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Progressive Socialism in the Western Hemisphere

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From SlaveryTo the north, we have the young leftist Justin Trudeau, and, as of Sunday, to our south, we have a hard leftist government elected in Mexico. So, what does this mean for the United States of America?

As reported by Fox News:

“In an election many Mexicans hope will be a turning point for a country beset by decades of corruption, violence and enduring poverty, voters turned to a left-wing populist some supporters refer to as a “messiah.” A savior from the two major parties that have failed to deliver on promises of reform, in the eyes of many voters. For months, polls predicted Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a 64-year-old two-time presidential runner-up, would win the election by a landslide. When the National Elections Institute announced preliminary results Sunday, authorities predicted he would win with between 53 percent and 53.8 percent of the vote, a remarkable margin not seen in the country for many years.  

“My presidential vote went to AMLO,” said voter Laura Rodriguez-Verdin outside a polling location in Mexico City. “The reason I voted for him is because I believe he is the only person who has the interest at heart of people who most need help in this country. People with poor education and poor health services.” Early in his career, Obrador lived in a dirt-floor shack, built houses for the poor and marched for environmental protections against the giant state-owned, state-run oil company, PEMEX. As Mexico City’s mayor in 2005, he drove an old Nissan Sentra. Today, he claims not to own a credit card or checking account and says he will sell the presidential plane, turn the presidential palace into a park and live in his tiny townhouse in Mexico City. “I voted for Andres Manuel for president because I like his proposals,” said Mexico City resident Diana Ortiz. “He’s not promoting the a rich government, the powerful guys. Instead he wants to be empower as much to the people here. He wants a more democratic vote.”


Sound familiar?

I am quite sure that we are going to see a flood of Hollywood leftist elitists flocking to Mexico to announce how they love President Obrador. They are going to tout how they wish Obrador was the president of the United States — don’t laugh because Rolling Stone had a cover picture stating the same for Justin Trudeau.

Why do I say this?

Because it was not too long ago that a fella came to power in a very well to do Latin American country called Venezuela . . . his name was Hugo Chavez. There were all these hopes, and promises made for the “poor” people, and how the rich would be the providers of the much-needed social reforms. The government in Venezuela nationalized oil and gas production in that country. Well, Hugo Chavez died, and a former bus driver named Nicolas Maduro took over, and guess what? The people of Venezuela are eating from garbage cans, and undergoing a weight-loss program not approved by Marie Osmond and Nutrisystem.

The people of Venezuela are eating from garbage cans, and undergoing a weight-loss program not approved by Marie Osmond and Nutrisystem. Click To Tweet

This is the path of socialism, and looks like Mexico has taken the first step heading down that road to perdition. Yes, it always begins as a rejection of failed political parties, and corruption, when a new face, voice, one who is deemed as some “messiah” steps in to make all the wrongs right. Heck, that should really sound familiar because once upon a time here in America, we fell for the same tired old message of “hope and change.” Remember that famous line by Obama, “we are the change we have been waiting for?” What the heck did that mean? There were t-shirts and pictures of Obama as some kind of messianic figure, and some bought into that. There were those creepy commercial ads of children singing to Obama.

What happened in America, then? Yes, increases in poverty, and welfare rolls, along with increases in taxation — yet abysmal economic production. There were increases in government spending, but to what avail? Cronyism ran rampantem . . . remember Solyndra? There was a reason why the Keystone XL pipeline was rejected: ya know Obama supporter, and leftist corporatist, Warren Buffett owned rail lines.

This is why the famed line attributed to George Santayana, circa 1928, has even greater meaning for us today: “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Leftist socialism doesn’t change its tune, it just changes the singer — ala Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, here in America. They always make the promise of more stuff, free stuff, for those who they have determined should have it. For the left, everything is a right. Well actually, the stuff they want to give all are “universal rights:” education, healthcare, housing, you name it. And, in each and every case, it always ends up badly: folks dying, folks being gunned down by the government — especially since leftists embrace disarmament of the populace, the folks who can afford fleeing — take a look at Weston Florida and its dominant Venezuelan community.

Up north, Canadians come to the United States for medical care. Trust me, having lived down in South Florida we know. Soon, how many will we see fleeing Mexico? Does anyone believe that newly elected President Obrador will do anything to curb the violence and stranglehold of the drug cartels in his country? Maybe, perhaps, we will see a lessening of illegal immigration from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador since folks can stay in Mexico, and get everything they could ever dream of — all for free. Yes, the Presidential Palace will belong to the people, a park. Let’s see how that works out.

If anything, we in America may need to prepare for a collapse. That is, and always has been, the mantra of leftist socialist governance. That is fact.

Why, some of you may ask, do people still fall for the false narrative and message of leftists? The intellectual elitists dream up this stuff in classrooms where, emotionally, it sounds well and good, but in practice, it fails. The entertainment elitists embrace it because they feel they are above it. The underprivileged welcome it as a sort of savior to take them out of their current plight. The bottom line is that it can only work, as Margaret Thatcher articulated, until you run out of other people’s money.

What we do not do very well is explain leftist progressive socialism in the simplest of terms. It does one thing, and one thing only: it takes stuff from one group, and redistributes it to another, based upon their determination. It destroys initiative, while creating victims.

Sadly, the people of Mexico are about to get a lesson in the history of socialism. Will they survive it? The lesson of Venezuela says no. America woke up, but the left ain’t done trying here in our Republic.

And, that, folks, is why there is only one course of action: crushing the threat of progressive socialism. You cannot compromise with it, appease it, or acquiesce to it.

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