at the heart of the MPAAs “R” rating of the film “The Reliant”?

It’s obvious, according to the article by Western Journal:

“A faith-based action film that is also pro-Second Amendment is just more than the Hollywood elites can handle. The film begins with an economic collapse that results in widespread rioting and looting, leaving a 21-year-old lovesick girl struggling to care for her four younger siblings in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town, wondering why a good God would let this happen. When they capture an armed thief trying to steal from them, they discover the attack on their home was no random act of violence.

According to the website, “At the heart of The Reliant is a love story, an anthem of hope in the darkest of times, of redemption, of forgiveness.” 

“Yes, Kevin Sorbo’s character and his children use weapons to defend themselves from armed looters,” says writer and director, Dr. J. P. Johnston, “but it is so much less violent than even many PG-13 action films. We were so careful to prevent The Reliant from coming anywhere near an ‘R’ rating.” 

“Family-friendly!” That’s the assessment of Tim Schmidt, the CEO of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association and executive producer of “The Reliant.”

I wrote a commentary for CNS News alluding to the three branches of rule for the progressive socialist left — media, academia, and the courts. But, what the left has realized is that they must control the entertainment industry, in order to effectively win the culture war in our Republic.

Just in my 57 years of life, I have witnessed a sea of change in the entertainment industry, and how it has become a platform to proliferate a certain ideological agenda. And, they have been victorious in many ways in shaping our thoughts, our acceptance. What has actually happened is that the puppet masters of the entertainment industry have redefined what is vulgar.

I remember when the Sugar Hill Gang came out with one of the very first rap songs. It was funny, based upon someone’s music, the disco band Chic’s song “Good Times,” but the lyrics were catchy. Today’s so-called rap music is nothing more than nasty cursing to a beat . . . and nothing is more disturbing to me than to hear that crap being blasted from a car sitting next to me at a stop light. But, that is defined as musical expression.

So, why did “The Reliant” get an “R” rating? Because to the progressive socialist entertainment elites, nothing is more vulgar, more reprehensible than a faith-based movie that uses firearms in accordance with our Second Amendment. Talk about setting the left’s hair on fire, and sending them into an apoplectic meltdown!

What if this movie was about a same-sex couple with adopted children using a firearm to defend themselves against right-wing Christian zealots? Yes, you get my point. Click To Tweet

Now, just for a comparative assessment, what if this movie was about a same-sex couple with adopted children who were using a firearm to defend themselves against pesky right-wing Christian zealots? Yes, you get my point.

It is time we all come to recognize that the left no longer hides who they are, what they do, and what they eventually want. They are indeed progressive socialists who use coercion, intimidation, threats, censorship, and violence as a means to achieve ideological domination. And remember, their ideological domination, control, and power is what they define as civility.

The choice is clear next week on Tuesday. The progressive socialist left rates faith, individual liberty and freedom, the unalienable rights endowed from the Creator, and the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit as vulgar. It’s Bizarro World folks.

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